Brilliantly simple event management through Outlook and Gmail

Simplify planning, engage attendees, and analyze outcomes with ease from a single platform.

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Build and track events from your inbox

Transform your employee events into unforgettable experiences. ContactMonkey helps you plan, manage, and coordinate events right from your inbox—so you can drive employee engagement the easy way.

Centralized event planning

Event planning made easy for employee experiences. Simplify the logistics of events, from invites to insights.

Efficient communications

Send event invitations, updates, and reminders to employees, ensuring everyone is informed and engaged.

Data tracking and analysis

Collect data on event attendance, feedback, and engagement to inform post-event analysis and improvement.

No more last-minute scrambles

Build events from your Outlook or Gmail. Everything from dates, locations, and times to event descriptions and registration forms—without last-minute frustrations.

Supercharge your engagement

Seamlessly embed events into your newsletters to captivate your employees’ attention and drive increased event attendance. Empower them to access event details directly from their email, resulting in higher response rates.

Track RSVPs and boost event ROI

Measure event success by tracking employee registrations and make real-time adjustments to allocate your resources effectively. Use this data for informed decision-making in future event planning, content, and communication strategies

Reclaim your time

No more missed webinars or overlooked conferences. Automatically add events to your employees’ calendars, streamlining the process from start to finish.

Drive continuous improvement

Collect valuable feedback and insights through ContactMonkey. Seamlessly create surveys and engage with your employees to evaluate satisfaction and fine-tune future events.

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Ann Hoevel

Director of Communication, Georgia Tech

“We live and breathe for the Event Management feature. It makes planning events so easy and we love that it syncs with our calendars.”

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