Advanced Email Tracking

Plugins and features to enhance Gmail and Outlook, all in one handy sidebar.

Features Gmail Send Later

Salesforce Integration

Bring Salesforce to your inbox.

Features Add Salesforce to Outlook

Who Uses ContactMonkey?

Sales Professionals

Follow up with your hottest leads with email tracking

Sell Smarter

ContactMonkey gives sales professionals the tools to take their sales to the next level without ever leaving their inbox.

Sales Teams

Sell better, together

Trusted by teams

Sales teams that learn together, grow together. Sales teams that use ContactMonkey track the most effective sales techniques in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Salesforce Teams

Update Salesforce from Email

Save time with Salesforce

Sales teams love Salesforce, but hate jumping in and out of their dashboard. ContactMonkey saves you time by bringing Salesforce functions directly to your inbox.