Best Upcoming Events Email Templates with Examples

Mariya Postelnyak


Organizing a company event is no small feat. Make your life easier with an upcoming events email template.

From picking a venue to planning activities and sending invites, there are tons of elements that need to come together for an outstanding event. 

The perfect event invitation should communicate all the different details of your next event in one coherent format.

In this post, we’re going to show you what a great event invitation email looks like and provide you with email samples and templates for various types of events.

Free email templates: Event messaging made easy

Announce upcoming events with these email templates.

Why Create and Send Upcoming Event Emails?

A professional event invitation email lets employees know the “what,” “why,” “when” and “where” of your event. 

Use your event invite to inform employees about the event date and location, whether food and drinks will be served, the dress code, and any other relevant details. 

If you’re sending a virtual event invite, you’ll want to clearly highlight the tools involved (e.g., Zoom), any passwords needed, and other registration instructions.

Otherwise, your event invitation email is an opportunity to promote your event and gauge interest. 

How to Send Upcoming Event Emails Quickly

With ContactMonkey’s event management tool, you can embed invitations and registration forms directly into employee emails

Employees can RSVP to events with the click of a button, and immediately add it to their calendars. Meanwhile, internal communicators can see in real-time how many people RSVP to a given event and how close they are to their registration targets. 

Not every event invitation should be sent to every employee. Target specific groups of employees using ContactMonkey’s List Management feature to create custom email lists without needing approval from IT. Get more engagement on your event invitations and reduce the amount of irrelevant emails your employee receive with ContactMonkey

What to Include in an Upcoming Events Template

Writing an event invitation email isn’t tough, but it’s easy to overlook key details. Omitting important elements like your event location, Zoom links, and other key information can cause confusion. It might even discourage employees from attending your event. 

To ensure a seamless event rollout, we’ve created a checklist of key components that make up an effective event announcement email template.  

Here’s what you should consider when creating an email template for upcoming events:

A killer subject line

Employees are flooded with emails. If you want your event invitation email to stand out and be seen, make sure you have an eye-popping email subject line

Rule of thumb: use your subject line to highlight the most unique and interesting aspects of your event. Save the details for the content of your email and keep things brief, snappy, and straightforward. Here are a few extra recommendations:

  • Make sure that your subject line doesn’t exceed 60 characters. 
  • Test out using emojis in your subject linethey’ve proven to increase email open rates.
  • Convey urgency in your subject line.

Not sure what subject line you should use? Try ContactMonkey’s OpenAI ChatGPT integration to generate new email content and subject lines based on prompts you provide. Then simply customize the generated text for your audience.

Email banner and header

Your email banner design is one of the earliest opportunities to captivate your reader. The design should aptly represent your brand with imagery that supports your company identity. 

If you’re a splashy startup, include vibrant colours. Going for a more formal and serious brand tone? Opt for subtle shades and neutral palettes that allow your brand logo to pop. 

Prefer to leave the design to the experts? Try out ContactMonkey’s email design service for Outlook. Our design team will make you a killer branded design that’s sure to boost email engagement across the board. 

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Company logo and graphics

Company colors, logos, and graphics aren’t just ‘nice-to-haves’ when it comes to event invitation emails. They set the tone for your event and what your employees associate it with. 

With ContactMonkey’s default brand settings feature, it’s easier than ever to create branded emails. After you’ve created your email design, simply save the colours, logos, and other brand elements as default settings. No matter who’s taking over your internal communications, there’s always a consistent look and feel.

An enticing call to action (CTA)

The goal of event email marketing is to build interest in your event and drive registrations. So why beat around the bush? Make your event call to action (CTA) bold and prominent while using intentional placement for CTA buttons. 

In our email design guide, we explain the benefits of an F-shape internal email design pattern that creates a clear visual hierarchy for your email. In turn, it guides readers’ eyes across the page and to your CTA button at the end. 


Use eye-catching visuals in your internal email design to draw attention to your event invite. They can also give employees a sneak peek of what they can expect from your event and get them excited. 

Bold imagery and font choices persuade readers to learn more about an event and can serve to spotlight key words and details pertaining to your announcement. 

We also recommend looking back at previous team-building events and incorporating any photos from those meetups into your event invitation emails. It’s a quick, simple way to give employees a preview of the event and remind them why they should attend.

Engaging text layout

How you structure your event details is vital. If you jam paragraphs of text into a single page, few will read past the initial sentence. Needless to say, how you structure and organize your event invitation email text will play a big role in event engagement. 

Choose an event email invitation template that breaks down your text into digestible paragraphs and keeps things simple, clean, and to the point. 

With ContactMonkey’s email builder, you can choose from dozens of email template layouts or build your own design using our drag-and-drop text boxes.

Best Upcoming Events Email Templates to Use and Adapt

Now that we’ve brused up on event communication best practices, let’s take a look at some sample event templates. You can copy the event message examples that we’ve listed below across your own communications or start using them immediately with a ContactMonkey account. 

1. Team-building event

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! Our team is getting together for some face time (and not the virtual kind).

Our team-building event will be (drum roll please) a boat part on the high seas (or lakes, in our case).

Here’s what to expect…

  1. We’ll be meeting at 10:00am sharp on the lakeshore docks.
  2. The captain will assign each team member a task.
  3. The yachts race each other as everyone on each boat does their assigned jobs.
  4. After the race, the leading boat sails towards a location (TBD) where we’ll tie up the boats and hang-out with the option to move from one boat to the other.

Who’s invited?

EV-ER-Y-ONE. This event is not reserved for only our GTM team and I’d LOVE to see faces from all over our company (and that means you IT). 

Will there be food and drinks? 


We hope to see you there! 

[Click to Register button] 

See ya, 

ContactMonkey Team

2. Product Launch Party Email Invitation Template

Hey [Name],

Are you in on the news? [Company name] has a big announcement to make! 

On [Date and time], we’ll be launching our [Insert new product or service name] LIVE at [Location].

Don’t miss the grand reveal – RSVP today! [Registration button]


The ContactMonkey Team

3. Town Hall Invitation Email Template

Hey Team, 

Our [weekly/monthly/bi-weekly/annual] Town Hall is fast approaching!

For those who need a refresher, a company Town Hall is a time for you to learn about: 

  • The health of [company name]
  • New people, anniversaries, and promotions
  • Product launches
  • Major milestones that are deserving of a shoutout 
  • Roles we’re hiring for 
  • Flashy new customers 

Come prepared with any notes/questions you want to share with the rest of the team and don’t forget to have your camera on.

Zoom link: [Insert zoom link].

We hope to see you there!


ContactMonkey Team

4. Holiday event

Hi Team,

It’s that time of year!

As we head into the holiday season, we want to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous work and effort over the year. 

To celebrate [Company name]’s achievements and kick off the holiday season in style, we’ll be throwing our annual holiday bash on [date] at [location]. You can RSVP here [Embedded hyperlink] if you don’t want to miss out on tasty treats, prizes, and a surprise or two! 

Season’s Greetings to you, your families, and communities.


Management Team

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How to Create an Upcoming Events Email Using ContactMonkey

Creating an event planning email template is simple—when you use ContactMonkey. Let’s go through the process step by step:

Step 1: Sign in to your organization’s ContactMonkey account to access your user dashboard and the email template library. Not registered yet? Start your free trial to see how it works. 

Step 2: Choose an email template where you’d like to embed your event invitation. ContactMonkey offers a library of pre-set upcoming events newsletter templates. You also have the option to customize your own using a simple drag-and-drop email builder (zero coding required).

Step 3: Select the “event invitation” element from your email builder menu and drag it into your email template. It’s that simple. You’ll also be able to add an event title and relevant details all in the same place. 

Step 4: Finish and save your email template. Once you’re satisfied with how your template looks and have added design elements like brand colours, graphics, surveys and videos you’re ready to go.

Step 5: Embed your company event email template into Outlook. Simply go to your Outlook account, click the ContactMonkey icon in your Outlook ribbon menu and you’ll have access to your ContactMonkey sidebar. From here, you’ll be able to search for, select, and embed your corporate event email template. 

Step 6: You’re ready to send. Set your email tracking preferences to individual or overall tracking, preview your email, and when you’re satisfied, hit Send!

Managing your event

Once your email inviting employees to an event is delivered, access your ContactMonkey dashboard to track RSVPs and manage registrations. You’ll get a  list view of your scheduled events, so you can track registrations across all live company events.

When to Send an Upcoming Events Email

The best time to send an upcoming event email is when employees are most engaged. Mondays are generally a great day to send out your first event announcement email. Employees can start off the week knowing which events are coming up and organize their schedule accordingly. 

Later on, you’ll want to send a reminder email for upcoming events to make sure employees remember to attend. This can be sent a week before the event and the day before. 

You might also want to send an internal SMS reminder to employees on the day of the event to ensure no one’s forgotten about the meetup in the hustle and bustle of the workday. 

ContactMonkey’s internal communications system combines email and SMS in one, allowing you to reach employees on their phones in addition to emails. This eliminates opportunities for your event invites to slip through the cracks.

Best way to build engaging employee newsletters

To determine the precise best time and frequency for sending your event invitation emails, it’s best to use an email tracking and scheduling tool. 

This type of software enables you to A/B test different email sending times and frequencies to determine when engagement is the highest. 

Write Better Emails for Employees with ContactMonkey

Interested in exploring more professionally crafted email samples for various employee messaging scenarios? We have additional resources available:

Use ContactMonkey to Create Engaging Event Invitations

An upcoming events invitation email should generate enthusiasm for the event while also providing clarity and accessibility when it comes to registration. In other words, you want to convince readers to attend and make it easy to do so. 

The best way to accomplish this: send your event invite from the place your employees already rely on the most⁠—their work email. With ContactMonkey’s email-based event management tool, you can easily send, track, and manage events from the comfort of your inbox. Let employees RSVP at the touch of a button and help them save the event straight to their calendars. 

Want to see our event management tool in action? Book your free demo to watch how it works and learn how to drive registrations to your next event!