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Build newsletters faster with drag-and-drop content or choose from a template library.

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Integrate with your email client and avoid new learning curves or disruption.

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Measure campaign performance, clicks, open rates, locations, and more.

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Embed surveys and feedback

Add surveys, eNPS, and anonymous comments in your newsletters.

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Connect your everyday tools

Integrate existing apps and HRIS directly or with API Connector

Go the extra mile with team communications

Write emails with AI

Save time with AI-assisted subject lines, copy, headlines, and titles.

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Create multilingual emails

Reach everyone in their preferred languages seamlessly.

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Manage events like a pro

Send invites, track RSVPs, and collect data to fine-tune event communications.

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Simplify list management

Sync your directory and create customized lists without IT hassles.

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Pair up with Microsoft Teams

Keep all your messages and teamwork in one spot, right where you chat.

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Email marketing for internal communication is all about using the power of email to keep your team in the loop, motivated, and engaged. Think of it as your scalable go-to way of sharing important company updates, celebrating team wins, and making sure everyone is on the same page. Whether it’s a newsletter, announcement, or quick check-in, email marketing for internal comms helps you deliver the right message at the right time. It can help you get a feel for where your teams’ heads are at and ensure you have the measurable insights to grow your impact and continually improve communications.

Email marketing software in the market today is designed for external marketing use, which poses many challenges for internal teams. While third-party marketing software may have robust email builders and beautiful templates, they don’t integrate with an organization’s existing email client. Instead, they use their own servers, causing tedious list management and deliverability issues like employees unsubscribing from updates or wrongfully getting marked by spam filters. Internal communications software like ContactMonkey reliably integrates with existing email clients, simplifying setup and allowing organizations to track their email performance accurately.

Employee communication software can seriously boost workplace engagement by making it easier for everyone to stay informed and connected. With tools like ContactMonkey, you can send interactive emails, surveys, and newsletters right from Outlook and Gmail. Track who’s reading and responding to your comms, so you know what’s working and not. Plus, it’s a great way to gather feedback and show employees their opinions matter. When communication flows easily and everyone feels heard, employee engagement goes up.

An effective internal communications strategy should have a mix of clear goals, the right tools, and engaging content that’s relevant to your audience. Every strategy should be tailored to unique company needs and size.

  • Accessibility with reaching a large volume of diverse teams, regardless of time zones or devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone)
  • Interactive engagement with videos, GIFS, and multi-media content
  • Personalizing content to relevant roles, departments, locations
  • Tracking analytics to measure employee engagement and identify the most effective content
  • Promotes two-way communication through surveys, polls, and comments to better understand your workforce 
  • Email integrates with other everyday tools, HRIS, and productivity and collaboration software

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