Assured Partners: How to Streamline Your Internal Communications with ContactMonkey’s Email Template Builder

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Increasing the volume of internal communications, while ensuring that each department had creative control over their messaging


Using ContactMonkey’s shareable HTML email templates to streamline workplace communications

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About Assured Partners

Since 2011, Assured Partners has been the fastest-growing independent insurance firm in the US. With locations across 38 states and two countries, the company is a  leader in independent property insurance, as well as casualty and employee benefits brokerage. As an international agency, Assured Partners relies on ContactMonkey to connect, inform, and engage hundreds of employees and partners throughout the US and the UK.

About Hannah McCarthy

Hannah has served as the Communications and Marketing Representative at Assured Partners for over a year. Navigating across multiple departments and office locations, Hannah’s team coordinates internal messaging across a decentralized communications system. In her role, Hannah oversees the tools, content, and resources used to distribute key messages on behalf of teams such as HR, C-suite leaders, and sales.


  • During the pandemic, Assured Partners had to increase the amount of company-wide emails sent, while ensuring that each department had creative control over their communications.
“We send out a lot more company-wide emails and we don't have distribution lists—and we’re in 34 states.”  
  • Hannah’s team had to ensure dynamic and responsive design across a greater volume of internal emails, all the while coordinating across multiple departments.
  • The existing email design tool used by Assured Partners was difficult to navigate and didn’t have many options when it came to design and branded content.
  “There just wasn’t a lot to choose from. It was also just hard to navigate.”


  • Hanna’s team needed a service that could help simplify, accelerate, and streamline the internal communications process. 
  • They wanted to be able to save and store email templates in different file formats so that other departments could retain, edit, and send them in the format and style that suited them best.
  • In addition, the team wanted more design functionality across their internal communications tool so that they could create on-brand newsletters with a wide range of embedded content
“As we send out more company-wide emails, the CSV option with ContactMonkey was a blessing and super easy to work with.”

How ContactMonkey Helped Streamlined Internal Messaging Across Assured Partners’ Decentralized Communications System 

With ContactMonkey’s Outlook and Gmail-compatible email template builder, Hannah’s team was able to build and send internal communications much more easily and at a more rapid pace.   
  • While the team previously felt limited by their inability to use distribution lists due to company policies, ContactMonkey allowed them to easily import a CSV to send and manage contacts. 
  “We are pretty decentralized, and through COVID, every state has been having a different experience. But it's been easy for us to make one kind of communication with ContactMonkey and each region can break it down and make it specifically for their region if needed.”   
  • Sharing and saving email templates across different departments became more efficient. 
  “I really appreciate that you can save [templates] in PDF or in HTML format. Because when I send it out, it’s helpful to include those two options.”  
  • ContactMonkey’s responsive, drag-and-drop email template builder allowed Hannah’s team to add a greater range of content into their internal communications, and improve employee engagement. 
  “Newsletters and webinars, those are all new. We started those when we began using ContactMonkey and now, people are asking ‘When is the next [newsletter] coming out?’ They’re really looking forward to it and their clients appreciate it too.”  
  • The range of design features available with ContactMonkey’s email template builder also enabled Hannah’s team to create more professional and on-brand internal newsletters. 
  “With the implementation of the template builder’s little color palette box, you can pick the exact text color that you want and that has just been really helpful.”  
  • Hanna’s team was also able to receive real-time support and custom-made solutions with the help of one of ContactMonkey’s dedicated client success managers, Matt.
“We love Matt! He is always responsive and super helpful—he went immediately to his product team and got the features I asked for implemented for me.”

Key Takeaways

  • Sharing and saving email templates and core content became faster and easier.
  • Outstanding customer support and customized feature implementations.
  • The team received more positive feedback from employees and other internal stakeholders on their internal communications.
  We have a lot of plugin services that we use as a company and ContactMonkey by far has the best customer service.”  
  • More visually captivating emails through enhanced design features and an easy-to-use email template builder
  “It’s simply nicer looking emails”  
  • Regularly added product features and software training have helped enhance the tool on a monthly basis, with something new always around the corner.
  “We’re just loving it so far. It's been super helpful. We're only a year in but I think it's been a great addition and I'm looking forward to continuing. The webinars and the training throughout the months have been super helpful. It's been smooth sailing since I've got on.”

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