Product Updates November 2022: Workday Integration

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

The Workday integration you’ve been waiting for is here! This month, we bring you greater ease in managing your employee email lists and more granular analytics than ever before.


Workday Integration

List Management users, who enjoy complete autonomy over their employee distribution lists within the ContactMonkey dashboard, can now sync their directory of employees from Workday. Workday sync will occur nightly to ensure the most updated email lists. 

Segmented Stats for List Management Fields

List Management users now have access to Segmented Stats for List Management fields. Previously, Segmented Stats were limited to Title, Office Location, and Department. With this improvement, List Management users can view Segmented Stats for all List Management fields. Common fields include Language, Seniority, Employment Type (contract vs full time), and Subsidiary. 

Support for Shared Mailboxes on Mac 

This improvement will support shared mailboxes on Outlook for Mac, which previously caused the web add-in to be inactive.

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