Why Employee Newsletters Are Important For Your Company

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Why employee newsletters are important for your company

An employee newsletter does more than just distribute information across your company—it drives employee engagement and productivity. Learn why internal newsletters are important for your company and how to get the most out of your email comms.

Too many employees start their day sorting through a torrent of emails—HR updates, leadership memos, training reminders, the list goes on. A robust employee newsletter eliminates email overload while driving employee engagement and business growth. 

Unlike plain old email, HTML employee newsletters can captivate and retain your employees’ attention with intuitive design, engaging media, and interactive elements. 

Read on as we break down 10 reasons why employee newsletters are important for your organization and how to maximize the benefits.

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10+ Reasons Why Internal Newsletters Are Important to Your Organization 

Employee newsletters are the most reliable channel for sharing updates on business initiatives and measuring employee sentiment—but they can do so much more. Here are ten reasons why employee newsletters are important for your business: 

1. Minimize email overload with an HTML employee newsletter template

According to McKinsey, the average employee spends 28% of the work day reading and answering emails. A key benefit of employee newsletters is that it can substitute dozens of these internal emails with one seamless digital memo. 

Employee newsletters minimize information overload by bringing together key company news and updates in one spot. With the help of HTML newsletter templates, you can create as many dedicated newsletter sections as you want for different teams, departments, and topics. 

Your organization can send fewer communications to employees overall and your staff can enjoy a less cluttered inbox. That’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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2. Improve team communication and alignment

One of the biggest benefits of a company newsletter is that it brings employees from different departments and locations to a single employee communications hub. Instead of exchanging information in siloes, sales staff can learn what the IT team is up to and marketing folks can catch the latest product updates.

Responsive email templates make this possible by allowing for a wide range of communications to coexist in one digital memo.

Here’s an example of a weekly company newsletter created with ContactMonkey:

With well-designed email templates, employee newsletters can accommodate everyone’s preferred message modality. Internal communications videos, images, surveys, and call-to-action buttons can all be embedded into your employee newsletter. 

3. Maximize employee engagement with multimedia and videos 

Another benefit of an internal newsletter: they’re more engaging than plain text emails! And guess what: companies with engaged employees see 59% less turnover

Unlike plain text emails, employee newsletters can include graphics, videos, GIFs, surveys and other multimedia elements. This makes it easy to create fun employee spotlights to introduce new staff, share company memes, or launch company-wide trivia to engage employees. 

4. Gain valuable employee insights with embedded pulse surveys

The importance of company newsletters also lies in their ability to gather employee feedback. HTML employee newsletters allow you to embed employee pulse surveys into any weekly memo, making it simple for employees to voice opinions and concerns without jumping through hoops.

Employees who feel like their opinions matter are more engaged in the workplace. Meanwhile, staff who get feedback regularly are 85% more likely to take initiative and make positive change.  

The latest employee newsletter tools have employee feedback features that make surveys more intuitive and engaging. These include emoji responses, thumbs up/down, eNPS ratings, and more:

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5. Strengthen company culture through customizable content

One of the key benefits of an employee newsletter is that they make showcasing company culture easy. When you create HTML newsletter templates, you can add absolutely everything a new hire needs to understand your company in one neat memo.

Onboarding checklists, IT video tutorials, and important paperwork sync together with images and videos of team events and company milestones. Moreover, new employees get to experience your company culture through the visual elements of your internal newsletter: the colours, logos, graphics, and design.

New hires can also take advantage of company newsletters to introduce themselves in a way that shows who they truly are. This self-expression and authenticity is instrumental in building bonds among employees and creating a strong company culture. 

6. Strengthen your company brand through captivating design 

The importance of internal newsletters also lies in their ability to clearly communicate your company’s vision and values—fostering a strong employer brand. Why does this matter? Because a trusted employer brand can reduce employee turnover by up to 28%. 

Unlike plain text email, an employee newsletter conveys employer brand both visually and textually. Your company brand and values shine through visual cues like internal newsletter design, colour schemes, and embedded media. 

A great example of strong company branding is Southwest Airlines—the company’s heart logo is a key visual element across their internal communications—a symbolic reminder of their motto— “showing heart.”

With an HTML newsletter template, you can customize your internal company newsletter with employer branding and signature design. ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder helps you save time by setting your brand colours and styles as default settings:

7. Improve employee performance through better training communications

Bulky plain-text emails with dozens of attachments don’t scream easy-breezy learning. A dynamic internal company newsletter makes employee training announcements less tedious and confusing for your staff. 

With an employee newsletter template, you can add training video tutorials, links to different modules, and even training event invites into one straightforward memo: 

Easier training means fewer knowledge gaps and more seamless workflows. Specifically, clearer communication of training opportunities ensures that employees have the know-how to perform their roles effectively—leading to improved performance and productivity.

8. Enhance customer service with better knowledge-sharing

Data shows that companies with great customer experience have almost two times more engaged employees than those with a record of poor customer experience. The reason is simple: an informed salesforce is better equipped to understand customer needs, pitch products or services effectively, and close deals. 

The importance of employee newsletters lies in providing a hub for everyone across the company to access product updates, market insights, sales tricks, and service knowledge. 

Unlike an intranet, where employees can get stuck in familiar channels, a company-wide newsletter encourages the whole company to share and learn from each other! 

9. Build trust with engaging leadership spotlights

Open communication and authentic feedback between management and employees is the backbone of organizational trust. 

With an HTML employee newsletter, you can create a designated leadership spotlight section. Here, company leaders can weigh in on key business updates in a bite-sized, low-stakes manner. 

An internal newsletter also makes the delivery of leadership messages more engaging. Your CEO can embed video messages or have fun with images of the company in its heyday to show how far you’ve come!

Not to mention, embedded pulse surveys and anonymous comments empower employees to share feedback directly with company leaders, promoting transparency and dialogue. 

10. Increase employee retention through employee recognition spotlights

A Deloitte study found that high-recognition companies have 31 percent lower turnover than companies with poor recognition cultures. 

One of the biggest benefits of an employee newsletter is that it can easily function as a company-wide kudos board. With responsive HTML templates, it takes seconds to create a vibrant employee recognition section that lives alongside your regular weekly updates. 

This sort of company-wide exposure of employee achievements and milestones fosters a sense of pride and belonging among staff. In addition, a Nectar survey of 1,800 employees showed that those who receive regular recognition are more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work. 

In turn, employee recognition can facilitate not just retention but company growth too! 

11. Boost employee productivity with accessible communications 

Spending 20 minutes trying to troubleshoot a software bug is a huge drain on your employees’ productivity. A well-crafted employee newsletter eliminates these productivity barriers by making information more accessible.

In your employee onboarding newsletter, you can send employees all the resources they’d need to succeed at your company— video IT tutorials, contact sheets, calendars, and more. Staff can search “onboarding” in their inbox and they have a toolset to troubleshoot any problem.

Given the limitations of a plain-text email (attachment size, restricted media, etc.) and the learning curve of an intranet, an employee newsletter has unrivaled accessibility when it comes to sharing resources that boost productivity.

12. Gain vital email analytics to optimize content

Unlike plain text emails, employee newsletters can gather a dozen different email analytics with the help of embedded elements. All those videos, buttons, and pulse surveys you add into your newsletter collect their very own engagement metrics. 

When you use employee newsletter software, you’ll be able to gain detailed insights on pulse survey response rates, the most popular newsletter button clicks, and even how highly employees rate your newsletter. 

These in-depth analytics will give you valuable insights about the effectiveness of every single part of your employee newsletter. In turn, you can make data-driven improvements with every send!

13. Deliver critical company information quickly

Last but not least: a big benefit of employee newsletters is that they make it easy to share critical company resources in a way that’s ultra accessible.   

You can create unique sections listing key company contacts for any emergency—from HR personnel to crisis managers. Embedded smart links and buttons can also be added to quickly send employees to the resources they need in any crisis scenario. 

To deliver effective crisis communications even faster, you can create dedicated crisis communications newsletter templates. When there’s an emergency, you simply open up your template and embed it into Outlook or Gmail—all the key resources are already prepped and ready to go!

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Conclusion: Your Company Needs an Employee Newsletter!

As you’ve probably discovered by now, an employee newsletter isn’t just a vehicle for sharing information at your company. It’s a tool for breaking silos, maximizing employee engagement, and ultimately boosting business performance.

Here’s a quick recap of why company newsletters are important for your business:

  • An internal employee newsletter consolidates all of your company updates into one easily accessible memo, saving time and reducing email overload.
  • Employee newsletters allow you to add interactive and multimedia content that drives employee engagement. 
  • Newsletters can optimize employee training, productivity, and retention by making company information more accessible and engaging. 
  • The benefits of an employee newsletter extend to customer experience and sales revenue. An employee newsletter removes silos and makes space for knowledge-sharing and troubleshooting, which makes it easier to deliver quality customer service. 
  • Company newsletters make it easy to foster open communication between leadership and employees.
  • Newsletters can also communicate in indirect ways, through design and visuals. This helps businesses strengthen their employer brand and communicate company values in more ways than one. 
  • In short, an employee newsletter isn’t just a memo—it’s a game-changer for productivity, engagement, and company culture.

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