Track the performance of your internal emails

Monitor your workforce’s engagement metrics, from opens, clicks, and more

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Employee email tracking done right with ContactMonkey

Measure newsletter effectiveness

Track open rates, click-through rates, and engagement metrics to identify which content resonates with your employees.

Tailor messages by audience segmentation

Segment your audience based on their engagement levels, interests, or roles, allowing for more personalized and effective communication.

Build a more connected workforce

Identify trends and where to improve. Make data-driven decisions that boost employee engagement and refine your future comms.

#1 email tracking tool for employee engagement

Leave uncertainty behind. Gauge how well your messages land with employees and see what content is read, understood, and acted on.

Measure results

  • Reporting and tracking options: View detailed or summarized reports of who’s actively interacting with your comms. Select by Individual, Overall, or Anonymous tracking.
  • Track opens and clicks: Keep tabs on email opens and clicks to gauge how interested your employees are, allowing you to tailor follow-ups to their preferences.
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Understand behaviour

  • Email click maps: Discover where employees focus their attention with heat maps of link clicks. Identify top-performing CTAs, videos, images, and more.
  • Read time: Understand how much time employees spend reading different sections of your emails to see which topics are most valuable to them.
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“ContactMonkey gave us insight into what’s being read and we have drastically improved engagement with our internal communications. I can go and design templates based on the learnings from the analytics.”


Change Management and Communications Lead

Optimize content

  • Location tracking: Locate your workforce and tweak your messages and timing to match what works best for employees in different areas.
  • Segmented stats: Filter campaign data by department, title, and location for more relevant and effective messaging tailored to employees’ needs.
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Email template builder

Craft awesome emails with our template builder, designed to save you time and effort.

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Outlook and Gmail integration

Use our integrations to send and schedule communications across channels.

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Employee surveys

Use pulse surveys, emoji reactions, and polls to gather and analyze authentic feedback.

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