There are so many email management software choices that figuring out which one to use for internal communications can be daunting. Use this list of “must-have” features when considering the best email management software for your team.

Managers want to communicate with their employees in the most effective and efficient ways, and email is the best way to do that. After all, it’s the most popular channel for internal communication, according to the Global State of Internal Communications 2020 Report, with 95% of respondents citing it as their “primary communication channel.”

So you know you need to send emails, but with the variety of tools available today, how do you choose the best email management software?

Whether you’re an internal communications manager, employee engagement lead, or an HR manager, you need the right functionality in an email manager to meet your business’ unique internal communication needs. So here’s a list of what to look for when choosing the best email management software for your organization.

It Integrates with Your Current Setup

You don’t want to continuously jump between your email management software and another site that you have to feed email addresses and other content into. The best email management software allows you to use your current setup to deliver messages to your existing email lists.

External email management software, like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, is built for marketers — not internal communicators. It’s designed to convert subscribers into customers, but what you need is a simple and effective way to communicate with employees.

That’s where ContactMonkey comes in. It integrates directly into your Outlook or Gmail, which means you can use existing email lists and send employees messages and newsletters from one place.

contact monkey email integration

To learn more about how ContactMonkey is right for you, take a look at the comparisons between the services provided by us vs. Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

It’s Customizable

Your chief priorities are to manage internal communications and improve employee engagement — not design email campaigns. So you need an email management tool that’s not only customizable but also intuitive.

ContactMonkey makes this a cinch with its drag-and-drop email template builder. Jump-start your emails by selecting a beautifully designed template and then adding, removing, or editing any aspect of the template to create an original design that’s unique to your brand.

You can also add multimedia elements to your emails, including video and customized HTML code. And, before you click send, easily preview the content on desktop and mobile to ensure it looks perfect on every device.

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It Saves Time

You’ve got a lot on your plate, so the last thing you need to do is learn how to use email management software. And you certainly don’t want to waste valuable time and then repeat your efforts in another email client.

The best email management software saves you time while increasing your productivity, and ContactMonkey was designed to do exactly that. But don’t take it from us — read what our customers, such as Kate Kraley, marketing communication specialist at global manufacturer METTLER TOLEDO, have to say.

Kraley was using an HTML builder, Outlook, and Mailchimp to create an e-newsletter to connect the company’s more than 15,000 employees. As a result, she spent about eight hours a week simply working on one email.

But once Kate moved the company to ContactMonkey, she reduced those three tools to one, creating a simpler process that took much less time.

“Once I started using ContactMonkey, I realized I was able to save 4 hours of work a week, which translated to 25 days saved per year,” Kate said.

Read the full case study to learn more about how METTLER TOLEDO benefits from using ContactMonkey.

Amy Armstrong, senior communications strategist at the University of North Texas in Denton, saved her team three hours by switching to ContactMonkey. “The process is so much easier with ContactMonkey versus the way we were doing it previously,” she said. “It’s just much smoother.”

Read the full case study to learn more about how the University of North Texas benefits from using ContactMonkey.

It Measures Performance

Data is essential to every aspect of every business — without current, accurate data, you can’t make informed decisions. And it’s no different when it comes to the business of internal email communications. That’s why the best email management software allows you to track key results and analytics for all your emails.

email tracking


With ContactMonkey, you have access to a variety of important email analytics. You can track opens by campaign, as well as by individual employees’ email addresses, and you can easily identify your most engaging content, which can help you optimize your next campaign for better performance.

It Supports a Variety of Feedback

You can do much more than just measure email performance though — with ContactMonkey, you can also measure the health of your workplace through employee feedback.

Simply drag and drop emoji reactions, pulse surveys, and employee comment fields into any email to transform an internal newsletter into an open means of communication.

pulse survey email template

The benefit? In addition to giving you insight into the minds of your co-workers, providing regular feedback also creates happier, more productive employees — and it can improve your bottom line. A recent Gallup poll found that highly engaged teams have 21% greater profitability.

Disengaged employees, on the other hand, can cost companies up to $55 billion annually.

It’s Flexible

The modern workplace is evolving, and not every employee works in the same office anymore. They may be spread across a campus, throughout the region, or even in countries around the globe. These various employees and their teams often have to collaborate remotely and meet everyone’s information needs, so your email management software must be flexible enough to do just that.

The best email management software not only allows you to communicate with multiple email lists, but it also enables members of your team to build branded email content for various departments or branches.

Jessica Reyes, assistant director of communications at Widener University, uses ContactMonkey to quickly build email newsletters for various campus departments and mailing lists. ContactMonkey allows Jessica and her team to create branded email messages for three lists at three different university locations.

The software has been such a success that other Widener University departments, including the library and the human resources department, have adopted it. “We have offered this tool to other departments at the university that might want to publish newsletters,” Reyes said. “Some may have been doing this already through Mailchimp, or another service, but now they want to switch over to using ContactMonkey.”

Read the full case study to learn more about how Widener University benefits from using ContactMonkey.


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Choose the Solution that Best Serves Your Needs

All email software is not equal. The best email management software for your company is the one that saves you time, is easy to use, and delivers results on your communications.

So use the information above to determine how to best use email to enhance your company’s communications, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity. And consider ContactMonkey, the best email management software that empowers you to create, send, and track employee emails from both Outlook and Gmail.

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