Product Updates March 2023: Improved Reporting, Scheduled Emails, and EU Data Residency 

Maithili Jha


in Product Updates

In March, ContactMonkey’s product team brought customers some key improvements to elevate their internal communications processes ✔



Reporting has replaced Campaign Comparison to give users more flexibility, customization, and ease of use. With this feature upgrade users can:

  • Gain more granular insights with the increased ability to filter data (E.g. Show all emails with greater than 75% open rate)
  • Choose which data columns they see/don’t see
  • View Overall and Individually tracked emails separately for better direct comparisons
  • Save the filters/columns they choose for future analysis or review

Managing Scheduled Emails 

Both Outlook and Gmail customers now have access to superior scheduled email management, which offers greater convenience to users in the following ways:

  • The Scheduled tab now displays all of the team’s scheduled emails
  • Basic users and managers can reschedule/delete their own scheduled emails
  • Admins and owners can reschedule/delete all scheduled emails

EU Data Residency V2

We’ve added a few more improvements to our recently launched EU Data Residency:

  • The EU add-in can now be added from the app store
  • It is nocaErw available to Gmail customers (Chrome Extension)
  • It is now available to COM add-in customers
  • EU data centre users can now set up a utility account 

Lean more about our European Data Residency 

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