Your employee newsletter is the key to greater employee productivity. With it you can collect feedback, communicate quickly, and create a strong internal brand voice that your employees trust.

Your newsletter needs to engage your employees. Engaged employees are more productive and contribute to your business’ growth. The goal of your employee newsletter should be increasing employee engagement.

How do you make an engaging newsletter? Create attractive, well-structured content that presents information to employees in a compelling way. With our 16 ideas for engaging employees newsletters, you will easily improve your newsletter content and boost employee engagement.

But how can you tell if your employees are engaged? Using ContactMonkey, you can collect in-depth metrics and employee feedback via your internal emails. Track how your emails perform by comparing their open rate, click-through rate, read time, and more across your organization.

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Employee Newsletter Ideas for 2021

These are some of our favourite employee newsletter rules to live by. Find the ones that work best for your organization and your employees and apply them to your own newsletters!

1. Master the basics of employee newsletter writing

Before we get into designing eye-catching newsletters, it’s important to know the basics. These tips will help you grab your reader’s attention:

  • Get personal with your pronouns; use I, we and you
  • Explain in clear terms what’s happening, why and how it affects employees
  • Cut out redundant words
  • Write one-line paragraphs
  • Start sentences with and, but and because. A conversational tone is easier to read than a formal one!

Understanding the basics of newsletter writing can help you create more complex and engaging content. English speaking, listening, and reading exercises can help improve your writing skills.

Key Takeaway: You have to walk before you can run! Make sure you cover these basic points of your email newsletter before getting fancy; you don’t want your creative effort to go unseen.

2. Spice up your subject lines with merge tags

People like to feel noticed. That’s why few people enjoy getting an email clearly intended for thousands of people. Make your emails stand out to its recipients by personalizing the subject line and body of your employee emails.

ContactMonkey’s internal communications tool makes it easy to add custom text in your email’s subject and body content:

personalized subject lines screenshot

Key takeaway: When a person sees an email in their inbox addressed to them, the information within will take on a personal importance; this is exactly how you want your employees to feel about your newsletter content!

3. Use emoji reactions to collect employee feedback

Emoji reactions are a great way for your employees to quickly respond to a question, while maintaining the fun feel of your newsletter. This company newsletter idea is one of our favourites!

Collecting employee feedback is a win-win situation: your employees feel heard by being able to contribute their opinion, and you get feedback from your newsletter.

Here are what emoji reactions look like in your newsletter when built with ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder:

emoji newsletter screenshot

Using a dedicated internal communications tool like ContactMonkey is a surefire strategy to supercharge your employee newsletters. You may already use tools like Mailchimp to send emails to your employees, but a true internal communications tool is far better-suited for gathering employee feedback with your newsletters.

Key takeaway: When designing your employee newsletter, the more you know about your audience the better you can tailor content for them. Use emoji reactions in your newsletter to let your employees voice their opinion.

4. Keep your employee newsletter short and sweet

Today’s employees are receiving 88 emails a day, so it’s key that your internal newsletter gets – and keeps – employee attention. Shorter sentences with simple, accessible language are your best bet.

Keep the employee newsletter clean and minimal with great email design, like this example from Stripo:

stripo template

(Click image for full-size view)

Key takeaway: Respect your employees time by giving them a newsletter that is quick to read and easy to understand. Organizing your newsletter effectively can help reduce the amount of text you need.


5. Use ContactMonkey to build community and recognize success

As you start to gather content and plan out the internal newsletter design, put yourself in the shoes of your fellow employees.

Mention any recent personal milestones or accomplishments, like birthdays, retirements, marriages, and pregnancies.

You can also create profiles for newly hired employees which can introduce them to the rest of the team.

Seeing content like this encourages employees to share with you, and make them feel that their personal life is just as important as the work they do.

ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder makes it super easy to create employee-centered internal communications:

new employee profiles screenshot

(Click image for full-size view)

Key Takeaway: Employees are the lifeblood of any business, so let them know how important they are by featuring them in your newsletter content!

6. Create stunning email with an email template builder

Using email templates will save you time designing your employee newsletters, which means you can focus your attention on gathering the content your employees want to see.

ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop template builder makes it ridiculously easy to customize an employee newsletter to your exact specifications. Start from scratch and build your own template, or choose from a number of our pre-made themes and templates:

email template screenshot(Click for full-size view)

Key takeaway: Consistency is key. ContactMonkey’s template builder can take the tediousness out of building your employee newsletter.

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7. Send reminders, alerts, and announcements

Sometimes there is information that every employee needs to know.

Employee newsletters can inform employees about work events, public holidays, new office rules, or even just birthday reminders.

Want to ensure your alerts and reminders get maximum engagement? Use ContactMonkey to set a Delay Send for your newsletters so that your employees receive them when they’re most likely to read them.

By keeping employees in the loop on what’s happening and how their work life is impacted, you will make them feel valued and appreciated, resulting in higher employee engagement.

Check out this example of an alert template created within ContactMonkey’s email template builder:

reminder email screenshot

Not only is creating alerts and reminders easy with ContactMonkey’s internal communications solution, you can also schedule these alerts with delayed email sending so you can maximize their reach.

Key takeaway: Keeping your employees apprised of what is happening within your organization will increase overall employee engagement. Communicate important information with alerts and reminders.


8. Always provide value to your employees

Your employees should want to read your newsletter. The employee newsletter is your opportunity to take important company and employee news and tie a bow around it.

Try these company newsletter ideas for topics:

  • Include business updates
  • Share employee news
  • Report industry trends
  • Provide links to the latest company blog posts
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Promote new customer stories or case studies

Make your newsletter an indispensable part of your employees routine. Consistently delivering important information in an easy-to-digest format is a surefire way to keep your employees’ attention.

Do you have an internal company blog? Feature a round-up of the top articles featuring employees, product launches and more within your internal newsletter.

company blog screenshot


Key takeaway: If you want to use the employee newsletter to increase employee engagement, get right to the point and provide only the most relevant information.

9. Use storytelling to entice your readers

There’s a reason why fiction is so popular: readers enjoy being taken on a journey when they read.

When writing your employee newsletter, make your employees the main character. Contextualize information based on who you’re sending emails to, and don’t be afraid to create a running theme for your communication.

Airbnb does a great job with their newsletter creating a reader-centric experience. The information is written with the reader in mind, so that they engage more closely with each entry:

airbnb newsletter screenshot

10. Have a key takeaways section for your employee newsletter

If your employees are the type to go right to the bottom of the page, hit them with a bulleted list summarizing the most important points made in the company newsletter. This is your insurance policy on getting the intended information across to your employees.

The Skimm does a great job of creating easy-to-digest bits of information in their newsletter. These short but impactful summaries entice the reader to seek more information.

Skimm screenshot

Key Takeaway: Even if you do everything right, you’ll still get skimmers. If you have some employee newsletter ideas floating around in your head, test it out with one of our experts.

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11. Measure your success with ContactMonkey’s campaign overview

Your newsletter can help you learn about how your employees engage with your newsletters. ContactMonkey’s internal communications tool can track email analytics like email opens and link clicks—even showing you each employee’s unique actions—as well as the location of those opening your newsletter, and which links are performing the best.

Here is what your Campaign Overview page looks like:

campaign analytics page screenshot(Click image for full-size view)

No more guessing whether your recipients are engaging with your newsletters. ContactMonkey’s internal communications tool gives you the data you need to determine what works best for your internal communications and what needs improving.

Key takeaway: Don’t let your hard work go to waste. With email metrics you can measure the effectiveness of your newsletter and gain valuable insight for increasing employee engagement.

12. Have a call to action (CTA) for each section of your employee newsletter

Call to actions sum up the newsletter information, and allow employees to easily get involved in company initiatives. Increase the amount of engagement you get with your email newsletter and get clever with contests or giveaways for your employees; make it worth their while!

CTA newsletter screenshot

Key takeaway: Employees like to know the “why” behind what they’re being asked to look at. Learn how to include CTAs in your employee newsletters using email templates.

13. Use aesthetics to emphasize key ideas

Mark your “money content” like case studies, customer testimonials, company information, and new product information with different fonts and formatting. And put it at the top of the newsletter! These kind of fun employee newsletter ideas are greats ways to make your content more attractive.

Famous Footwear uses handwritten fonts to draw readers attention. Aside from the title, this draws the eye in immediately.

styles newsletter screenshot


Key takeaway: Employee eyes get caught on the most important information. Variety in text will lower the chances of newsletter skimming.

14. Use infographics to get everything read

If it fits your context, don’t shy away from the chance to use a strong infographic. If your recipients open an employee newsletter chock-full of text, they’re going to either skim it or exit out of it because it seems overwhelming.

There are plenty of excellent graph and chart maker software on the market to make building engaging infographics a breeze.

An infographic that lists the topics covered with only necessary text with it can improve your employee engagement numbers.

Visually offers videos, infographics, reports, presentations and more. Below is an example for an animated holiday employee newsletter, perfect for rounding up company events and milestones at the end of the year.

Visually animated newsletter example

Key takeaway: Visuals and lists make employee newsletters easier to get through, and appear more brief than they actually are. Learn how to plan and create a stellar infographic.

15. Job postings and career development

It’s important to let employees know about any internal job postings. Even if they’re not applying for these positions, it’s a good newsletter idea as employees will want to know how your company is growing.

job postings newsletter screenshot

You can also help employees advance their careers by letting them know of any workshops, webinars, events your company is willing to pay for that they can attend.

A newsletter is a great way to inform employees about new development opportunities. Maybe even create a section of the newsletter dedicated to listing such opportunities? Your newsletter possibilities are endless.

Key takeaway: You can use ContactMonkey’s Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to gauge how likely your employees are to recommend internal job postings to friends and family. If your employees are sharing job postings, you can save time and money in your recruiting efforts.

16. Have fun with your company newsletter

Inject your own interests and personality by sharing things that you love that you might talk to employees about in regular conversations.

Include monthly book recommendations. Maybe start a book club in the process. Try including seasonal recipes (especially in months with major holidays), motivational quotes, or fun facts.

Damp Wine released this fun newsletter about various great entertainment spots around a certain location.



Key Takeaways: Your employee newsletter doesn’t need to be all about business. Include recurring featured sections to give employees something to look forward to each day.


Why You Should Be Using An Internal Communications Software

You want your content to look great all the time to grab your employees’ attention. Featuring various forms of content in your employee newsletters entices your readers to come back for more. Using ContactMonkey, you can take your employee emails to the next level and measure their success.

Monitor performance and track email analytics to learn how your audience responds to your content. With this information you can confidently refine and improve your newsletter content. Use ContactMonkey’s internal comms tool to ensure your employee newsletters are responsive and look great across all mobile devices and desktops.

Better content means more engagement. Give your content the boost it deserves with ContactMonkey.

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