Product Updates May 2023: Anonymous Individual Tracking, Settings V2, and Test Emails for Gmail Users

Maithili Jha

Product Updates

In May, our Product Team introduced much awaited enhancements that will further elevate the ContactMonkey user experience

What’s New

Anonymous Individual Tracking

Anonymous Individual Tracking is an Individual tracking option that prioritizes employee data privacy. This improvement allows users to anonymize the recipients email addresses while maintaining all other email data such as location data, segmented stats, IP address, and all other email metrics.

Learn more about Anonymous Individual Tracking


Settings V2

The Settings page has been further upgraded to provide increased convenience to users. A revamped integrations page offers a cleaner look and feel, and the new “Enterprise Features” Section in Custom Branding gives users the ability to request add-ons directly from the Settings Page.

Send Test for Gmail 

Gmail Dashboard Sending users can now send themselves test emails directly from the ContactMoneky dashboard.

Learn more about Gmail Dashboard Sending

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