Product Updates January/February 2022: Email & Template Sharing

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

ContactMonkey’s product team has started the new year with the goal of creating a superior and smoother user experience for all customers ✨

What’s New

Email and Template Sharing

We’ve just made email and template sharing easier! Users can now share emails and templates with other teams within their organization, without the need to export/import JSON files. Users can also use this function to share emails and templates with ContactMonkey’s support team.

To share an email, all you have to do is go to your email library, and select the email you’d like to share. Sharing the email will create a copy of the email within the recipient’s team. Recipients will be notified on email that the share was successful. 

Learn more about sharing emails via ContactMonkey


HTML 3.0

HTML 3.0 promises higher efficiency. This latest build offers several improvements over the previous version, including:

  • Faster design rendering
  • Reduced output file size
  • Simpler and cleaner HTML output
  • Wider email client compatibility, including reduced Gmail clipping

Saved Rows Management

Building your internal emails is now an even smoother process. Users no longer have to manage Saved Rows via the dashboard. Instead, Saved Rows can be managed right within the editor. 

Learn more about Saved Rows management

Allow Owners/Admins to search pending users

Customers can now enjoy a more organized UI. We’ve added a search bar for the “Pending Users” tab so users can easily identify pending users. 

Allow Owners/Admins to export team members

Account owners/admins can export a copy of their user list to view all users, their status, and permissions. launched

We’ve moved our Emails page to a modern front-end framework. This offers a cleaner, more responsive UI. During this development, we’ve also fixed issues around moving templates and emails into folders, and deleting emails, templates, and folders.

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