Employee Newsletter Content Ideas for Every Month of the Year

Want to create engaging, relevant content for your employee newsletters? Here are some of the best content ideas for every month of the year.

Crafting great content for your employee newsletter is a challenge, especially when you’re trying to keep it fresh and exciting month after month. If you’re struggling with ideas, leveraging seasonal themes and holidays can help you find relevant, timely topics to connect with your team.

In this post, we’ll provide a variety of creative employee newsletter content ideas and occasions you can mark for each month of the year in your content calendar. From New Year’s resolutions to summer fun BBQs, these suggestions will help you inspire, inform, and engage your employees throughout the year.

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Best Employee Newsletter Topic Ideas Month by Month

Tailoring your employee newsletter content with relevant topics for the month gives your employees a good reason to anticipate your newsletter. Also, shouting out different cultural practices and holidays throughout the year is a great way to ensure everyone feels included and recognized.

Here are some of our best ideas for topics, holidays, and occasions you can mark in your employee newsletter editorial calendar:

January employee newsletter ideas

Here are some employee newsletter ideas for winter that you can start implementing in January.

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
    • Send your employees a Happy New Year Message!
    • Invite employees to share their New Year’s Resolutions or create company-wide New Year’s challenges!
    • Sending out a weekly newsletter? Consider tracking employee progress on resolutions throughout the month (or even further!)
  • Alternate New Year’s and other holidays
    • Remember to be inclusive of employees who celebrate holidays outside of the Gregorian calendar! 
    • Orthodox Christmas January 7th
    • Orthodox New Year January 14th
    • Chinese New Year falls on a different day every year but is always between January 21 and February 20. 
  • National Clean Off Your Desk Day – second Monday in January
    • It might not be a real holiday, but it’s a great opportunity to get employees off on the right foot for a new year! 
    • Invite employees to submit before and after photos of their desk cleaning and vote on their faves through newsletter pulse surveys.

February employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in February:

  • Black History Month
    • Organize a volunteer day with a Black-led nonprofit organization or announce a team lunch catered by a local Black-owned restaurant. 
    • Provide educational resources and events related to local Black history and culture.
    • Highlight the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Valentine’s Day
    • Send a virtual valentine to employees.
    • Invite employees to share stories of workplace friendships or work spouses.
    • Let employees know of any planned virtual or in-office Valentine’s Day events.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17th
    • Encourage employees to perform random acts of kindness for their colleagues. Share stories of kindness within the company. 
  • Chinese New Year – dates vary
    • Incorporate information about Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations into your newsletter. Hand out lucky bright red envelopes (紅包, hóngbāo) to recognize all employees.
  • Ramadan – dates vary
    • Note: Ramadan does not take place on the same date every year but will start on either February 28th or March 1st in 2025.
    • Encourage a spirit of understanding and inclusivity by sharing information and education about the significance and traditions of Ramadan. 
    • Provide tips for non-Muslim employees on how to support their colleagues during this time.
    • Promote volunteer opportunities and acts of charity, as giving is a significant aspect of Ramadan.

March employee newsletter ideas

Here are some employee newsletter ideas for spring that you can start covering in March.

  • International Women’s Day – March 8th
    • Spotlight inspirational female employees and leaders in your company. 
    • Promote events and initiatives supporting women’s rights and empowerment.
  • National Employee Appreciation Day – first Friday in March
    • Send out an employee spotlight to thank workers who have gone above and beyond. 
    • Share messages of gratitude from leadership.
    • Offer employees some kind of reward linked from your newsletter.
  • Daylight Savings – second Sunday of March
    • Remind employees to get ready for the time change. 
    • Note: daylight savings is not observed on the same date universally, check to see if employees in different time zones have different daylight savings dates. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th
    • Change your newsletter colours to green to mark the occasion!
    • Share fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day and its history. 
    • Encourage employees dress festively, share some green beverages, and take lots of photos!

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April employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in April:

  • April Fool’s Day – April 1st
    • Feeling ambitious? Try sending out an entire joke newsletter! Just make sure that the joke is lighthearted, obvious, and not at anyone’s expense. 
    • Feature photos and stories of in-office pranks pulled by employees on leadership. 
  • Earth Day – April 22nd
    • Promote green initiatives and eco-friendly practices at work. 
    • Offer up tips for reducing environmental impact both at home and in the office. 
    • Highlight company sustainability projects and volunteer opportunities like beach clean-up outings.
  • Spring cleaning
    • Provide tips for organizing workspaces and digital decluttering. 
    • Create a spring cleaning challenge with prizes for the best transformations. 
    • Share before and after photos of a community clean initiative your organization sponsors. 

May employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in May:

  • Mental Health Awareness Month
    • Share resources and promote internal wellness policies. 
    • Remind employees of available mental health support, PTO policies, etc.
    • Encourage employees who are comfortable with it to share stories about mental health in the workplace.
  • Mother’s Day –  second Sunday in May
    • Feature stories from working mothers in the company
    • Keep in mind that the date for Mother’s Day is not universal! If you have an international workforce, make sure you acknowledge the correct day for various employee locations.
    • Highlight any company policies or benefits that support working parents.

June employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some summer employee newsletter ideas that you can cover in June:

  • Pride month
    • Organize a volunteer day for an LGBTQIA+ nonprofit organization. 
    • Share educational resources related to LGBTQ+ rights and awareness.
    • Highlight any diversity and inclusion efforts within the company. 
  • Father’s Day – Third Sunday in June
    • Feature stories and profiles of working fathers in your organization. 
    • As with Mother’s Day, the date for Father’s Day is not universal! If you have an international workforce, make sure to acknowledge the different dates. 
    • Highlight company policies or benefits that support working parents.
  • Summer Kickoff
    • Announce any upcoming summer activities and company events. 
    • Provide tips for making the most of your summer season. 
    • Remind employees about policies that affect work during the summer season (summer office hours, work-from-anywhere policies, vacation notice time needed, etc.)
  • Eid al-Adha – dates vary
    • Note: the date of Eid shifts from year to year, but will fall in June in 2025. 
    • Teach employees about the significance and traditions of Eid al-Adha.
    • Share recipes for traditional Eid cuisine or ask employees for recommendations for local restaurants that serve traditional Eid meat dishes.

July employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in July:

  • Mid-year update:
    • As the year reaches the halfway point, consider updating employees on the progress of their annual metrics, goals, and OKRs. 
    • Celebrate achievements, adjust for potential roadblocks, and inform employees of what’s to come in the next quarter.
  • National Ice Cream Month
    • Host an ice cream social or virtual event. 
    • Create a poll or competition for employees to vote on their favorite flavors.
  • Summer Vacation Tips
    • Encourage employees to prioritize work-life balance. 
    • Share tips for balancing work and relaxation during the summer.

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August employee newsletter ideas

Here are some employee newsletter topics for August that can help transition employees into the end of summer.

  • Summer Wellness
    • Share advice on staying active and healthy during the summer.
    • Add an employee wellness survey and highlight any wellness programs or initiatives within the company. 
    • Host a healthy snack social for your employees. Bonus points if you can do it outside! Send out the invite and pictures through your newsletter.
  • Back to School Preparedness
    • Provide tips for employees with children returning to school.
    • Run a playful back-to-school style photo spread with employees returning from vacation. 
    • Highlight any company policies or benefits that support working parents.

September employee newsletter ideas

Employee newsletter ideas for fall that you can kick-off in September include: 

  • Labor Day – First Monday in September
    • Celebrate the achievements of your workforce. 
    • Share stories and profiles of employees and their contributions. 
    • Highlight any company events or initiatives recognizing Labor Day.
  • Fall Preview
    • Share information about upcoming company events and initiatives for the fall. 
    • Provide tips for transitioning into the new season. 
  • Rosh Hashanah – dates vary
    • Educate employees about the significance and traditions of Rosh Hashanah.
    • Add links to recipes for traditional Rosh Hashanah foods, such as apples dipped in honey, and encourage employees to try them and send in pictures of their results.

October employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in October:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
    • Share crucial health tips for preventing and spotting breast cancer. Link to support resources related to breast cancer. 
    • Highlight any company initiatives or events supporting breast cancer awareness.
  • Yom Kippur – dates vary
    • Provide information about the significance and traditions of Yom Kippur. 
    • Encourage employees to reflect on the values of atonement and forgiveness in keeping with the season. 
  • Halloween – October 31st
    • Host a costume contest or themed event. 
    • Include an embedded employee survey to vote on the CEO’s or other team members’ Halloween costumes!
    • Encourage employees to share photos of their costumes and decorations.

November employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in November:

  • Movember
    • Promote men’s health awareness.
    • Feature photos of participating employees with regular mustache updates throughout the month.  
  • Daylight Savings – first Sunday in November
    • Remind employees to get ready for the time change. 
    • Note: daylight savings is not observed on the same date universally, check to see if employees in different time zones have different daylight savings dates. 
  • Winter Holiday season kickoff
    • Educate employees on the various holidays taking place over the following weeks and the traditions and significance of those holidays within their cultures.
    • Invite employees to share holiday highlights and traditions that they observe.
    • Send employee benefits communications to remind employees about relevant policies heading into the end of the year (holiday office hours and closures, vacation day rollover policies, etc)
    • Announce holiday events and volunteer opportunities.

December employee newsletter ideas

 Here are some employee newsletter topics that you can cover in December:

  • Year-end review
    • Reflect on a year of company achievements and milestones. 
    • Highlight leadership communication about the year’s successes and challenges. 
  • Winter wellness tips
    • Winter employee newsletter ideas could include advice on staying healthy during the colder months, both physically and mentally. 
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31st
    • Give employees tips for setting goals and resolutions for the new year. 
    • Reflect on the past year and share plans for the upcoming year, encouraging employees to share their own goals.

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