Send employee news hassle-free through Outlook and Gmail

Avoid spam filters and unsubscribes from your internal emails.

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Engaging employee newsletters from start to finish

Boost Readership and Engagement

Send emails directly from your inbox to boost opens, clicks, and engagement from your team.

Fewer manual errors and time-suck

Auto-sync content and recipient lists with your Outlook and Gmail for a simplified and error-free workflow.

Smooth operations with a single system

Reduce the friction of using a separate tool and ensure timely communication on familiar employee platforms.

Make internal communication easier with ContactMonkey

Say goodbye to firewall roadblocks, duplicate content, and list management frustrations. Send your emails where your employees are—on Outlook and Gmail—to experience powerful communication.

Get your messages through

  • Outlook and Gmail integration: Never get marked as spam or unsubscribed when you send employee news from Outlook and Gmail. Work within your workflow.
  • Microsoft Teams integration: Keep all your messages and teamwork in one place. Seamlessly switch between chat, email, and collaboration.

Add a personal touch

  • Email personalization: Capture attention with personalized subject lines and content. Make your newsletters more relevant to individual employees.
  • Email at scale: Send personalized messages to 10,000+ employees 16x faster, overcoming traditional sending limits.
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“ContactMonkey gave us insight into what’s being read and we have drastically improved engagement with our internal communications. I can go and design templates based on the learnings from the analytics.”


Change Management and Communications Lead

Optimize your audiences

  • List management: Sync your lists from external sources like Azure Active Directory, Workday, and other HRIS and keep customized attributes such as title, department, and location.
  • Schedule sending: Time your emails to when employee engagement is highest. Avoid messages getting buried in cluttered inboxes during peak periods.
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Send emails in multiple languages

Multi-language emails: Streamline global communication with translations of up to four languages at a time per email—saving time, effort, and ensuring unified analytics.

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Craft awesome emails with our template builder, designed to save you time and effort.

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Use pulse surveys, emoji reactions, and polls to gather and analyze authentic feedback.

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Make data-driven decisions by tracking open rates, click-through rates, read times, and more.

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