Engage your company with employee feedback

Drive team success with two-way communications via surveys, polls, and reactions in your newsletters.

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Be people-first with employee engagement surveys

Keep your employees happy

Empower employees to voice their opinions and concerns for a happier, engaged workforce.

Sustain high retention rates

Reduce turnover and retain committed talent by fostering loyalty in your workforce.

Build trust through communication

Promote trust through open communication and authentic feedback between management and employees.

Show your workforce why they matter

Companies with engaged employees see 59% less turnover. ContactMonkey gives your teams the clarity and voice they deserve through employee-first newsletters.

Empower your people with employee experience surveys

  • Feedback loops: Drive two-way communications with surveys, ratings, eNPS, comments, and emoji reactions.
  • One-time or recurring surveys: Go to the Surveys tab to create surveys for a single campaign or multiple campaigns.
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Get full control from questions to comments

  • Custom polls: Design questions, choose single or multi-select answers, and collect qualitative insights.
  • Comment control: Manage how feedback is shared by turning comments on or off per survey.
  • Anonymous feedback: Encourage candid feedback while preserving anonymity and organizational trust.
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“Everyone loves the emojis. They always do the thumbs up, thumbs down, and that makes it easy for us to capture satisfaction.”


Jessica Davies

Senior Manager of Communications, Engagement, and Inclusion, Joules

Measure how your team feels with long-term insights

  • Measure engagement: Use the Surveys tab to analyze real-time response rates and scores to understand employee satisfaction and wellness.
  • Track trends and changes: Monitor recurring survey responses over time, use historical data to identify patterns, and make improvements.
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Boost event participation

  • Event management: Send invites directly to employees’ inboxes for easy RSVP tracking and faster responses.
  • Post-event feedback: Collect insights from town hall meetings, training sessions, and team-building activities to improve future comms.
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