Product Updates October 2021: Increased Sending Limits

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

Over the past few months, ContactMonkey has been working on a new method of email delivery that makes email sending faster and allows users to reach a larger audience.

What’s New

Increased Sending Limits for O365 Users

In the past, we have always relied on our customer’s email infrastructure for email delivery. Although this is a great option for many customers, we recognize that there are various limitations associated with this approach, particularly relating to individual campaigns and rate limits:

  1. Each mailbox can only reach 10,000 email addresses per day
  2. Each mailbox may only send 30 emails per minute

ContactMonkey’s new solution involves offloading the email delivery process from your own mail environment to an external server. This will allow our customers to send campaigns to CSVs, Distribution lists, Contact Groups, Security Groups, Universal Groups, O365 Dynamic Groups, O365 Groups, and Distribution lists with hidden membership that contain over 10,000 recipients. Email delivery will be up to 16x faster. With this feature, not only can you send personalized emails to over 10,000 recipients in lightening-speed time, you can also get detailed email campaign data including link clicks and read time. 

This is a premium feature that will require some configuration by your IT department. 


Search & Filter Team Templates 

We’ve implemented a search & filter option on our “Create new email” page which allows users to easily find pre-existing templates created by team members.

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