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ContactMonkey is a toolbar designed for sales professionals that delivers Salesforce integration and advanced email tracking directly to your inbox.

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Email Tracking

See who opens your emails.

Knowing your e-mail has been opened can change the way you approach your next sales call or follow-up. ContactMonkey makes email tracking fast and simple by bringing all the tools you need to track your emails directly to your inbox.

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New Features: Gmail Delay SendGmail Mail MergeWord Mail Merge Tracking!

Salesforce Integration

Bring Salesforce to Outlook or Gmail.

With ContactMonkey you can access your view AND edit your Salesforce records all from the comfort of your own inbox. Custom objects too!

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Mail Merge

Send personalized emails like a pro.

Now available for Outlook and Gmail, Mail Merge gives you the power to send to dozens or even hundreds contacts in seconds, use personalized fields, and track along the way. Get started with Mail Merge and see why we it’s being called our most powerful feature yet.

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Trusted by over 1,200 sales teams daily

It’s fantastic to see who’s opening my emails and clicking on my links in real time.
Sebastian Cardarelli, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
ContactMonkey helped me close three more deals on the last day of our quarter-end.
Phil Evitt, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
This is an AMAZING tool for any sales team. It hits where everyone else misses.
Phill Keene, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
The most effective email tracking tool available. Having all of our team’s tracked emails in Salesforce helped us focus on our hottest opportunities.
Isaac Pellerin, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Great App! It’s great being able to track my emails and have everything feed directly into Salesforce saves a lot of duplicated efforts.
Scott Mortimer, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
It is great to see when a prospect is opening my email many times. Happy Selling!!
Johnathan Covey, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
Real time insight into sales cycle. Contact Monkey integrates effortlessly with
James Martindale, Review from the Salesforce AppExchange
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