Product Updates August 2020: Compare Campaigns, Tables Within Templates, and Tooltips!

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

Our goal is to help internal communicators strategically improve employee engagement at their organizations. In August, our Product Team has been all about creating features that will improve employee communication and provide internal communicators with solid metrics to evaluate the success of their efforts! ?

What’s New in August 2020

Compare Campaigns

Easily compare campaigns with powerful analytics. No longer do you have to view individual campaign metrics; you can now compare multiple campaigns side by side. Use this feature to benchmark your campaigns against your best performing email newsletters so you can identify the content, design, and layout that performs best. It’ll also help you see which campaigns didn’t perform well against others so you can identify gaps and areas of improvement.


Tables Within Templates

You can now include Excel-style tables within the ContactMonkey email template builder. Avoid clutter and long paragraphs by sharing weekly schedules, event formats, and plans using an organized table format.

tables within templates


Improvements in August 2020

Tooltips for the Campaign Overview Page Statistics

Quickly analyze email performance with the newly added tooltips that will guide you through our comprehensive email metrics.


Updated Naming Convention for the Downloadable Report

The file name of downloadable reports now include your Unique Campaign ID, which will help you easily manage reports offline! 

Comments – Character Limit Increase

Receive more comprehensive feedback and engagement with your newsletters! Employees can now write comments up to 500 characters long.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the formatting of Exported PDFs of campaigns

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