Product Updates September 2022: Exciting news for Gmail users!

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

This month our Product team has introduced game-changing features to elevate the email builder and improve the user experience for our Gmail users

What’s New

Email at Scale Support for Gmail

Gmail users are no longer constrained by existing email send limits of 2000 recipients per send. Gmail users can now send emails to more than 2000 individuals in a single email send, and achieve a wider reach with their internal email communication. 

Google Groups Expansion

This high-demand feature empowers Gmail users with the most accurate campaign data. Google Groups Expansion now allows individual tracking on sends to Google Groups (previously, only overall tracking was available). Google Groups users can now count the number of recipients on overall sends, which they were unable to do before. This feature circumvents the need for manually updating CSV files or inserting addresses into the “To” field in order to receive accurate email analytics. 

Vertical Align

The Vertical Align property controls how elements are aligned with each other, thereby, improving the readability of the email newsletter content. 

Enjoy a better user experience with increased control over the arrangement of elements in multi-column designs.


Undo/Redo Co-edit

The undo/redo for single-user sessions update makes team collaboration a smoother process. 

With this update, single users can now view the change history of an email template and utilize the undo/redo options when only one user is in session. Previously, the undo/redo feature was only available for changes applied to the current version of content they were editing, and previous edits could not be changed

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Upcoming Features

List Management 

ContactMonkey’s List Management feature will allow O365 users to store their directory of employees and distribution lists in the ContactMonkey dashboard itself.

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