11 Best Employee Engagement Apps for 2024

Alex Cleary

Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged with their work is an ongoing process. Using an employee engagement app, you can connect with your employees easily and more frequently.

Employee engagement is an ongoing process. You won’t reach a point where you can say, “There, my employees are now engaged, my work is done.” Your effort has to be constant.

This is why employee engagement apps are a vital asset for internal communicators; these apps are a hands-off way to generate employee engagement and give you real data to act on.

We’ll break down the best employee engagement apps to help you accomplish your employee engagement goals, whatever form they may take.

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What are Employee Engagement Apps?

Employee engagement apps help your employees connect with your business. These apps can help employees communicate with one another, get important information, provide employee feedback, manage schedules, and more.

“Apps” can be both mobile and desktop-based. Choose the appropriate option depending on what you want to accomplish and what your workforce is like. For example, if many of your employees aren’t working at computers for the majority of their work, opt for a mobile app for employee engagement instead.

Employee Engagement Apps vs Software

There are all sorts of solutions for increasing employee engagement available for businesses. While we covered our top employee engagement apps, it’s important to distinguish between apps and software.

The key difference between an app and other software is adoption requirements. Apps are genuinely quick to pick up and start using, requiring minimal set-up and training. Software can be like this too, but it can also require training, set-up, updating, support, and an employee handbook Zwith instructions.

Consider how your workplace is configured before you choose an employee engagement app or software. Are your employees at their phones or computers constantly? Are they likely to engage with your surveys and feedback requests? Remember, effective employee engagement campaigns make employees want to give their feedback. Which platform, software or app, would your employees most prefer to use?

ContactMonkey vs. employee engagement apps

ContactMonkey is an employee engagement software that uses your internal communications to improve productivity and engagement. Compared to an app where employees are often responsible for downloading the app and staying up-to-date, ContactMonkey is used by just your internal communications department.

Using your Outlook or Gmail emails, you can send surveys and collect employee feedback with ContactMonkey’s responsive HTML emails. Your employees already regularly engage with their work emails, and ContactMonkey helps you maximize the benefits of that communication channel—without having your employees opt in to a new platform.

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11 Best Employee Engagement Apps

Our list covers apps that offer a variety of functions and benefits for your business. We suggest identifying specific employee engagement best practices and goals you want to achieve and then deciding on an app that best fits your plan.


What is it: Slack is a powerful communication app designed to keep employees in touch with their employer and each other. Using a channel-based chat interface, employees can organize their communications based on topic, send direct messages, share files, send frequency like recurring and asynchronous communications, and more.

Why we love Slack: With countless businesses adopting a hybrid-workplace approach, keeping remote employees engaged is critical. Slack’s easy-to-use interface and fun apps make it easy to connect with coworkers across the world and transition from return to work communications to regular everyday employee communications.

What Slack is great for:

  • Coordinating and communicating with coworkers 1-on-1 and in groups.
  • Sharing files and documents with each other.
  • Expansive capabilities with various plugins and Slack apps.
  • Groups, threads, and direct messages help communications stay organized.


What is it: Trello is a task management app that is great for organizing and scheduling work for your teams or departments. Using a unique board-style interface, Trello helps employees keep track of multiple tasks and makes it easier for managers to assign tasks.

Why we love Trello: Whether you’re on your phone or your laptop, Trello is easy to use and update. Their colour-coding system helps employees identify different tasks quickly, and managers can attach relevant-resources to tasks for employees to refer to.

Receiving emails whenever a Trello card is updated alerts employees of changes that need their attention.

What Trello is great for:

  • Scheduling projects and tasks, tracking their status, and providing feedback.
  • Sharing files and documents relevant to projects.
  • Keeping employees informed of the latest updates to their work.
  • Project management for remote teams.


What is it: Officevibe is an employee engagement app that helps you collect employee feedback and conduct surveys. Employee feedback is an important tool for measuring employee engagement, pinpointing areas for improvement, and understanding the importance of employee engagement.

Why we love it: Officevibe provides a sleek interface where administrators can track overall various employee engagement KPIs, employee feedback responses, conduct surveys, and more.

They offer several employee engagement activities your employees can participate in. Use Officevibe’s survey options to give your employees a fun way to share their opinions.

What Officevibe is great for:

  • Collecting feedback from your employees.
  • Measuring employee engagement.
  • Identifying inactive employees.
  • Tracking employee responses over time.
  • Creating and conducting employee surveys.


What is it: Todoist is a task management and scheduling app that helps users track all of their projects, meetings, and more.

Similar to Trello, Todoist allows you to categorize your tasks using a tag system, and when a task is complete you just click a checkbox to mark the task finished. However, Todoist offers a different visual presentation for their dashboard and a more date-based focus on task management.

Why we love it: Todoist’s analysis feature helps users track their productivity over time based on how many different tasks they have completed. Employees can gauge their overall productivity trends using this feature to get a better understanding of how they work.

What Todoist is great for:

  • Managing and scheduling work for yourself and your team.
  • Organizing different tasks and encouraging better time management.
  • Analyzing employee productivity trends and task completion rates.
  • Using a date-based scheduling approach.


What is it: Bonusly is an employee engagement app that incentivizes employees to recognize each others’ accomplishments. Employees give points to each other for good work, and those points can be exchanged for real-world prizes from Amazon, PayPal, Target, and more.

Why we love it: Employee engagement can suffer from employees feeling your initiatives simply aren’t worth their time.  Bonusly provides employees with material incentives for their involvement. This fun employee recognition idea can be a big motivator for employees to go the extra mile.

Bonusly integrates with your existing company apps like Slack so your employees can start giving each other recognition almost immediately.

What Bonusly is great for:

  • Encouraging employees to recognize each other’s contributions.
  • Incentivizing employees to go the extra mile.
  • Nurturing employee engagement for a remote workforce.
  • Increasing the number of employees regularly using your communication apps like Slack.


What is it: TINYpulse is an employee feedback app that helps you drive engagement via pulse surveys. Employees answer a 1 question survey once a week, which encourages completion.

Why we love it: Pulse surveys are a great way to build a culture of feedback with your employees. They can make these easy-to-complete surveys a regular part of their work schedule, which means you’ll be provided actionable feedback on a regular basis.

What TINYpulse is great for:

  • Sending quick and effective pulse surveys to your employees.
  • Building a feedback culture by regularly conducting pulse surveys.
  • Keeping feedback casual and making it easy for employees to respond.


What is it: Trivia is a great Slack app that gives your employees a fun way to interact with one another. Trivia offers employees a variety of different games that can be played within the Slack app.

Games like instant quizzes, true or false, word puzzles, pictionary, and more give employees something fun to look forward to when they log into Slack.

Why we love Trivia: Remote-work, like all work, can get monotonous sometimes. Small breaks in work are important for maintaining healthy employee engagement, and Trivia is a fun way to give remote employees a break while keeping them connected.

What Trivia is great for:

  • Adding some fun to everyday Slack communications.
  • Organizing team-wide or company wide games.
  • Helping remote employees stay connected with one another.
  • Icebreaker for new employees getting to know their coworkers in a remote work environment.


What is it: Honestly is an employee survey app aimed at saving businesses time collecting employee feedback. Their specially-designed surveys are easy to understand and customize, and are translatable into 25 different languages.

Employees can complete surveys from their email inboxes, or via Honestly’s employee engagement mobile app. They offer a wide range of different surveys and pulse surveys that can be designed to match your company’s branding.

Why we love it: The employee feedback you gather with Honestly can be analyzed via their reporting functions. Discover employee engagement trends over time, which locations or departments are most engaged, and more.

What Honestly is great for:

  • Designing and sending employee surveys and pulse surveys via email and mobile app.
  • Creating automated pulse surveys to make feedback a regular part of your company culture.
  • Analyzing engagement trends over time to discover strengths and weaknesses.


What is it: Energage is an employee engagement app that helps businesses conduct employee surveys, schedule pulse surveys, and improve your employer brand. Their platform includes a coaching section where managers can learn strategies for improving employee engagement.

Why we love it: Energage has a big focus on employee recruitment and retention. Their employee branding function helps you highlight positive feedback you’ve received from your employees, which you can use to improve your digital employee experience, including during employee onboarding. Feature content collected via employee feedback to build the strength of your employer brand:

What Energage is great for:

  • Conducting employee engagement surveys with ease.
  • Gathering employee feedback to strengthen your company culture.
  • Reaching all your employees with mobile surveys.
  • Improving your employer branding to attract top talent to your business.


What is it: Glint is a powerful employee engagement app that is focused on analyzing your employee feedback to look for actionable insights. Use Glint to conduct employee surveys, receive focused-feedback, sync employee and employer priorities, and more.

Why we love it: Glint helps businesses develop a culture of feedback by prioritizing the importance of employee feedback.

Employee feedback alone won’t improve your business; it’s what you do with it that matters. Glint helps you analyze your employee feedback to develop a rating system for employees and teams. These ratings help your employees see where they’re excelling and where they can improve:

What Glint is great for:

  • Collecting employee feedback via surveys.
  • Analyzing trends in survey responses and collect on-demand feedback.
  • Setting up warning systems for risks of employee disengagement or attrition.

Culture Amp

What is it: Culture Amp is an easy-to-use employee engagement app that shows you engagement insights based on employee engagement. Using their premade survey and action plan templates, you can quickly take a data-based approach to employee engagement to increase employee engagement productivity statistics and reduce employee turnover.

Why we love it: With Culture Amp, survey data can be visualized using heat maps to show different areas of engagement. You can also sort this data using different parameters like department and location.

Culture Amp’s analytics help businesses find when employees are at an increased likelihood of leaving. Employee feedback collected with Culture Amp can be used to help grow engagement and reduce turnover:

What Culture Amp is great for:

  • Gathering feedback using employee surveys to create an overall view of your employee engagement.
  • Combining engagement and performance data to identify employees at risk of leaving.
  • Visualizing survey data via sortable heat maps.
  • Employing action plans to fortify your employee engagement.

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How to Engage Employees Using ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey is an employee engagement software that uses your internal communications to drive productivity. Create, send, and track employee surveys, pulse surveys, eNPS surveys, and more from your Outlook or Gmail inbox:

Your survey responses, along with email tracking data like open rate and read time, are compiled within your analytics dashboard, where you can sort and track your employee engagement data:

ContactMonkey’s powerful employee engagement software is easy-to-use and helps businesses take a data-based approach to internal communications and productivity. Directly increase your email engagement with easy steps—like finding your best times to find employee emails. Your internal communications are how your employees engage with your business and each other; use that powerful resource to drive productivity.

Choose the Right App for the Job

Your employees and workplace pose unique challenges to increasing engagement. The right employee engagement survey app for your business is the one that best encourages your employees to contribute their feedback and opinions.

You can encourage your employees to contribute by acting on their feedback; so the right app for you is one that helps you organize and prioritize the employee feedback you receive.

By taking a data-based approach to employee engagement and retention, you can determine which of your initiatives resonate with your employees and focus on what works. This data can also be used to get leadership buy-in for your initiatives by proving the ROI of employee engagement.

Want to see how ContactMonkey can supercharge employee engagement at your organization? Book a free demo to see ContactMonkey in action:

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