13 Outlook HTML Email Templates for Business Communications

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If you work in internal communications, it’s only natural you’ll spend a lot of your workday emailing employees. But let’s be honest, it can get tedious—especially when working with HTML email templates in Outlook. 

Outlook HTML email templates are a great way for you to become more productive. They help you create, send, and track employee newsletters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder comes equipped with professionally designed email templates. Customize and personalize your internal email Outlook templates and email newsletter templates with our easy-to-use sidebar directly from your Outlook inbox.

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What Are Outlook Email Templates?

Internal email templates are standard, pre-formatted emails. You don’t have to type the same text or HTML every time you want to create an email to send to your Outlook distribution lists.

Distribution lists are super useful for maximizing the reach of internal emails and employee newsletters. Combine distribution lists with Outlook HTML templates to quickly send internal communications to the right audience.

Using ContactMonkey, you can create Outlook email templates and manage your distribution lists right from your Outlook inbox. Not to mention, you can stay ahead of the curve and save time by generating superior, customized email newsletter content with ContactMonkey’s OpenAI integration.

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Why Are Outlook Email Templates So Great?

If you have to send the same email to over a dozen, or even hundreds of recipients, it’s almost impossible to re-type (or copy-paste) the same email again and again. This is the main benefit of using a communications and marketing Outlook template – you save time on monotonous email-writing.

Using an internal communications solution like ContactMonkey helps you streamline your email design and sending process. One of our customers Mettler Toledo were able to save 25 days a year on their email newsletter process.

Outlook HTML Email Template Examples

The great thing about HTML Outlook email templates is their versatility. For every conceivable function of your internal communications, there can be a corresponding Outlook template. And when you use ContactMonkey to create and send HTML emails, you can rest assured you’ll be avoiding common Outlook rendering issues.

Here are some of our most popular email templates:

1. Weekly update employee newsletters

As the most common internal communication email, weekly update newsletters keep employees in-the-know as to what’s happening in their organization:

Quarterly employee newsletter template

Templates are particularly useful for weekly updates as you just have to plug in your information into the appropriate section. And with more people working from home than ever, saving time on design work can help you be more in-touch with your remote employees.

We recommend using a remote teams communication tool to connect with your remote and hybrid workforces.

2. Crisis communications

Your ability to swiftly respond to interruptions and issues with your organization is vital. A crisis communication plan outlines how your business will respond to a variety of situations, as well as provide pre-drafted communications for quick response:

Employee survey newsletter template

3. Product updates

Product Updates keep your customers in the know about the latest news and updates about your business. Quickly and effectively market your products using consistent email updates:

Product updates email templates

4. Alerts

No matter how well-prepared your business may be, unexpected issues like server problems and software malfunctions can affect your entire organization. Alert your employees of issues as soon as they arise:

Scheduled server maintenance email template

5. eNPS

What is eNPS? Your Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a metric that tells you how likely your employees are to recommend your business as a place to work.

ContactMonkey’s email template builder comes equipped with eNPS content so you can easily conduct surveys:

6. Event webinars

With more people working remotely than ever before, webinars have become a staple for businesses looking to connect with their audiences.

Take your webinar invites to the next level with ContactMonkey’s event management feature. Easily create event invitations that you can embed in your email templates to grab your recipients attention.

You can collect RSVPs and even comments using event management, so you can address any questions prior to the event:

Event email template

7. Company policy changes

Policy changes come in all shapes and sizes. ContactMonkey can help you inform everyone affected by new policy changes. Customize your subject line according to each recipient using distribution lists, and get information out quickly with policy change templates:

New hr and security policy email template

All of these templates are fully customizable within ContactMonkey’s email template builder. Easily import your company’s brand colours, logos, fonts, and more.

8. Video emails

Video emails are a terrific way to change up your internal communications to break the monotony of constant emails. They also allow your internal communications to contain far more information than text alone:

Video communication template within ContactMonkey's email template builder.

You can easily embed animated GIFs and videos in your internal emails using ContactMonkey’s email template builder. Simply paste the URL of the video you wish to send into the video text block field, and you’re good to go!

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9. Leadership communications

Effective leadership communications play a crucial role in helping employees feel connected with their organization. Encourage your managers or C-suite to regularly contribute to your internal communications to help build this connection:

Leadership communication email created using ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Using a business email template for Outlook across your leadership communications is a great way to make it a regular part of your overall internal communications strategy.

10. Organization change updates

If there’s one consistent aspect of business, it’s change. Your business is changing all the time, and as internal communicators it’s your responsibility to communicate that change with everyone at your organization.

Employee turnover is one of the most common changes a company can experience. Learn how to create Outlook email communication templates designed around employee turnover to inform your employees as soon as possible of incoming or outgoing team members:

New employee welcome email created with ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Employee onboarding emails and employee departure emails are great examples of reusable email templates. All you have to do is plug in the relevant information, no redesign work required.

11. Pulse surveys

Employee pulse surveys are short, to-the-point questions that meant to take a “pulse check” of your organization. When you adhere to pulse survey best practices, these questions are great for gathering employee feedback without tasking your employees with a lengthy survey.

Employee satisfaction survey email template

Try including pulse surveys within your employee newsletter. This way your employees can get into the habit of providing their feedback on a regular basis.

12. Corporate events

For yearly or quarterly corporate events, design your emails to deliver a fun and informative invitation to employees.

Corporate event invitation created with ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Combined with ContactMonkey’s event management features, you can gauge interest in your corporate events and even collect anonymous feedback ahead of the date.

13. Top 10 lists

List-based emails are another good way to fit lots of information into a limited space. Try building an email template that features lists rather than paragraphs of information:

List-based email newsletter created in ContactMonkey's email template builder.

These kind of email templates are great for weekly or monthly email updates, as they are easy to put together yet very informative. Make sure you include links to information that elaborate what you mentioned in the emails.

14. Employee appreciation Outlook email template

An employee appreciation email template for Outlook makes it hassle-free to say thanks to your employees on a regular basis. Not to mention, it keeps employee engagement high by boosting morale and motivation.

With ContactMonkey’s easy drag-and-drop template builder, your internal communications team can create tailored thank-you messages in seconds and send them directly from Outlook.

You can even take advantage of the personalization feature through merge tags and add your employee names directly into your subject line. Then, gather individual email analytics for each employee.

Or you can send a general message to your team and gather overall email metrics to gauge trends and understand which departments or company locations are most engaged.

Employee Appreciation Message to Team

15. New Employee Welcome Outlook Email Template

A new hire welcome email template is designed to make it easier to show new employees that they’re officially part of the team. It’s also a tool that helps get your new hire started on the right foot by presenting all the necessary information on one page. And it’s a great opportunity to let your company culture shine through. 

Creating a reusable internal promotion email announcement template is super easy when you have a reliable email tool.

You can use ContactMonkey’s responsive email template builder to create Outlook email templates for new hires in minutes. With seamless HTML elements, you can add onboarding schedules, new hire documents, and event invites all into one stunning Outlook email template:

New employee onboarding Outlook email template

How Do I Create Outlook Email Templates?

After looking at all these different HTML email templates for Outlook, you might have some ideas of your own. For those wondering how to create email templates in Outlook, ContactMonkey’s drag-and-drop email template builder lets you easily create beautiful, responsive HTML email templates on your own!

Pick from a constantly updating selection of email content including pictures, videos, GIPHYs, icons, and more to engage your audience:

Turn your emails into a two-way communication channel where you can receive feedback from your recipients. Learn exactly what type of content they want to see:

When you build your emails with ContactMonkey, you don’t have to worry about how they’ll appear on different devices. ContactMonkey templates are responsive, which means they’ll display perfectly no matter what device they’re being view on:

It shouldn’t be a difficult process to create and send HTML email in Outlook. With ContactMonkey, you can supercharge your email content while operating alongside the tools you know and love. ContactMonkey’s integrations include HRIS list management, OpenAI, and so many more!

Do You Know If Employees Are Reading Your Internal Newsletters?

With ContactMonkey, you can see exactly who opens and clicks on all your employee newsletters.

  • Track emails on an individual employee or overall campaign level all within Outlook.
  • Use real-time email metrics to identify your team’s best-performing subject lines, links, and most engaging content.
  • Find your best-performing content by comparing statistics from multiple email campaigns.
  • Analyze your email metrics by recipient, department, and more using segmented email stats.
  • Highlight engaged and disengaged offices on a global level with our geolocation engagement map.
  • Gauge employee response to events by tracking RSVPs and comments with event management.
  • Identify in real-time what content, updates and announcements your employees are engaging with pulse surveys, social reactions, Like buttons, etc.
  • Easily share downloadable reports with your team.
Email tracking ContactMonkey

Outlook HTML templates can also be helpful for ensuring consistency across the organization when you have more than one person in your team responsible for emails.

Not design-oriented? Not a problem! ContactMonkey offers an Outlook HTML Template Design Service for those who want a branded, responsive HTML email template for Outlook with none of the legwork.

Use ContactMonkey’s Email Template Builder

If you’re looking to up your email content game in Outlook, then HTML email templates are the way to go.

Avoid all the hassle of HTML code with ContactMonkey’s email templates and email template builder, and start creating beautiful email templates and saving time on your email design process. Try out the email builder for free today!

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