New Feature! Gmail Mail Merge Add On With Attachments

Gmail Mail Merge Add on With Attachments We know, you love ContactMonkey’s Gmail Mail Merge add on. And we also know that you’ve achieved eye-watering success with sending mass, personalized emails right from your Gmail inbox. After all, personalized emails are up to 6 times more effective than unpersonalized ones. “Can the Gmail Mail Merge add [...]

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Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows

Outlook Desktop Alerts for Windows You might not think Outlook desktop alerts could have much of an impact on your sales game. But we've come up with something different: desktop alerts you'll actually want. Face it - when it comes to selling effectively, having context and insight is everything: what are your prospects doing? When [...]

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New Feature! 1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce

New! 1-Click Add Emails to Salesforce The air is fresh, the birds are chirping...spring is here! To help rein in the new season, we decided to do some spring cleaning of our own. In that spirit, we upgraded one of our favorite features: Salesforce Email Integration. At ContactMonkey, we emphasize ridiculous simplicity above all else. [...]

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5 Ways to Control Your Inbox

5 Ways to Control Your Inbox Let's face it, we love getting email. We might not always like to read email, but while no one wants to admit it, there's a thrill about getting a new message. Who's sending it? What do they want? Does it represent a new opportunity? It explains why so [...]

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Sending a Follow Up With Email Tracking Software

Sending a Follow Up With Email Tracking Software Email tracking software is a salesperson's best kept secret. Why? Because figuring out the right time to send a follow up email plays a crucial part in driving leads. The window of opportunity to sending a follow up email to drive leads is incredibly narrow. If [...]

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Five of the Most Important Social Media Influencers

5 of the Most Important Social Media Influencers Social media literacy: in 2017, those three words aren't just a resume filler - they represent a skill that many people claim to have but that few people legitimately possess. But the strength of a person's grasp of social media can undoubtedly vary. For many, it's [...]

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Email Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Gets Read

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Gets Read Email marketing: for an enterprise so complex, it’s stunning how simple the blueprint for success in this field can be. In the most basic terms, every single last email marketing pro has one particularly strong desire: maximizing the chances of the recipient opening and reading [...]

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Email Writing Infographic: The Best Email Subject Line for Salespeople

When it comes to email writing, every marketer seems to be a "guru" or an "expert", incessantly offering tips and tricks on the latest trends. But the trouble is, while advice based on someone's personal experience is one way to come to conclusions on email performance - the sources behind that advice are often flimsy. Basing [...]

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The 3 Elements of a Prospecting Email

While in Canada e-mail has been neutered by our supposedly business-friendly Prime Minister, in other parts of the free world, e-mail continues to be an effective way to initiate engagement with new potential buyers.  And while some may be shaking their head in disbelief, done right it contributes to prospecting success, but as usual, [...]

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Why You Should Use an Email Tracker

Why You Should Use an Email Tracker You spend a ludicrous amount of time writing an email to an exciting sales prospect. You re-read it about fifty times. You agonize over every last detail - down to the sign off. "Sincerely, Tom." Too old-fashioned? "Cheers, Tom." Too casual? "I'll be waiting, Tom." Too creepy? [...]

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