In this blog, we examine Mailchimp alternatives for creating an internal newsletter or an employee newsletter. We’ve highlighted some of the main features of each email newsletter tool so you can gauge which one is best suited for your internal communication needs.

Creating an internal newsletter for various employee lists is hard work! When most people think of email newsletters, using Mailchimp for internal communications is almost always the default response.

But have you considered other Mailchimp alternatives out there that may be cheaper or might better fit your needs as an internal communications professional?

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Should I Use Mailchimp for Internal Communications?

This is a question many IC folks ask when considering Mailchimp for internal communications. The truth is, while MailChimp is awesome for external marketing, it’s not ideal for internal communications.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use Mailchimp for internal communications:

  • Your internal emails will be coming from Mailchimp’s servers rather than your own company email.
  • If you’re using Mailchimp for internal communications, your internal email is more likely to end up in the Spam folder.
  • You are forced to leave Outlook to create your employee newsletter.
  • Mailchimp creates a web version of your internal company newsletter which means good-bye privacy!
  • If you’re using Mailchimp for internal communications, you can’t get rid of the “unsubscribe button.” This means employees may click unsubscribe and miss out on important company announcements.
  • You can’t collect employee feedback within your email, for example, with pulse surveys, Like buttons, social reactions and star ratings.

Although Mailchimp has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to creating email newsletters, there are several other Mailchimp alternatives you should consider for your internal emails.

Let’s go over them, shall we?

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Disclaimer: While Mailchimp and many of the other Mailchimp alternatives discussed in this list can be great for tracking employee engagement, sending professionally designed newsletter templates, list segmentation and analytics, bear in mind that these tools have been designed specifically for external marketers.

For internal comms pros with the goal of increasing employee engagement, we strongly feel that tools such as ContactMonkey are much better suited.

Creating an Internal Newsletter Using Mailchimp Alternatives for Internal Communications

1) ContactMonkey


Our new email template builder enables you to choose from and edit dozens of beautiful templates — or make your own using easy-to-use drag and drop content blocks.

The ContactMonkey Email Template Builder coupled with your Outlook and Gmail Mail Merge tool truly gives you the best of both worlds: the power of the cloud without having to leave Outlook or Gmail to send and track beautiful, responsive internal emails.

From basic to more advanced templates, you can access pre-built templates and customize them as you like. No more boring plain text emails!

Import Your Template: Couldn’t decide from the dozens of templates we provide? No problem, you can still import your favorite HTML templates. Win-win.

Drag-and-drop Tools: Quickly add files to your email by dragging and dropping files from your computer. They’ll also be copied into an “uploads” folder in your tool for safekeeping.

Track your email metrics: You can track who opened your email newsletter, when, at what time and on which device by analyzing opens and link clicks.

Add Social Reactions, Employee Comments and Pulse Surveys: Add social reactions, pulse surveys, star ratings and employee comments to create an interactive email template and gather employee feedback in real-time, with just one-click. You can see all results and employee comments live on your dashboard! 

ContactMonkey seamlessly plugs into your Outlook or Gmail and is the best option from this list primarily because you never have to leave Outlook or Gmail!

You can easily send your emails to your existing employee Outlook distribution lists or Gmail contact groups.

It’s also specifically designed for internal comms pros in mind and there’s no unsubscribe option for your employees.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

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2) Constant Contact

Much like MailChimp, Constant Contact is a popular option in the email marketing world for those looking to create email newsletters.

Here are a few reasons internal communications professionals may want to consider this as one of their top MailChimp alternatives:

Manage your employee lists: Internal comms pros, this feature is extremely handy when it comes to managing large employee lists. You can easily have a number of different employee lists in Constant Contact and add tags to your various lists.

Create beautiful emails: Just like MailChimp, Constant Contact also has tons of email templates that can be customized to create your own unique employee newsletter.

You can upload five images for free and also have access to free stock images that you could use within your internal newsletter.

Responsive email design: With their email preview feature, you can easily view your company newsletter to see how it looks on your mobile device and on your desktop before you hit send.

Mobile responsiveness is important and if you’re confused on why it matters, we encourage you to check out this blog on the importance of email responsiveness.

Constant Contact stands out as a great MailChimp alternative primarily because it has a higher deliverability rate than MailChimp does. Do bear in mind though that it will have an unsubscribe button and you’ll have to create a new employee list within their platform since you can’t use your Outlook distribution lists.

Check out the video below to gain a full understanding of how to use Constant Contact to create your company newsletter.


3) Campaign Monitor

When thinking of great MailChimp alternatives, Campaign Monitor deserves a place in this list due to its affordable pricing and easy-to-use features. Here are some reasons why I like this MailChimp alternative:

Choose from dozens of newsletter templates: Campaign Monitor offers a wide array of beautiful email templates that you can easily customize for your employee newsletters.

User-friendly interface: Much like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor has an easy to use, drag and drop interface that offers a wide range of different fonts.

Personalize your email campaigns: Personalization is an important facet of email marketing campaigns that internal comms pros need to adopt as well.

By using the personalization features in Campaign Monitor, you can insert your employee’s first and last name into the subject line of each email you send out. Again, bear in mind that you’ll have to deal with the unsubscribe button and the possibility of employees opting out. 

If you’re wondering how to use a ready made email design in Campaign Monitor and tweak it to fit your needs, check out the video below:

4) Moosend

Although lesser known, Moosend is one of the best MailChimp alternatives out there when it comes to creating employee newsletters with ease. Here’s why:

Drag and Drop Campaign Editor: No need to worry about having design skills. Using the drag and drop feature, you can easily design beautiful internal newsletters with ease.

Real-time analytics: Track every email campaign sent to gauge employee engagement by analyzing opens and link clicks.


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5) GetResponse

When assessing brilliant MailChimp alternatives, one of the main reasons I’ve chosen GetResponse for this list is because it offers a number of special features that may be of interest to internal communications professionals:

Webinar editor: If you are in charge of creating training videos for company wide policies and procedures, you may benefit from using GetResponse’s webinar features.

Use the webinar editor to create training videos for your employees.

You’ll be able to easily track which employees registered for the webinar and which ones attended live so that you can gauge employee engagement levels in your organization.

Free access to iStock photos: GetResponse is an easy tool to use when creating employee newsletters because of its simplistic design and access to dozens of free iStock photos.

Send your campaigns in different languages: This is a great feature to have for your internal newsletter especially if you’re handling different employee lists with branches that may operate in different countries.

To learn how to create and send an email marketing newsletter via GetResponse, watch the video below:

6) ConvertKit

When assessing MailChimp alternatives, ConvertKit is worth considering when thinking about creating your internal company newsletter.

Here are a few reasons why it’s on this list of top MailChimp alternatives:

Create targeted email campaigns: With the ability to manage various lists, ConvertKit can enable you to create different segmented lists (for example you could create segmented employee lists based on location, age, cultural traits etc).

Resend to those who haven’t opened your emails: Do you find it frustrating when you send an email to subscribers, but not everyone opens it?

ConvertKit allows you to resend your email to those groups who didn’t open your initial email. This means fewer people are missing your important company announcements. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Analyze email metrics: Easily analyze important stats such as open rates, clicks, conversion rates and more.

For a comprehensive overview, check out this video by Email Tool Tester reviewing ConvertKit:


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7) Chamaileon

Chamaileon is a good alternative to the MailChimp editor if you’re looking to create an internal newsletter template.

Here are a few reasons why:

Built-in email templates: You’ll have access to 100+ built-in email templates and can also utilize 1000+ templates blocks to build your emails.

Easy collaboration with team members: You’re able to invite multiple users to your account so if you have a designer on your team and want feedback from them, this will make the production process much easier.

No rendering issues: Ever noticed how Outlook newsletters often show an error message where your images are supposed to appear? Chamaileon templates are unlikely to cause such errors if you use them in conjunction with the ContactMonkey plugin. 

mailchimp alternatives for internal newsletter-chamaileon

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8) Venngage

If you’re looking to keep things incredibly simple, another good MailChimp alternative is Venngage’s newsletter creator for your internal newsletter. Here are a few features you’d be able to avail:

Choose from professionally designed templates: If you don’t have access to a designer on your team, you can easily choose from Venngage’s library of professionally designed email templates.

Make it visually appealing: You can add fonts, charts, graphs and much more when customizing your internal newsletter using Venngage.

You can also update the internal newsletter template to use your unique brand colours and logo.

After you’re done, you can simply download your newsletter template and send it via Outlook.

In order to make it responsive, make sure you have the ContactMonkey plugin installed. Our plugin ensures responsiveness so you can say goodbye to all rendering issues.

I personally like this company newsletter template that you can customize for your own internal newsletter. You can find tons of other company newsletter templates here.

venvenngage company newsletter

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9) SendInBlue

Although I personally find MailChimp easier to use, SendInBlue is still a great MailChimp alternative due to its exceptional social media tracking.

It’s also cheaper than MailChimp. Here are some other helpful features:

Powerful design tool: SendinBlue’s intuitive easy-to-use drag and drop interface will allow you to create employee newsletters with ease.

Segmentation options: Just as in MailChimp, you can manage your employee lists and target users based on region, country etc. so that you’re ensuring you’re catering newsletter content to your employees’ unique needs.

Detailed reporting: Evaluate the success of your campaigns by tracking relevant email metrics to gauge employee engagement such as opens, link clicks etc.

Check out this great video review of SendinBlue:

10) AWeber

One of the best and most popular MailChimp alternatives, Aweber has quickly taken the email marketing world by storm. Here are some reasons you may consider Aweber for your internal newsletter needs:

Drag and drop email builder: You can choose from pre-made custom templates and customize certain aspects to fit your brand using Aweber’s drag and drop builder.

Access their image gallery: Boost employee engagement by choosing photos from Aweber’s free stock gallery or upload and save your own images.

Extensive tracking capabilities: Just as with MailChimp and many of the other newsletter tools for external and internal newsletter creation, Aweber offers extensive email analytics so you can figure out which newsletter content resonated most with your audience based on the data.

You will have to be wary of the fact that due to the unsubscribe button, many employees may decide to opt out of your emails.

aweber-create an internal newsletter

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11) Stripo

When searching for internal newsletter creators or MailChimp alternatives, you may want to check out Stripo’s email editor for the following features:

Ready-made online templates: Stripo offers more than 220 free HTML email templates that you can customize and export (to Outlook 365 using ContactMonkey) or to more than 30 types of email service providers.

Personalize your employee emails: By using merge tags when creating employee newsletters, recipients will see their names in the subject line and body of the email and will be more likely to open the internal newsletter.

Stripo markets their templates to beginners, professionals, agencies and designers. And these templates work great for your employee newsletters as well.

Check out this blog post from their website on creating internal company newsletters.


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12) MailerLite

MailerLite is a young contender on the market and an excellent MailChimp alternative. With regards to its newsletter tool, here are the main features you may be interested in if you’re looking to create an internal newsletter for employees:

Drag-and-Drop Newsletter Editor: No design skills necessary. Just like with MailChimp, all you have to do is simply drag email blocks and put them where you want.

Dynamic Content: Take personalization to the next level by dynamically targeting email blocks to specific employee lists.

MailerLite is certainly worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for a seamless drag-and-drop builder for your employee emails.

MailerLite mailchimp alternative

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13) Robly

Robly has recently emerged as a great MailChimp alternative as well. It may be worth checking out for the following reasons:

Tons of free mobile optimized templates: You don’t need to worry about email responsiveness with Robly. You can go through hundreds of their mobile friendly templates and choose the ones you think would be a good fit for your internal newsletter.

Tailored email template: You can take a ready-made template and ask the Robly team to customize it to match your branding and colours for $149.

For a step by step tutorial on how to use Robly to create an email newsletter, check out the video below:

14) Newsletter2Go

Newsletter2Go is another possible Mailchimp alternative you may want to consider for your employee newsletter because of the following features:

Employee list management: If you’re serious about sending targeted employee emails to segmented employee lists according to geographical location, department, branch etc, Newsletter2Go can help.

It comes with granular segmentation options that may be helpful for you to track and gauge employee engagement.

Great Reporting Features: Extensive analytics are provided (e.g., email clients used and click map data).

Alongside customizable click and opening data, there is also the option to run analyses by segments.

mailchimp alternatives for internal newsletter

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As you can see from the above examples, there are tons of email marketing software and tools designed for large as well as small businesses.

Each of the above email marketing tools have unique features that may be useful for internal communication professionals as well.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that newsletter tools such as Mailchimp are primarily designed for external marketing purposes.

Internal communicators may find the email analytics, list management and template builder options helpful for creating employee newsletters but they’ll have to leave Outlook and won’t be able to get rid of the “unsubscribe” button.

We recommend using a tool such as ContactMonkey, that is specifically designed for internal communicators.

With our tool, you can easily send responsive emails to all your employee distribution lists without having to worry about leaving Outlook! It’s a win-win, isn’t it?  

Let us know which tools you’ve used for your employee newsletters in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

If you enjoyed reading this piece, you’ll find it helpful to read up on the war between ContactMonkey and MailChimp. After you’re done with that, you may be interested in learning how to use our email template builder for your internal emails in Outlook. Be sure to also check out our popular piece on how to send responsive HTML employee emails from Outlook.

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