Product Updates August 2021: Custom Branding

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

This month, we’re excited to announce several upgrades to our email builder, and an improvement to the overall user experience for our customers 

What’s New

Custom Branding

Our newest feature, Custom Branding, ensures that all your email communication is consistent, and on-brand. With Custom Branding, Organization Owners/Admins can set default colors, fonts, and text box padding on behalf of the organization. This default setting helps overcome the challenge of visual inconsistencies in emails created by different team members across the company. 

Learn more about Custom Branding for your communications

Emoji Picker 

Users will now be able to select a variety of emojis through the emoji keyboard for the text, title, and button content types.

Collapsible Sidebar

Users can now collapse or minimize the ContactMonkey sidebar when in the email builder. This will help users with smaller screens to increase their workspace and will make it easier to edit wider or larger emails. 

Updated Add-in for Non-O365 Users

Non-O365 users can conveniently “Insert” email templates using the sidebar instead of importing HTML from the email builder. Users will also get an updated and improved UI/UX.


Optimize Tracker Generation for COM Add-in

COM Add-in users can now experience improved sending speeds, especially for communications with many trackable elements (i.e. links, surveys).

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