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5 Star Rating on the Salesforce AppExchange

ContactMonkey + Outlook + Salesforce.com = Success!!! I use ContactMonkey with my Outlook. It’s fantastic to see who’s opening my emails and clicking on my links in real time, but it’s also great for all of that data to be synced to Salesforce.com.
Sebastian Cardarelli, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
The most effective email tracking tool available. And simple! We have been using ContactMonkey for several months now and we have found their integration with Gmail/Salesforce incredible valuable. It was very simple for our sales team to adopt and they’re addicted. Having all of our team’s tracked emails in Salesforce with email open analytics has really helped focus them on their hottest opportunities. Highly recommend it!
Isaac Pellerin, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Real time insight into sales cycle Contact Monkey has been my preferred client email tracking tool for just over a year. The insight it gives me on my prospects is invaluable in helping me drive the sales cycle and knowing when to follow up. Every sales professional should be using this tool to help them optimize their results. Contact Monkey integrates effortlessly with Salesforce.com which also makes my boss happy and my life easier!
James Martindale, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Must Have add in for Outlook and SalesForce! I use Contact Monkey religiously. ContactMonkey helped me close three more deals on the last day of our quarter-end. It showed me who was opening up my emails at their desk letting me pick up the phone and walk each of them through the buying process. Automatic email sync and having our SalesForce email templates in Outlook is a no-brainer for us. It’s incredibly easy to adopt. I recommend it to anyone that is serious about enhancing their sales process.
Phil Evitt, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Great App! It’s great being able to track my emails and have everything feed directly into Salesforce saves a lot of duplicated efforts.
Scott Mortimer, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Great everyday tool! ContactMonkey is a tool that helps me to connect with my customers more effectively than ever before. Knowing when proposals and e-mails are being reviewed has routinely helped me to shorten the sales cycle. Great product that I rely on.
Karl Johanson, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Doesn’t get much better than this… My colleagues and I often debate what tool is the best email tracking tool, then I came across ContactMonkey. This is an AMAZING tool for any sales team. It hits where everyone else misses.
Phill Keene, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Great Tool! I use the Monkey in Outlook and my role with my company is in Bus Dev. It is great to see when a prospect is opening my email many times. Hmmm, interest there? You bet! Pick up the phone and dial away as the Monkey is telling me that my prospect if forwarding my email along to others in the respective company and I need to reach out to them to see if I can be of assistance. Happy Selling!!
Johnathan Covey, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Best App! My sales team loves ContactMonkey. This app is a brilliant way to have your sales team make the most of their day. When a contact opens or clicks on an email we automatically have the sales person give them a friendly follow-up call to ask them about their interest for our services. This leads to successful sales calls with clients that already have our services fresh in their minds. Strike while the iron is hot!

ContactMonkey provides my team with a real-time and interactive solution that actually adds to our bottom line.

James Mazur, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange