Ever wondered how to boost employee engagement during the busiest time of the year? As an internal communicator, you’ll know that coming up with New Year and Holiday messages that resonate with employees during the holiday season requires tons of planning and work.

But you can choose to look at it differently. After all, everyone’s already in the holiday spirit, and if you can somehow learn to leverage this spirit within all your New Year and Christmas messaging, you’ll be able to boost employee engagement.

Luckily for you, we have some tips to help you stay on track with your internal communications messages, effectively leverage the holiday spirit and boost employee engagement.

Here are 5 ways for you to ensure your communications messages resonate with employees during Christmas and New Year!

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Internal Comms Holiday Messaging: 5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

1) Plan in Advance to Boost Employee Engagement

christmas messages to boost employee engagement

For starters, make sure you plan everything way ahead of schedule to ensure you’re able to clearly communicate your year-end goals to employees well in advance.

Secondly, if as an internal comms professional you’ve been suddenly tasked with the responsibility of creating an end of year Christmas party for employees, you need to ensure you plan ahead so that intricate details such as budget, venue, food, dietary restrictions of employees etc. are all taken into account. Last minute party planning is unlikely to go well.

Planning your Christmas and New Year’s communications well in advance will also ensure you’re able to align your holiday messaging to your business’s objectives and your strategic communication plan.

If you’re confused about what employees expect during the holiday season, run a poll or a survey in advance before you make any detailed plans.

2) Boost Employee Engagement by Involving All Employees

If you truly wish to boost employee engagement, you’ll have to get all employees involved in the Christmas comms planning process!

Talk to other departments to see if there are employees from each department who can help you plan fun ideas and come up with creative Christmas messages.

One of the best ways to get employees involved is by creating a fun Christmas video that speaks to your company’s values, culture and employee engagement.

Check out this brilliant video by SpottyDog Comms, where they’ve created a fun Christmas video involving all their employees singing a rendition of the infamous Christmas carol, 12 Days of Christmas!

What a fun way to ignite the holiday spirit and boost employee engagement through a creative comms campaign!

3) Introduce Christmas Games

If you don’t have the time or the budget to plan a lavish end-of-year holiday Christmas party, there are tons of low budget ideas to help boost employee engagement and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

How about creating a fun Christmas trivia night, where you can divide employees into various teams and quiz them on Christmas carols, famous Christmas movies and lots more!

Throw in a Christmas movie that you can screen afterwards or add in some Christmas caroling fun and you’ve got a perfect, low-budget holiday party right there!  

Alternatively, you could also put some internal influencers in charge of planning the office holiday party or implementing a fun gingerbread house building contest. Isn’t that a super fun way to boost employee engagement?

boost employee engagement during holidays

4) Awards Ceremony to Boost Employee Engagement

awards night-boost employee engagement

Instead of a games night or a holiday Christmas party, how about hosting a fun awards ceremony instead?

It’s a great way to showcase to employees that you appreciate the work that they do and it doesn’t necessarily have to be high budget.

According to Response, it can be as simple as rewarding employees on a Friday afternoon, coming up with fun awards such as “Most Creative Employee of the Year,” the “One with the Messiest Desk” or “Most Organized Employee,” etc.

You shouldn’t look to give awards according to performance or targets, but rather, come up with creative awards that reflect the unique personalities of each employee.

This can be especially helpful if your company has gone through any kind of recent disruptions and you’re unable to host a lavish party but want to still relay the message to your employees that they matter!

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5) Create a Fun Holiday-Inspired Employee Newsletter

If you’re really short on time and didn’t get to plan in advance, then you should simply strive to create a fun holiday employee newsletter that really stands out.

You can use a fun photo of your employees from your Christmas party last year, or use a recent one, showcasing all employees. Be sure to wish employees happy holidays and thank them for all their hard work.

If you have space in your newsletter, you can break down the content into different sections, showcasing your company’s year in review and all the accomplishments, events and targets achieved by your company during the course of the year. Here’s an example email geared towards customers to inspire you to create your own year-in-review employee newsletter:

happy-new-year-employee-newsletter-idea(Image Source)

Be sure to acknowledge the work of each employee and communicate clearly that none of this could have been achieved without them!

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You can make the employee newsletter stand out even more by deploying interactive elements such as GIFs. Check out the interactive Christmas newsletter below. Isn’t it a great way to give your employees a gift within the employee newsletter?

employee-newsletter-gift-just-for-you(Click here to view the full interactive email)

If you want to dial up the appreciation, consider incorporating a video into your employee newsletter, where the CEO of the company wishes all employees happy holidays, acknowledges their hard work throughout the year and thanks them for their dedication to the company.

If you’re looking for email newsletter inspiration for New Year’s and Christmas, check out this blog post for some great newsletter examples.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to personalize all your holiday employee newsletters, by addressing each employee with their first name within the subject line and body of the email. With the ContactMonkey Internal Comms tool, you can easily segment employee distribution lists and personalize each email!

Oh, and if you’re looking for employee newsletter templates, you can use our easy to use drag and drop email builder to create beautiful, responsive HTML employee newsletters in minutes!


So, there you have it! 5 tips to up your internal comms game during the holiday season and amp up employee engagement! Do you have any tips that have worked for you in the past? Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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