House of Travel: How to Use ContactMonkey as an Anonymous Employee Feedback Tool to Measure Employee Engagement

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About House of Travel

House of Travel is the largest privately owned travel company in New Zealand, and the third largest travel organization in the Asia Pacific region. The House of Travel Group employs close to 2,000 staff operating in different branches and stores.

About Louis Reeves

Louis Reeves is the Internal Communications Manager at House of Travel. With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, she’s in charge of internal communications and corporate alignment at House of Travel. Here she shares how she managed to create engaging newsletters that actually get read, with the added benefit of measuring email opens, link clicks, and adding embeddable employee surveys within their internal newsletter.


  • With over 75 branches and 2000 employees, visually appealing emails and engaging internal communications campaigns are a must for House of Travel to ensure corporate alignment.
  • Without the ability to easily create responsive newsletters, their internal communications team was relying on Word document attachments to send as their weekly newsletter.
  • As a result the internal communications team had to repeat themselves constantly just to get a message across.
  • An even bigger challenge was the fact that without a tool to measure email opens, clicks, or any other metric, they were unable to gauge whether employees were engaging or even opening their communications.

“[We] were putting together four page documents, essentially really wordy, long, boring emails. And [the team] put so much work into it and yet they had no engagement rates…”


“You just can’t underestimate how important visually appealing newsletters are. It helps a lot with employees absorbing important information.”

  • Since ContactMonkey creates responsive HTML emails, every newsletter they send now renders properly on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

“The fact that the newsletters now are readable on any device is a real bonus. Still 90 percent view it on desktop, but I think just to have that option is really good.”


How ContactMonkey’s Employee Feedback Tools Helped House of Travel

  • Gather employee feedback right from their newsletters by adding pulse surveys and emoji reactions to their emails. Now every single newsletter can be a two-way communications channel.
  • Track every email open and link click from internal emails sent to their Outlook distribution lists. As a consequence they’re finally able to see employee engagement in a handy and powerful dashboard.
  • Use pre-made HTML newsletter templates and build their own using ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder and send from Outlook.

Key Results

“Since no one was reading the boring looking Word Doc, I was getting pretty annoyed with the number of times I was having to repeat messages. Now that I’m able to make these visually appealing newsletters I don’t have to repeat myself because I know people are reading them.”

  • The House of Travel team is now able to create beautiful, visually appealing, responsive newsletters in seconds with their drag-and-drop email template builder.
  • The solution also enabled their internal communications team to send emails to any of their distribution lists, see every email open, link click, location and devices used, all without leaving their inbox.
  • By having access to in-depth analytics, the House of Travel team is now able to craft and modify their messaging according to different audiences, thus improving efficiency and engagement rates.
  • Emoji reactions has helped the team turn their emails into a two-way communication channel. Now they can quickly survey their different branches directly from within their newsletters and understand what employees want

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