20+ Most Popular Internal Communication Email Templates

By Helen Marukh


Looking for inspiration for your next newsletter or staff update? These pre-made internal communication templates save you hours while boosting the number of eyes on your emails.

Between design and copy, crafting even one internal email that team members actually want to open and read can take hours. So, how do you find the time?

Internal communication email templates help communicators balance design and efficiency for truly effective communication. With templates, your emails are eye-catching and engaging, without taking ages to create or write.

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Below, you’ll find a selection of ContactMonkey’s beautiful professionally-designed internal comms templates with examples of key messages for internal communications. Download these and more for free from our email template library, or take inspiration and build your own using ContactMonkey’s email template builder.

Benefits of Internal Communication Email Templates

Internal communication email templates do more than save your comms team a few hours. Here are just some of the benefits of internal comms email templates: 

  • Create beautiful, attention-grabbing HTML emails in minutes with no design or coding experience needed.
  • Use images, videos, buttons, and other embedded elements to encourage interaction and guide employees through your content. 
  • Maintain consistent design and messaging across all internal communications. 
  • Promote your company’s brand internally with custom templates featuring your corporate colours, fonts, and logo. 
  • Streamline recurring communications with pre-written copy and formatting.
  • Respond to emergencies promptly with crisis communication internal email templates. 

Plus, since corporate communication email templates are made to be reused, you can fine-tune your approach over time. With ContactMonkey, you can even use click maps to see which parts of your emails get the most attention from your employees.

Image of click map data within ContactMonkey's email analytics dashboard.

With this data, you can play around with the design of your internal comms templates and learn how to present crucial information in a way that works for your employees. 

You can also use ContactMonkey’s email template builder to create branded email designs, text, and graphics. And if you’re stuck for what to write, you can generate internal communication email examples using ContactMonkey’s OpenAI ChatGPT integration.

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20+ Downloadable Internal Email Templates for Your Internal Communication Needs

Below, we’ve provided a list of internal email examples for different business uses, with professional internal communication templates built using ContactMonkey’s email template builder

In addition to providing a professional look for internal updates, email templates with pre-written copy help you nail down the correct tone of voice and send emails that both look and sound professional with minimal effort.

Download these and more from our template library.

1. CEO / leadership email template

Effective leadership communications build employee trust, support transparency, and bring employees together during difficult times. By creating an internal email communication template for your leadership and CEO messages, you can establish a regular format and visual style for sharing operations and KPI updates, team wins, and new products or services coming down the pipeline.

Sample Leadership email template:

Sample email design for a "Monday Motivation" newsletter email from the CEO.

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2. Change management email template

Leading a company through change is no small feat. Even the world’s top companies for employee engagement found themselves struggling to manage the quick pace of change at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, change management communications can involve everything from introducing new software to leading employees through a merger to informing employees about new processes being put in place. By having a staff update email template prepared for change management emails, communicators can make these difficult conversations easier for themselves.

Sample change management template:

Sample change management email template which shows sample copy informing employees of upcoming training on a new tool being implemented.

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3. Company mission statement email template

An internal company mission statement isn’t just a bunch of pretty words – or at least it shouldn’t be. It’s a compelling statement that summarizes your company values and vision while clarifying a key goal for employees to collectively achieve. When done well, your company mission statement can inspire and engage employees as well as boost employee morale.

Sample mission statement template:

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4. Company culture communications template

A strong company culture is the backbone of a thriving organization, and that begins with your internal communications. How you communicate culture to employees sets the tone for everything from peer-to-peer communication to employee recognition, to upward feedback

Certain factors, like a multigenerational workforce, can also make maintaining a strong company culture more challenging. But you can rise to the occasion with engaging internal communication email templates to catch your employees’ attention. 

Sample company culture email template:

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5. Employee recognition email template

Giving employees public recognition shows staff that their hard work is valued and directly impacts employee engagement and job satisfaction.

In addition to the employee spotlight internal communication template below, you can check out our blog on employee recognition ideas for more inspiration for your next digital thank you message or employee of the month newsletter.

Sample employee spotlight template:

Sample Email template for Employee Spotlights.

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6. Team recognition email template

Maybe your marketing team finished the quarter stronger than ever, or your sales team reached a new record. Whatever the occasion, there are a few key points you’ll want to hit when thanking teams within your organization. 

At a loss for words? See some internal communication email examples in our blog post on writing an appreciation message to your team, or download the template below to make use of our design. 

Sample team recognition template:

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7. Company policy staff update email template

Internal policies and procedures keep everyone on the same page, so you want to be clear and detailed when introducing a new company policy. Details like a policy effective date, the policy purpose, and who to contact for further questions are all useful additions to a staff-wide policy update email template.

If you’re using ContactMonkey’s HTML email builder, you can embed automatic employee feedback survey questions into an email before sending it off—making it easy for employees to share questions/concerns. 

Sample company policy update notification template:

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8. Onboarding communications email template

How you communicate with a new hire during their onboarding can set them up for success or for failure. To start employees off on the right foot, prepare an internal email template for onboarding that includes all the resources they’ll need. 

With ContactMonkey’s HTML email builder, you can include downloadable employee schedules, employee task lists, and other assets in a single internal communication template. 

Sample onboarding email template:

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9. Employee performance review reminder email template

A performance review is a great tool for internal alignment, but it needs to be handled delicately—otherwise, you risk misunderstandings or even damaging employee morale!

Make sure that messages about upcoming performance reviews are direct, detailed, and thoughtful. You’ll likely have resources you need to share, so consider using an internal communication email template to present them in an accessible way. 

Plus, if you’re using a tool like ContactMonkey, you can use merge tags to personalize emails with employee names or other details.

Sample performance review reminder template:

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10. Crisis communication email template

When a crisis occurs, the faster you get information into employees’ hands, the better. That’s why your crisis management plan needs to include pre-made internal communication templates that can be customized quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Creating templates for common issues, like office closures due to weather alerts, helps you get the news out quickly. Plus, if you embed resource links directly in a template, there’s no need to go looking for resources to share when a crisis occurs. 

Sample crisis communication template:

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11. IT email templates

Modern businesses rely on technology to keep operations running smoothly. IT messages regarding software upgrades, compliance, and security are indispensable to this process. 

Share the following internal communication email example with your IT department to ensure IT updates are consistent and recognizable at a glance. 

Sample IT message template:

Sample email design for an IT Team update

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12. Cybersecurity alert email template

Cyber attacks can be detrimental to business. Even tech giants like Meta, Adobe, and Alibaba haven’t been able to escape the clutches of cyber crime. 

So whether you’re managing a global enterprise or leading SME internal communications, it’s critical that you have an internal communication plan template for sharing cybersecurity alerts and phishing awareness information. 

You can incorporate the following cybersecurity message template into internal emails, or speed things up by sending the update via an emergency SMS alert.

Sample cybersecurity alert template:

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13. Code of conduct reminder email template

Having a standardized code of conduct policy reduces conflicts in the office and prevents the need for awkward conversations. But in order for these policies to do their job, it’s important that everyone’s on the same page. 

Below is an example corporate communication email template you can adapt for any HR messages regarding workplace conduct (this could include topics like dress code, corporate email usage, and cell phones at work).

Sample code of conduct reminder template:

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14. Health and safety email template

Workplace healthy and safety awareness helps employees feel comfortable and confident coming into work every day. Not to mention, clear and thorough safety protocols protect the reputation of your organization and make it easier to attract top talent. 

Sample health and safety communication template:

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15. Newsletter template

Designing a newsletter can be pretty tricky. A good newsletter gives employees a zoomed out view of corporate operations, covering everything from the latest sales figures to upcoming events.

Your newsletter design needs to be able to cover multiple topics but make information easy to skim. Plus, any additional links and resources need to be clearly marked and accessible for employees. A professionally designed template makes it easy.

Sample newsletter template:

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16. Employee pulse survey email template

Whether it’s to do with employee experience, benefits and compensation, or company culture, feedback from your team helps identify problems and opportunities across your organization. And the easiest way to collect regular feedback is with short pulse surveys. 

An email pulse survey is quick to send and easy to answer, lowering the barrier to entry and increasing the flow of feedback from your employees. And with a ready-made template, you can just tweak your pulse survey questions for your topic of interest—whether that’s an employee exit survey or staff motivation questionnaire—while repurposing the format and introduction to speed up the creation process. 

Sample pulse survey template:

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17. Diversity, equity, and inclusion email template

In the 21st century, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace are absolute requirements for an engaged and equitable workforce. Committing to DEI goes beyond carefully-crafted PR statements. It means initiating meaningful conversations internally with staff and clearly communicating relevant policies. 

Sample DEI email template:

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18. Event communication email template

In-person and virtual company events are a great way to encourage team-building and bonding, especially in the era of remote team communications and hybrid work.

A well-designed event invite helps communicate important event details and get employees excited about attending. If you’re using a tool like ContactMonkey, you can even use the event management feature to embed an RSVP form directly in your event internal email template. 

Sample event template:

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19. Holiday message template

The holiday season is a great time to let employees know they’re appreciated. With a festive internal email template, you can send your team a heartfelt and beautiful holiday message to cultivate community ahead of the holidays. 

Plus, you can use your holiday email to build excitement for an upcoming holiday party!

Sample holiday template:

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20. Employee wellness message template

Businesses that check in on employee health and wellness regularly are proven to experience greater employee retention and engagement. 

In addition to the employee wellness message template below, check out our guide on creating a wellness survey to add to your internal communications editorial calendar.

Sample employee wellness template:

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21. Employee training email template

Employee coaching and training allow staff to reach their personal and professional development goals while improving business performance. At times, employee coaching may even be necessary, such as in the case of diversity and inclusion training or getting started with a new company software. 

In any case, you can use the following employee training internal communication template to announce upcoming workshops/professional development events. 

Sample employee training template:

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Other Sample Emails to Employees

Looking for more sample email templates? Whether you’re launching a new product or sending out an open enrollment announcement, ContactMonkey has a sample internal communication email template for every occasion:

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