Product Updates April 2023: Easily categorize internal emails with Email Tagging!

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

In April, our Product Team focused on improving the user interface to allow for better navigation and organization. 

What’s New

Email Tagging

Email tags have replaced the current folder structure, enabling users to create tags, as well as group and filter emails by tags. All existing folders have been migrated to tags.

This overcomes the previous limitation where users were unable to group/categorize sent emails or place them in folders. This further prevented them from categorizing emails in analytics for reporting purposes.

Key benefits of Email Tagging:

  • Create relevant tags that carry across templates, email content, scheduled, and sent emails
  • Organize campaigns with ease by categorizing emails with “tags” 
  • Gain more useful analytics by using the tags to filter data (in Reporting)
internal email tagging


Deleting Addresses from Gmail Dashboard Sending 

Gmail customers now have the ability to delete “Send From” or “Send To” email addresses that have been inserted into the “Send” field so that they don’t clog up the dropdown list.

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