Reach a Wider Audience Faster than Ever

Send and track internal emails to larger recipient lists, 16 times faster!

Reach thousands of employees in a single send

No longer be constrained by existing email-sending limits.

Easily send employee emails to over 10,000 recipients using CSVs, Distribution lists, Contact Groups, Security Groups, Universal Groups, O365 Dynamic Groups, O365 Groups, and Distribution lists with hidden membership.

Gmail or Google Groups users can send emails to more than 2,000 individuals in a single email send.

tracking individual email at scale - internal email click-through rate
Screenshot of distribution list selection within ContactMonkey.

Send emails at supercharged speed

Deliver internal emails to your employees up to 16 times faster than without using Email at Scale.

With this game-changing feature, campaign sends complete faster, and email tracking data is available sooner.

Get comprehensive email metrics for larger campaigns

Individual tracking metrics for large companies can take very long to collect.

Email at Scale will save you time by enabling email sends larger than the existing Outlook and Gmail limits, and collecting individual tracking data significantly faster than before.

email tracking contactmonkey
gmail merge field - emplo

Personalize large email sends

Email at Scale enables the personalization of emails sent to more than 10,000 recipients through Outlook or 2,000 recipients through Gmail.

Use merge fields to personalize the subject line and body copy of your larger email campaigns.

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