HubSpot vs ContactMonkey: Internal Comms Email Software, a 2018 Comparison

When it comes to choosing internal comms email software between HubSpot and ContactMonkey--considering the ease of use, adaptability and learning curve--David knocks out Goliath.   Congratulations! It looks like you’ve got budget approval to adopt [...]

How to Optimize Your Sales Team’s Professional Selling Skills

If you're a business owner, you know how imperative it is to get the most out of your sales team in order to maximize key business results. This is especially pertinent today as the sales process [...]

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Employee Experience: The Importance of Treating your Employees Like Customers

If you’ve spent any time in business you know about the importance of customer experience as a way to retain customers, reduce churn rates, and attract new customers. Similarly, in recent years top-performing companies have [...]

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How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms (Free Webinar)

FREE Webinar: How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms Internal communications is an important department in any top-performing organization. You know that, we know that. However, there seems to be a disconnect [...]

Update: A New Gmail, An Even Better ContactMonkey Plugin

ContactMonkey’s Gmail extension for creating, sending, tracking, and measuring sales and internal emails just got a fantastic makeover. To match the new Gmail's interface, we’ve got a new look -- and all the tools that you [...]

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The Role of Internal Comms in Promoting Employee Wellness and Mental Health in the Workplace

Today is World Mental Health Day. Which means we should really be talking about the role organizations can play when it comes to promoting employee wellness and mental health in the workplace. According to the [...]