Product Updates April 2022: SMS Text Messaging for Internal Communications

Maithili Jha


Product Updates

Reach your dispersed workforce with important information at the ideal time and place with ContactMonkey’s new SMS solution!

The reality of a digitally-driven world is that employees spend a good part of the workday on their phone. In fact, 90% of text messages are opened within five minutes. Rather than ignoring this, employers need to lean into the potential. With SMS employee communication, you can get more out of mobile use in the workplace.

SMS communication is perfect for any deskless workers who don’t have easy access to corporate email. It also provides a reliable way to relay time-sensitive alerts or crisis communication to employees. 

Why use SMS text messaging to communicate with employees?

  • Crisis communications
  • Employee safety alerts
  • IT & security alerts
  • Weather alerts
  • Policy updates
  • Event reminders
  • Shift scheduling
  • Employee feedback
  • Employee recognition
  • Employee onboarding resources

ContactMonkey’s SMS text messaging for internal communications

With ContactMonkey’s SMS for employee communication, you can:

  • Reach on-site, deskless, remote, and frontline employees at the same time
  • Streamline your internal communications by managing email and SMS communication within the same platform
  • Provide a backup channel in case of email disruptions
  • Give employees access to key resources by sharing links through SMS
  • Upload a CSV list of your existing recipient list for sending
  • Preview your SMS before sending
  • Track SMS delivery and bounce rates to see who successfully received your updates
  • Increase overall open rate across internal communications

Are you interested in exploring SMS text messaging for your employee communication? Book your free personalized demo and start sending fast and easy internal SMS messages to your workforce. *Please note that SMS is currently only available in North America.