ContactMonkey’s email template builder integrates seamlessly with Outlook. Save time and create beautiful, responsive HTML email templates for your corporate communications!

Our drag-and-drop email template builder—coupled with your Outlook inbox—truly gives you the best of both worlds: the power of the cloud without having to leave your email client to send and track beautiful, responsive employee emails.

Over 100,000+ happy communicators from companies of all sizes, industries, and locations use ContactMonkey. They leverage optimized email communications, powerful email analytics, and responsive templates to increase employee engagement and improve business outcomes.

Our HTML email templates are designed to render perfectly within Outlook—an email client notorious for its incompatibility with HTML. Book a free demo to see how to create and send HTML templates to your distribution lists or CSVs with ContactMonkey:

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Email Template Builder for Outlook

Email templates are like cheat codes for internal communicators; they save time during the design process so more time can be spent focusing on providing great content.

With our email template builder—accessible from the ContactMonkey sidebar—users can choose from dozens of templates and edit them with easy-to-use drag and drop tools.

Customize your template with content that includes images, GIFs from Giphy, videos, icons, surveys, and more:

What’s even better, you can also save your templates under your  “My Templates” section of the tool, so you can continue using your favourite personalized templates.

We’re always adding new features to our email template builder to make it even better. Have an idea for a feature for our software? Share your thoughts with one of ContactMonkey’s internal communications experts in a free demo.

Optimize Your Internal Communications Process  

A drag-and-drop email template builder makes creating beautiful internal emails simpler, more fun, and more effective.

Having a formalized process for your internal communications not only saves you time in the creation process, but helps maintain quality and consistency across numerous email communications, which strengthens your internal brand voice.

Centralize your entire internal communications process with single tool: ContactMonkey’s email template builder. Here’s how it works:

1. Set up a demo

To get started with ContactMonkey, set up a free demo with one of our internal communications experts. They’ll walk you through how ContactMonkey streamlines your internal comms process and how easily it integrates into your existing Outlook or Gmail inbox.

After the demo, you can try it out for yourself!

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2. Choose template

From basic to more advanced templates, you can access pre-built templates and customize them as you like. No more boring emails plain text emails:

email template examples

3. Save your template

The emails you create, the more templates you’ll be able to reuse.

With our new email template builder you’re able to save your favorite templates under “My Templates”. We recommend as a best practice to name your templates something descriptive so you they’re easily searchable later.

4. Import your template

Couldn’t decide from the dozens of templates we provide? No problem, you can still import your favourite HTML templates. Win-win.

5. Drag-and-drop your content

Easily add features to your templates with the drag-and-drop builder.

Our email template builder uses rows to organize email content. Using rows, you can make certain visuals stand out over others, in this case, linkable icons to company social media account:

6. Add emoji reactions, surveys, and employee comments

Turn your email newsletters into two-way communication channels between you and your employees with live feedback. Not only will you gain valuable input to help you pinpoint your best content, but your employees will feel more engaged when they get to respond to what they’re being shown.

With pulse surveys, emoji reactions, eNPS, anonymous employee comments you’ll finally have a way to collect both qualitative and quantitative data from your employees:

email template builder

Gathering employee feedback is a crucial part of a data-based approach to internal communications. When you use email metrics and feedback to hone your content, you save time in your design process and create better emails. See how ContactMonkey makes internal communications better:

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7. Preview on desktop and mobile

Make sure your internal newsletters look exactly how you want them before sending. Our “Preview” button lets you see what your recipients will see, with both desktop and mobile preview options:

8. Track your emails’ success

While emoji reactions, eNPS surveys, and anonymous comments let your employees respond with qualitative feedback, a data-based approach to internal communications involves quantitative “feedback” as well. This is where email tracking comes in.

With ContactMonkey, you can measure email metrics like open rate, click through rate, opens by device and location, and more. In addition to these overall tracking stats, you can track how individual recipients engage with your emails—like seeing how many times they open your email or click on an internal link.

All of this information is recorded within your campaign dashboard:

email tracking

Email tracking lets you find your best performing content, best times to send emails, most engaged employees, and more. You can also compare statistics of different campaigns against one another for an incredibly detailed breakdown of your email content.

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Send Better Email with an Email Template Builder

Our goal at ContactMonkey is to help businesses harness the power of their internal communications. Using tools like our email template builder and email tracking, you can turn simple emails into two-way communication channels between you and your employees.

Create and send stellar email content, collect employee feedback, and track email performance, all from your Outlook or Gmail inbox. ContactMonkey makes internal communications easier than ever!

Sign up for a personalized demo below and we’ll walk you through how to build beautiful HTML templates that your employees will love. We’re excited for you to use it and start seeing results.

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