Product Updates March 2020: New Toggle Feature and View Email in Campaign Overview

Katie Liston


March has been all about improving the usability of the campaign overview page for the Product and Development team at ContactMonkey. Here’s a round-up of new features, improvements, and bug fixes ⚒️

Improvement in March 2020

New Toggle Feature on Campaign Overview

Users can now toggle from Numbers to Percentage on the Campaign Overview page. Those sending aggregate campaigns will default to numbers and “Device Unique opens”; users sending granular campaigns will default to numbers and “Unique opens”.

toggle campaign overview page

View your Template within the Campaign Overview Page

Users can now view the email template or newsletter sent from within the campaign overview page.



Bug Fixes

  • Updates to catch all errors while sending granular campaigns to recipients.
  • Fixed a bug to capture “Sent from” email address from our Outlook web add-in for our Windows platform internal communicators. 

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