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Use Outlook? Here’s Why You Should Absolutely Use Outlook Email Templates

If you work in internal comms, it’s only natural you’ll spend a lot of your work day emailing employees.  But let’s be honest, it can get a bit tedious at times - especially when working out of Outlook. You probably haven't heard of Outlook email templates then? Many internal emails lack foundational elements of a great email: [...]

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Twitter Chat Recap: Is Email Dead?

Twitter Chat Recap: Is Email Dead? Last week, we sponsored #CommChat, an online Twitter chat hosted by IABC. With the recent launch of our Internal Comms Product, we’ve been conversing with communicators to learn more about the industry, and one burning question always came up in our discussions: Is Email Dead? Communicators around the globe [...]

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How to use Mail Merge in Outlook

ContactMonkey now offers a pretty exciting way to personalize emails right from Outlook. Say hello to Mail Merge in Outlook. This feature allows you to send personalized messages, employee newsletters and more to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contacts at once using merge fields. But why should you care about how to use Mail Merge in Outlook?    1. [...]

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Introducing ContactMonkey Internal Comms

You asked, we answered. Over the past year, we were often approached by clients looking for an internal comms tool that will allow them to use Outlook distribution lists to reach out to their employees - and track the resulting engagement. “We need a tool that can help us send out more effective communications,” said [...]

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A Year in Review at ContactMonkey: Meet Your New Sales Enablement Software

A Year in Review at ContactMonkey: Meet Your New Sales Enablement Software For the past year, the team at ContactMonkey has been extremely occupied. We didn’t monkey around as much as we wanted (well, maybe a little) and found ourselves at the drawing board month-after-month, coming up with great new releases based for our sales [...]

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Sending Mass Email

We all know that one person who loves to give advice, but the results from that advice may not be greatest. If you don’t have solid evidence to back something up, how do you know that it really works? Sometimes, you have to take advice from others with a grain of salt. This is especially [...]

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The Best 8 Times You Should Use Schedule Gmail Sending

The Best 8 Times You Should Use Schedule Gmail Sending Is there any method to your email-sending madness? Or do you just send them whenever you get around to it? (Or when you’re burning the midnight oil?) You can actually schedule emails in Gmail to send at certain times. So technically, there’s really no excuse [...]

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How to Delay Sending an Email in Gmail

I get it. You're wondering how to delay sending an email in Gmail. You're looking to save time and be more productive. It seems like you're always playing catch-up with your inbox. No matter how hard you work, there are always new leads to contact, new messages to send, and updates you must deliver. Wouldn't [...]

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How to Set The Out of Office Message in Outlook

Vacation time is here again and there seems to be always so many things to do before you leave the office. Are you like us and always forget how to set your out of office message in Outlook? I can already hear the beach calling my name, luring me in with an endless supply of [...]

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