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A well-designed email will wow your audience and drive its point home. But not every communicator has the time or resources to create the perfect email for every occasion. Take the tediousness out of your email design process with ContactMonkey’s Outlook Email Template Design service.

Having to troubleshoot these issues is resource and time consuming, and often leads to a final product that looks nothing like you imagined.

We feel that your creativity shouldn’t be limited by your email coding know-how, that’s why we’re offering our custom email template design service.

Send personalized, responsive HTML emails to your recipients without ever having to deal with coding in Outlook. Save time on your email creation process with our HTML email service, and rest assured that your emails will appear exactly as you designed them.

Based on your brand’s content and your feedback, we’ll create an Outlook responsive email template that will display perfectly across all devices. Focus on the creative aspects of the design process while we handle the technical nitty-gritty.

Best way to build engaging employee emails

Our Email Templates

We’re all about email templates at ContactMonkey. Within our internal communications tool we feature professionally designed employee newsletter templates for every kind of email:

Image of ContactMonkey's email newsletter template library.

Our Outlook email templates feature a wide range of content to engage your audience. Embed animated GIFs, images, videos for internal communications, custom icons, and more to accentuate your email content and boost your brand voice:

Screenshot of employee newsletter template created using ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Our Outlook email templates are responsive, meaning that your content will display perfectly across all devices:

Image of responsive email newsletters created using ContactMonkey displayed across various devices.

How It Works

It’s tough to be creative when you’re constantly faced with problems and errors, like Gmail and Outlook not rendering HTML emails. Take the headaches out of Outlook email creation with our easy-to-follow design process.

Collect your content

Give us your ideas! Describe what you’d like to accomplish with your email and how you’d like it to look.

Custom logos, fonts, animations, or colours? No problem. Provide us with your company’s brand guidelines, style guide, fonts, and logos:

Image of default logo used within ContactMonkey's email template builder.

…and we’ll incorporate them into your email template:

Screenshot of employee information newsletter created using ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Now it’s easier than ever to send branded, professional-quality HTML email templates in Outlook.

Creation process

Once we understand what you’d like to see, our team of designers will get to work creating the first iteration of your custom email template. We’ll incorporate the input and content you’ve provided us into a unique HTML email template code.

Sending branded communications with responsive email design has never been easier.

Review and improve

We’ll present you with the first version of your email template after the creation process. Here you can review how we’ve built your email template and give your feedback as to what you’d like to see changed.

Don’t hesitate to mention even the smallest detail; we’ll work with you until your email template is exactly as you envisioned it:

Screenshot of guidelines newsletter template created using ContactMonkey's email template builder.

When you’re happy with it, your email template will be converted into an easy-to-use HTML file that you can import right into Outlook.

Need to send your emails to only a segment of your workforce? Use custom email lists to target relevant employees and reduce email clutter in your employees’ inboxes. With ContactMonkey’s List Management feature, you can create your own lists—without needing IT—that integrate with your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) like Workday and ADP, as well as Azure Active Directory, so they’ll automatically update.

See how your employee emails can drive more engagement

Send magnetic employee emails on Outlook and Gmail with ContactMonkey.

HTML Email Templates, The Easy Way

With more remote workers than ever, your email communications are more important than ever. But not everyone can afford to spend hours creating HTML email templates from scratch. This is why you need to find the best communication tools for remote teams.

ContactMonkey’s custom email design service for Outlook makes sending personalized, responsive emails to your Outlook contacts easier than ever. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re sending professional-quality emails to your recipients that will display perfectly on all devices. Learn more about this Outlook design service.

Save time and resources on your email creation process and start engaging your audience with stunning and responsive emails. Learn more about ContactMonkey Outlook Email Design service to see all that we offer.

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