Product Updates July 2020: Giphy, New Templates, and More Detailed Metrics!

Maithili Jha


in Product Updates

July has been all about upgrading our product features and adding brand new content. We’re always trying to make your experience even more seamless so you can focus on creating beautiful internal communications.

Improvements in July 2020

New Templates Page Updated

We’ve added an all-new range of gorgeous email templates for users to choose from, and drive employee engagement with engaging communication. Simply, navigate to templates within your ContactMonkey account and you’ll be able to choose from one of our best in practice designs to engage your employees


Users can now bring content to life with GIPHY’s massive library of hundreds of thousands of GIFs. The new feature is located within the Content tab on our email template builder.

Simply drag and drop the feature where on your template you’d like the GIPHY to appear and search for an appropriate GIF using the GIPHY search bar. This new features makes it so easy to add exciting visuals to your internal communications:


Recent Opens on Aggregate Campaigns

We’ve added a new report table for Aggregate campaigns. Now users will have the ability to see recent opens from their email campaign.  

Download Campaigns from Campaign Overview

ContactMonkey now enables users to download the HTML version of their past email campaigns directly from the Campaign Overview page; the HTML file will include all the active hyperlinks.  

Bug Fixes

  • Support sending campaigns when social reactions are not linked to a question

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