New Employee Welcome Email Template

Mariya Postelnyak

Your new employee welcome email sets the tone for all of your communications with a new hire. An employee onboarding email template and quality template builder can help you hit the ground running. 

Joining a new company is as hectic as it is exciting. To help guide your new hire through the ins and outs of your organization, you need a solid line of communication. 

A welcome email template to new employees should be an essential part of any HR professional’s toolbox. And with a modern email template builder, these take minutes to create, save, and replicate.

By the end of this post, you’ll learn how to create a variety of new employee onboarding email templates and walk away with sample messages that you can use straight away! 

Why Create a Welcome Email for New Employee Onboarding?

A new hire welcome email is designed to make new employees feel like they’re officially part of the team. It’s an early opportunity for your new hire to see your company culture shine through. 

It’s also a chance for them to understand your company’s expectations in terms of working style and schedule, and identify their priorities. 

But most importantly, your welcome email is a chance for your organization to make a great first impression and set things off on the right foot. By making it easy for new employees to access company information and resources, a quality onboarding email ensures a great employee experience from the start. 

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What to Include in the New Employee Onboarding Welcome Email

A great employee onboarding welcome email has a few key components.

Use the list below as an email checklist for your own employee welcome message.

Start date and time

Any training material, such as videos or links with onboarding resources

Goals and objectives of the onboarding process

Links to any new employee paperwork

Contacts for HR, IT, and managers

Onboarding agenda

Feedback box


What is in an Employee Welcome Email Template?

An employee welcome aboard email template is a pre-made email message that you can use over and over again. All you have to do is swap in specific names and details—the rest is ready to go. 

A new hire welcome email template makes it faster and easier to send employee onboarding messages. It also helps you ensure that your communications are consistent in terms of design, tone, and objectives. 

Not to mention, templates help ensure quality control across your communications and reduce errors. 

Here are a few essential things to include in your welcome email template for new employees:

  • Captivating subject line: keep it snappy, keep it short (no more than 40 characters).
  • Employee’s name: personalize both your subject line and body text using ContactMonkey’s mail merge software
  • Welcoming tone: set a friendly tone with a warm/conversational welcome note. 
  • Checklists: help your new employee stay organized by breaking down their key tasks and events in bullets. 
  • Event invites: is there a team welcome event or new employee training? Or an annual internal comms event? Using ContactMonkey’s internal event management tool you can send event invites straight from your internal emails
  • Employer branding: set your default company colours, logos, and any other elements that help familiarize your new hire with your employer brand

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How to Create a New Employee Welcome Email with ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey’s template library and intuitive email builder let you create dynamic employee welcome email templates in minutes. Here’s how:

Choose from dozens of responsive email templates or build one from scratch: ContactMonkey has 30+ customizable newsletter templates. You can also build your own template from scratch using a drag-and-drop menu, or enlist one of our email designers for a branded design.

Easily add your email text or generate content with AI: Once you select the template you love, all you have to do is copy your employee onboarding message into the pre-set text boxes. Not sure what to say? ContactMonkey has a ChatGPT-powered content generator to instantly help you create messages.

Gather employee feedback to build dialogue: ContactMonkey lets you foster two-way communication across your employee welcome emails with pulse surveys and an anonymous employee feedback tool

Add personal branding for a cohesive look and feel: with ContactMonkey’s email design software, you can add personalized copy, and save custom brand colours, logos, and graphics within your email template. 

Email personalization for employee email welcome email template

Preview your welcome message to ensure flawless emails: ContactMonkey lets you see how your email will appear on desktop and mobile devices before sending. You can ensure quality control and avoid surprises once your email reaches staff. 

Save your template to easily replicate and send emails: satisfied with the look and feel of your email template? Save it to your ContactMonkey team template library and let anyone easily access and use it to streamline internal comms collaboration.

Import, send, and track with ease: with ContactMonkey’s Gmail and Outlook email integration, you can embed any of your ContactMonkey templates right into your inbox. Just start creating a new email as you would normally, and then populate your message box with your desired template. Once you’re ready to send, hit “Send and Track” to collect dozens of email analytics—from email opens to click-through rates.

When to Send the New Employee Welcome Email

The process of welcoming a new employee to your company should start well before their first day at your company. We recommend sending a new employee welcome shortly after a new hire accepted the job offer and before their first official day.

The best time to send your new employee welcome email is when your email audience has proven to be most engaged in the past. An email tracking tool like ContactMonkey lets you see the exact times when employees are most likely to open your emails and the best time to send your internal email

ContactMonkey email tracking and analytics.

You can then schedule your emails accordingly and target your audience when they’re most engaged! That’s an easy win for your email engagement rates. 

Download and use our free employee welcome email templates!

5 New Employee Welcome Email Template Examples

To help you simplify the onboarding process, we’ve implemented our welcome email tips and tricks into sample templates that you can use right away. Below, you’ll find a handful of email templates to welcome new employees and help them navigate the onboarding process: 

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Sample welcome email after job offer acceptance 

The email you send after an employee accepts the job offer is key; the goal is to make your new employee feel at ease and arrive feeling prepared and welcomed on their first day. It’s important to include details like start dates, equipment your new employee might receive, documents that need to be filled, and company policies. If you’re using ContactMonkey, you’ll be able to embed paperwork and other resources using smart links.

Dear [employee name],

We are so pleased that you accepted our offer and look forward to having you join our team!

On behalf of [company name], I am thrilled to welcome you to our organization.

We hope to have you start on [date] at [time]. Should you have any questions or concerns about this start date, please feel free to reach out.

In the meantime, we’ve attached a few resources to help you get to know our company a little better. 

If you should have any questions while you prepare to join the team, here are a few contacts who you can connect with before your first day:

  • [contact name 1]
  • [contact name 2] 

In the next few days, you can expect an email from your manager, [name], who will provide more details about your onboarding process. 

We look forward to working with you!

Kind regards, 

[Email signature and contact information]

Welcome email from direct manager sample

An email from the hiring manager should provide more role-focused information and onboarding schedules. The message should evoke a friendly and conversational tone while remaining clear and informative. Here’s an example of a welcome email from management:

Dear [employee name],

Welcome to the team!

It’s wonderful to officially have you on board, and I can’t wait to get started on a few exciting projects with you soon. We’re certain that you’ll be a valuable member of our team.

In preparation for your first day, you can set up your new company email address [email address]. Use the following link, username, and password to get started:

  • [URL]
  • [username]
  • [password]

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. 

All the best,

[manager name]

Pre-onboarding welcome email sample

A pre-onboarding welcome message is an email that details all the logistics of your onboarding process. Ideally, you want to send this closer to your new hire’s start date. The email should be sent from the HR team and dive into greater details about the onboarding plan for day one. Here’s an example of a pre-onboarding welcome email you can write:

Hi [employee name],

Your first day is just a week away! We are incredibly excited to have you join our team. As mentioned earlier, your start date is [date] and we’d like you to meet us at the office at [time]. 

We’ve prepared your workstation with all the necessary equipment and our team will help you set up your computer, software, and any other online accounts on your first day.

[mention any other things that you’ve prepared for your new hire’s first day, such as equipment, parking spots, company swag, etc.]

To help you hit the ground running, we’ve outlined your onboarding schedule for the day below. As you can see, we’ve planned a few training sessions to give you a better understanding of our company and operations. You will also meet with your hiring manager first thing in the morning to discuss these plans and ask any questions. 










If you have any questions prior to your start day, please email or call me or your direct manager and we’ll be more than happy to help out:

  • [contact one]
  • [contact two]

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best regards,

[Your name]

[Your signature]

Hybrid or remote employee welcome email sample

There are some important differences when welcoming a remote employee versus an on-site employee. You’ll want to give remote employees specific details about internal communications technology, setting up virtual conferencing equipment, and any other logistical information.

 In addition, you’ll need to be specific about when to log in on the first day, how to connect with direct managers, and when to end the day. Nothing’s worse than uncertainty on your first virtual day at work. 

Here’s a sample remote employee welcome email to make things clear:

Dear [employee name],

It’s great to have you on board! .

As your team is fully remote, our onboarding process might look a little different than at other companies. However, we hope to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. We want to make sure you have everything you need to start your first week on the right foot!

To collaborate effectively in a remote workplace, we use a few handy digital communications tools.

  • [Tool 1]
  • [Tool 2]
  • [Tool 3]

For your first day, we ask that you hop on a quick zoom meeting at the following link [embedded link]. One of our IT experts will help you get set up with our digital communication tools and accounts.

Once you’re all set, please follow the onboarding agenda below for your first day meetings and training sessions:










Ahead of your first day, we’ll also be sending you a work-at-home kit to help you get settled in!

I’m online most of the day, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that you might have. 

Once more, welcome to the team! We look forward to working with you soon.

All the best,

[Manager’s name]

Team welcome email sample

This type of new hire welcome email is designed to give colleagues an opportunity to introduce themselves collectively.

It’s a friendly and lighthearted memo to help new employees get to know the rest of their team a little better and get a sense of who they’ll be working with. For remote employees, it’s an important touch point to begin building meaningful relationships across remote teams. 

Here’s a sample team welcome template to get you started:

Hey [employee name],

We’re so excited to have you join our team and see what you bring to the table! 

Here are a few things that you should know about our team:

  • [team value 1]
  • [team value 2]
  • [team value 3]

To help you get to know our team a little better, we’ve each taken time to introduce ourselves below:

[employee profile 1]

  • Role
  • Fun fact
  • Contact information

[employee profile 2]

  • Role
  • Fun fact
  • Contact information

[employee profile 3]

  • Role
  • Fun fact
  • Contact information

[employee profile 4]

  • Role
  • Fun fact
  • Contact information

Ahead of your start day, we encourage you to connect with us on LinkedIn and take a deep dive into our company page [website URL] to get a better sense of what we’re all about!

We’re all delighted to have you join!

Do you have any questions? [yes/no and comment box]

Best wishes,

[team name]

Improve Onboarding Communications with ContactMonkey’s Welcome Email Templates

How you welcome and onboard your employees will form their first impression of your company. It sets the tone and style for your relationship with new hires going forward. That’s why it’s critical to invest in your employee onboarding communications and set things off on the right foot!

Use ContactMonkey’s dedicated internal communications software to create an engaging welcome email template for new employees and build dialogue with your team. Book a free demo today and see what ContactMonkey can do for your business!