Product Updates May 2024: Create Emails in Multiple Languages in Seconds

Alex Cleary


ContactMonkey product update mutli-language emails

You asked, and we listened! All ContactMonkey users can now create and send emails in up to four languages with our all-new Multi-Language Email feature.

How You’ll Benefit from Our New Multi-Language Email Feature 

Before the release of our Multi-Language Email feature, you had to create separate emails to communicate with employees who spoke different languages. Now, you can input manual language translations or copy and paste translation text into the email builder. Combined with custom email lists, you can now seamlessly send emails in the right language to global employees automatically!

With our new Multi-Language Email feature, ContactMonkey users will get:

  • Fast multi-language email creation: Create multiple versions of the same email across different languages with just a copy and paste.
  • Easy editing: Edits made to one email will be automatically applied to up to four other language versions.
  • Seamless contact list management: Eliminate separate contact lists based on location and language. With built-in language filtering, your contacts can select the language they’d like to receive their communication in. 
  • All-in-one campaign stats: Track campaign statistics from every language version of your email from a single dashboard.

Add Multiple Languages to the Same Email Template

Using the new Multi-Language Email feature is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 

1. Get your ContactMonkey Admin to enable the Multi-Language Emails feature in Settings > Email Management. Then, configure the languages you’d like to add to future emails.

ContactMonkey multi-language email settings

2. Navigate to the Emails tab and click “Create New Email”. Click “Start from Scratch” and toggle the Multi-Language email button to on.

ContactMonkey multi-language emails in email template builder

3. Name your email and click the “Create” button to launch the email builder. Generate the email as you normally would, and select a different language version from the top drop-down menu to edit. You can input up to four language versions at once!

Mutli language emails language selection email template builder

Check out this short video or this Help Center article for more detailed instructions on how to send your first Multi-Language Email!

Ready to Get Started? 

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Have questions about how you can leverage our new Multi-Language Email feature? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today to learn more!

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