How to Write Appreciation Emails to Your Team: 15 Examples 

Mariya Postelnyak

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A quality employee appreciation email to your team can boost morale and send employee engagement through the roof. We’ve rolled out 15 employee appreciation email examples to get you started.

No one likes when their hard work goes unnoticed. But it’s often easy for managers to get caught up in the workday grind and forget to give praise where it’s due. 

A thank you email to your team is an easy, hassle-free way to show your employees that their efforts are valued. Not to mention, it keeps employee engagement steady by boosting motivation. If you’re not sure where to start, the employee appreciation email examples in this post can serve up some inspiration. We also recommend some great internal emails tools to speed up your email creation process.

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Why Are Employee Appreciation Emails Important?

Think back to your own experience in the workplace. How did it feel when you were last congratulated on a job well done? 

Most likely, you felt proud, excited, and fuelled with motivation in your tasks. The bottom line: employee recognition goes a long way. 

And that’s exactly why sending a recognition email to your team is so important. It shows gratitude for employees who go the extra mile, helps instill pride in their work, and boosts employee morale.

Need more proof? The latest research shows that employee appreciation can increase productivity levels, boost employee satisfaction, and help your business attract top talent.

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15 Employee Appreciation Email Examples

Amid the commotion of a busy workday, checking emails is something managers and employees both prioritize. That’s why it’s a great channel to send out employee appreciation letters.

Among the task and ticket-centred messages, that motivational email to your team will be a virtual breath of fresh air in your staff’s inbox. 

If you’re wondering how to write an appreciation email to your team, here are some communication ideas and examples to use as your launchpad. 

We’ve broken them down into relevant categories and scenarios you may encounter during the workday:

1. Appreciation email to team for helping out other employees

Dear Marketing Team,

Thank you for assisting our Customer Success Manager, Taylor, on her recent project. You showcased your dedication for this company and everyone in it. 

Our team could not have succeeded in this project without your help and support. 

Warm regards, 

The ContactMonkey Management Team

2. Appreciation email to team for outstanding performance

Dear Marketing Team,

We have received an abundance of positive feedback regarding your recent presentation. The management team would like to express our sincere thanks for your remarkable performance on [project name]. The enthusiasm and dedication with which your team handled the project was commendable. 

We are sincerely grateful for your contribution and would like to express our thanks by inviting you to share in a virtual team lunchon us!

The ContactMonkey Management Team

3. Appreciation email for putting in extra effort

Dear Aaron, 

The management team at ContactMonkey wishes to extend our gratitude for your amazing effort and contributions in helping to make our company’s move to the new offices smooth and seamless.

While this task was outside of your regular responsibilities, you took time out of your personal schedule and made an effort to help without us having to ask.

Thank you for going the extra mile and exceeding our expectations. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Warm regards, 

The ContactMonkey Management Team

4. Appreciation email to team following successful project execution

Hi Team! 

We wanted to send an update to inform you that [project name] has rolled out successfully. Without the help of each one of you, we truly couldn’t have done it.

I’d like to thank every single member of this team for their hard work, diligence, and effort. To show our appreciation, let us all meet up for lunch soon. 

Warm regards,

The ContactMonkey Management Team

5. Employee appreciation email for outstanding leadership

Dear Anna,

With lots of positive feedback from the rest of your team members, we want to congratulate you on your outstanding job on the app development project. 

Everything ran smoothly and the project has met its objectives. The assignment serves as an excellent example of how a team can reach its goals and gain support from the whole organization. 

Throughout the duration of the process, you continuously recognized each member of your team in a thoughtful, and meaningful way. I am sure that your team members feel appreciated and recognized under your leadership. 

We are so happy with the contribution that you make to the ContactMonkey team through your leadership.


The ContactMonkey Management Team

6. Appreciation email to team for surpassing sales goals

Dear Sales Team, 

Congratulations on surpassing your sales target for this month! We want to take this opportunity to show how impressed we are with your excellent performance and determined attitude. 

Your hard work and dedication to the task at hand has paid off in momentous ways. The management team at ContactMonkey recognizes the amount of effort and determination that you put into your role.

In the hustle and bustle of the workday, we may not always get to show our appreciation for your hard work as well as we want to. We assure you that your tremendous achievements are never overlooked.


The ContactMonkey Management Team

7. Appreciation email to team for a great overall year

Dear Client Success Team, 

As we approach the end of the year, the management team would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your efforts in making this a successful, terrific place to work. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year! 

Warm regards,

The ContactMonkey management team

8. Appreciation email for team engagement and drive

Dear Customer Success Team,

It feels incredible to work alongside a team that is as self-reliant, driven, and motivated as yours. You inspire all of us to excel in our tasks every day. Without your support, our organization might not have achieved the milestones it has or surpassed its performance goals. 

Despite your hectic schedule, you always make the work look easy. Thank you for your remarkable dedication, passion, and effort!


The ContactMonkey management team

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10. Appreciation email to team for overcoming a challenge as a team

Dear Dev Team,

The way your team handled the recent challenge and assisted the sales team in resolving the issue at hand was absolutely commendable. The confidence and composure exhibited by your whole team is something that everyone can learn from. Thank you for being incredible role models for our company. 

Our team cannot express enough the amount of gratitude we have for your help in dealing with the situation in such a short period of time. 

Thank you!

Warm regards, 

The ContactMonkey management team

11. Appreciation email for outstanding team spirit and positive attitude

Dear Jess,

We feel proud and honored to be part of a team like this. Your enthusiasm, energy, and positive attitude make this company a great place to work for everyone. 

Without your tremendous team spirit and support for everyone in the organization, we would certainly not have reached the same level of success.

We want to thank every one of you for the continuous hard work and dedication.

With kind regards, 

The ContactMonkey Management Team

12. Appreciation email when offering a team gift

Dear Business Development Team, 

Your team has set an incredible example of leadership, collaboration, and friendship through such a challenging year. 

Without your team’s support, it would truly be impossible to reach the goals that we had set out to attain. 

Our management team wants to thank every one of you personally for your efforts. As a token of appreciation from our whole organization, we would like to treat you all to a $100 dinner credit on us. Enjoy some delicious food and have a restful evening!


The ContactMonkey management team

13. Appreciation email for team creativity and thinking outside the box

Dear Marketing Team, 

We want to show our appreciation for your hard work and out-of-the-box thinking. You’re not only smart but exceptionally creative as well. That’s why it’s always a pleasure to work alongside your brilliant team. 

Thanks for thinking outside the box and helping make our business even better. 


The ContactMonkey management team

14. Appreciation email for workplace Anniversary

Dear Andy, 

Happy workaversary! Today marks your one year anniversary with the company and we just wanted to send along a quick message to congratulate you. We are so excited for this achievement and look forward to celebrating another year with you. Have a wonderful day!

Warm regards, 

ContactMonkey Management Team

15. Appreciation email for referring a successful candidate

Dear Gill, 

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for referring [CANDIDATE NAME] to the position of Senior Account Executive. 

Your help in our talent search was incredibly valuable and we look forward to continuing to get to know your referred candidate. 

Thank you again for making this possible!


ContactMonkey Management Team

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Appreciation Email to Team Best Practices

No matter the occasion or the team you’re sending your appreciation email to, there are some best practices to always keep in mind. These include:

Personalization: a generic appreciation email to your team can feel cold and impersonal, doing more harm than good. Always personalize your email with individual employee names and try adding unique tidbits that only apply to the team in question. 

Keep it brief and relevant: your appreciation email needs to be simple and straightforward. Express your gratitude but don’t take way too much of your staff’s time. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that the message will get across in the first place. 

Be specific: always be exact about what actions, habits, or behaviors you’re appreciating. Include why that particular action was valuable to the company. This will help keep your team geared in the right direction going forward.

Ensure that your company’s brand identity is reflected: your company culture, values, and overarching identity need to be in sync across all of your corporate communications, including employee appreciation emails. Ensure to use the right tone, familiar brand colours, and logos. 

With ContactMonkey’s email management software, you can set default employer branding on all of your communications to make the process simple and streamlined:

Screenshot of custom branding settings within ContactMonkey's email template builder.

If you’re struggling to create your appreciation emails, try using ContactMonkey’s OpenAI ChatGPT integration to help get you started. Simply write a prompt describing what you’d like to accomplish with your appreciation email, and edit the suggested text according to your audience.

Create and Send Appreciation Emails to Your Team in Minutes with ContactMonkey

A simple thank you goes a long way! Employee appreciation emails are not just a great way to express your company’s gratitude for your staff’s hard work. It’s an essential part of driving employee engagement and keeping your teams motivated. 

With ContactMonkey’s all-in-one internal communications software, showing employee appreciation is easy. Book a free demo to see ContactMonkey in action.