Sample Emails to Employees About a New Process: 8 Free Templates

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Your business is always changing and improving, but its success is dependent on how well your employees can keep up. Use our sample emails to employees about new processes to inform your employees about changes that affect their work.

Keeping your employees up-to-date about new changes to their work and workplace helps them in myriad ways:

  • Protects them from security threats or health and safety issues
  • Helps them stay engaged and involved with the decisions at your company
  • Informs them of new benefits and programs aimed at improving their experience
  • Enables them to provide relevant feedback about how these changes affect them

Emails announcing and describing new processes to your employees help you ensure your workforce is on the same page. Use our free new process email templates to quickly and easily update your employees on the latest changes at your business.

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What Is a New Process Email?

A new process email is any communication that explains changes at your business that will affect your employees’ duties, workplace, benefits, or conduct.

New process emails encompass a wide range of business issues including:

It’s useful to create internal communication templates for your new process emails, as you’ll likely need to update employees about ongoing changes over the lifespan of your business. You can use our sample emails to employees about new processes as the basis for these templates, and customize them as need be.

Why send new process emails?

It’s important to send new process emails to keep your employees informed about changes that will affect their work. But beyond simply telling them about the changes, you can use new process emails to direct employees to relevant resources like training programs, internal intranets, registration forms, information about internal comms events, or company road maps of current and upcoming changes.

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8 Free Sample Emails to Employees About a New Process

To create effective new process emails for your employees, keep these tips in mind:

  • Feature information that is directly relevant to your employees.
  • Communicate what action needs to be taken by your employees.
  • Offer additional help or clarification for employees that may need it.
  • Use simple writing and clearly communicate the nature of the change or process.
  • Emphasize the importance of the change and why your employees should adhere to it.
  • Mention the benefits of new processes or changes, but also consider how this may impact your employees’ regular routines.

Whether you’re creating your own emails or using our sample emails to employees about a new process, keep these best practices in mind to ensure your employees are onboard with whatever direction your business is taking them.

You never know when a new process is going to be rolled out at your company. Use our 8 professionally written email templates to keep on hand to reference, use, and adapt for any important internal communications about a new process at your organization.

IT policy change announcement email template

An IT policy change announcement lets employees know about changes to your company’s infrastructure. It outlines any new practices your employees will need to adopt in order to comply with this new policy.

Here is a sample memo to employees about changes to your company’s IT policy:

Dear employees,

[Company name] is introducing a new IT policy that [describes the nature of the policy change]. This change will affect how employees [describe impact on employees’ regular IT procedures]

In order for employees to comply with this latest IT policy change, you’ll need to [describe the steps employees need to take to comply with IT policy change].

We understand that this may impact how you regularly conduct your work. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this change will ultimately make [company name]’s IT infrastructure safer and more secure in the long term

We understand that this may impact how you regularly conduct your work. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this change will ultimately make [company name]’s IT infrastructure safer and more secure in the long term.

Thank you for understanding, and we appreciate you taking the time to complete the tasks required by this IT policy change. If you need additional information or help, please reach out to [personnel responsible for communicating IT policy changes].


[internal communications lead, IT policy lead, or leadership]

Screenshot of IT policy change email template created with ContactMonkey's email template builder.

For new process emails that require your employees to take specific actions, it’s useful to use bulleted or numbered lists. These clearly communicate the steps your employees need to take, and draw the attention of those reading your email.

Feel free to change up your opening salutation. You can address your new process emails to “employees”, as we did here, but you can also use “staff”, “team”, or any other designation you find appropriate.

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Vacation policy announcement email template

Vacation time is incredibly important to your employees and is a staple of your employee benefits. Whether you’re establishing a vacation policy or changing an existing policy, you should always inform your employees of what’s required from them to use their vacation days as part of your employee benefits communication method.

In this sample email to employees about a new policy, your company has recently made changes to the number of vacation days given to employees and informs them of the rollover date:

Dear employees,

[Company name] has recently updated our vacation days policy. Starting on [date], employees will receive [number of vacation days] for [the year or other timeframe]. The rollover date for your vacation days will be on [date].

In order to schedule your vacation days, please access [the relevant website or resource]. You can use [website or resource] to track how many vacation days you have remaining for [the year or other timeframe].

If you have any questions about our new vacation days policy, please reach out to [relevant HR representative] to receive additional information about these changes.


[HR representative, internal communications lead, or leadership]

It’s useful to include links to relevant resources within your new process emails. Employees will often refer back to these emails for clarification, so be sure to make it as easy as possible for them to adhere to the new guidelines.

Sick leave policy announcement email template

Similar to your vacation day policies, sick leave policy changes will directly impact your employees. When these policy changes are finalized, you should inform your employees as soon as possible to avoid any confusion or frustration while trying to claim sick days.

This sample sick leave policy announcement email describes a company switching to a new management software for administering sick leave:

Dear employees,

We have recently updated our sick leave policy at [company name]. These changes come after [reasons for change], and will be implemented on [date].

Sick leave requests will now be managed via [software solution, website, or other resource]. Please manage your sick leave requests, remaining sick leave days, and personal healthcare information from here. You will be given [number] of sick days per year, with the rollover date being [date].

[HR lead or relevant personnel] led this new sick leave policy initiative, so if you have any questions please reach out to them and they’ll be happy to help you.


[HR lead, internal communications lead, or leadership]

Screenshot of sick leave policy email template created with ContactMonkey's email template builder.

For policy changes that don’t require much explanation, keep your announcements short and sweet. This helps your employees easily understand what’s being communicated and what steps they need to take.

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Change management announcement email template

Change management is a procedural approach to ensure that your company can adapt to new technologies, objectives, or processes. A new process email can fit into your change management practices in several ways:

  • Alerting employees of new technologies, objectives, or processes.
  • Outlining the timeframe over which the change will take place.
  • Identifying the stakeholders of the current change process.

This sample email to implement new processes—specifically the adoption of a new meeting scheduling software—informs employees about the details of your company’s change management process.

Dear employees,

We have recently made the decision to adopt [meeting scheduling software] as our new meeting software. [Change management stakeholder or department] will take the lead on implementing this new solution at [company name].

[Meeting scheduling software] will make it easier and faster to set up meetings between employees and customers alike. Please install [meeting scheduling software] on your company devices and set up your accounts by [date] at the latest.

[Change management stakeholder or department] will be scheduling training sessions with employees within the next [timeframe]. These sessions are mandatory so please make time in your schedule to attend.

If you experience any issues with [meeting scheduling software], email your questions to [change management stakeholder or department] and they’ll get you set up on this new software. We appreciate your cooperation as we make changes to improve how we can best serve our customers and connect with our employees.


[Change management stakeholder or department, internal communications lead, or leadership]

It’s important to keep employees informed who is taking ownership of any change management initiative. Let them know to whom to address their questions or concerns to avoid workplace miscommunication and confusion.

Expenses policy announcement email template

It’s important your employees know how to report expenses to their employers. Many workplaces will reimburse employees for work-related expenses like supplies, business meals, travel, lodging, and myriad other items.

There are numerous company expense softwares that make it easy for employees to charge expenses to their employer. In this sample email to employees about an expense policy change, your company is announcing a new expense platform for your employees to submit their purchases:

Dear employees,

[Company name] has a new solution for getting reimbursed for your business expenses. Starting [date], we’ll be using [expense software name] for submitting and reimbursing your business expenses and receipts.

If you are not sure what purchases fall under our business expense policy, please consult [relevant documents or webpage]. For any questions relating to business expenses, you can contact [staff responsible for business expenses].


[Business expense staff or department, internal communications lead, or leadership]

If your business has expiry time frames for claiming business expenses, be sure to include this information within your email or within the resources linked within your email.

New department announcement email template

For growing companies, especially start-ups, it’s common for new departments to be created as they are needed. Your employees should already be familiar with the structure of your business from their employee onboarding resources or employee handbook.

It’s important to keep your employees informed about changes to this structure. Your new department announcement email notifies employees about your company’s new department, who will be part of that department, and how it will fit within your existing business structure.

Dear employees,

We’re excited to announce a big change coming to [company name]: we will be introducing a new [department or division name] on [date]. [Company name] is always growing, and [new department or division name] will help us [department duties] better than ever before.

[New department lead name] will be heading this department, and will be in charge of hiring additional employees in the future. We’re optimistic about [new department lead name]’s plan for [new department or division name], and we’re certain that it will help [company name] grow stronger going forward.

If you have any questions about [new department name], please contact [new department lead name] whenever you’re able. They’ll be happy to answer any and all your questions.


[New department staff or lead, internal communications lead, or leadership]

If your new department has new employees or employees transferring from another department, be sure to mention them in your email as well. Make sure you congratulate them as well, as the addition of a new department is always a positive step for a business.

Stock option program announcement email template

While stock option programs help employees invest in their own success, the specifics of how to use a stock option program can be confusing to employees, especially those unfamiliar with stock markets and trading.

Your stock option announcement email should cover the basic points of the program, namely:

  • Why your company is implementing the stock option program
  • How the stock option program works and when it starts
  • How employees can participate in the program

Dear employees,

Due to our continued success, we will be introducing a [company name] stock options program. This is a great opportunity to benefit from ongoing the success of [company name] and your own hard work.

Our stock options program allows employees to purchase shares in [company name] at a predetermined price, regardless of the future value of those shares. Each employee will be given a set amount of stock options available for purchase. You will have the option to exercise these stock options after [date].

We have issued documents pertaining to our stock options program, and should you want to participate in our stock options program you will need to submit these documents by [date]. Details about our stock options program, such as the number of stock options available to you, vesting period, and other information will be provided within these documents.

For all questions related to [company name]’s stock options program, please contact [finance or relevant department representative].


[Finance staff or lead representative, internal communications lead, or leadership]

Screenshot of stock option program email created with ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Stock option programs drive engagement and help employees feel a heightened sense of ownership over their work. Be sure to make the benefits of your program clear in your email, and provide resources to help employees understand how to participate in the program.

Training program announcement email template

Whether your business is adopting a new software solution or business process, training programs and employee coaching help your team stay up-to-date and maintain their efficiency. Training program announcement emails can be used in conjunction with your change management announcement emails, and can direct specific groups of employees to relevant training programs.

Tailor your training program announcement email to the specific audience you’re sending it to. Certain groups of employees will need different training than others, so be sure to specify:

  • The group of employees that need the training
  • The kind of training that they’ll be taking part in
  • Why the training is important for their work

Dear employees,

As part of [company name]’s transition to [new software or process], we will be conducting employee training for personnel within [relevant department or division]. This training will cover how to [use or navigate][new software or process], and will begin on [date].

This training program will be conducted via [in-person or remote learning portal]. Your attendance is required for all sessions of this training program, after which you’ll be able to integrate [new software or process] into your everyday tasks.

For questions about your upcoming training program, please contact [relevant manager or training administrator].


[Training staff, internal communications lead, or leadership]

Employee training can come in all shapes and sizes, and the more specific you can be about the training process, the better your employees will be able to prepare for it.

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How to use ContactMonkey to Create New Process Emails

All the new process email templates we’ve provided were created using ContactMonkey’s email template builder. Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create email newsletter templates from scratch or customize your email templates to match your company branding. You can also adapt sample emails to employees about new process templates for other messaging:

Screenshot of sample process email created with ContactMonkey's email template builder.

Not only do ContactMonkey email templates save you time on your internal communications, they are fully responsive so they appear perfectly whatever device or email service your employees use. With more employees using mobile devices to manage their emails, you can design emails specifically for viewing on mobile devices:

Screenshot of sample process email created with ContactMonkey's email template builder - mobile view

Sample emails to employees about a new policy built with ContactMonkey’s internal communications app are interactive as well. Embed employee feedback surveys within your new process announcement emails to learn whether your employees understood what was in the email.

You can also use ContactMonkey’s click maps feature to see exactly how your employees are interacting with your new process emails. Use this information to inform your email design so you can place important information where you know your employees will see it.

In addition to collecting employee feedback, all emails sent using ContactMonkey provide in-depth analytics and email tracking. If you want to ensure all your employees saw your new process email, you can use metrics like open rate, individual email opens, and read time to see how your employees engaged with your email:

Screenshot of email engagement timeline in ContactMonkey's email analytics dashboard.

With ContactMonkey email templates, you can ensure your internal communications are effective and reach everyone you should. You can also use email tracking analytics to find your best performing content to see what resonates with your employees. If your organization has internal or external communication regulations around email privacy, you can use ContactMonkey’s anonymous email tracking to gather email metrics while maintaining your employees’ privacy.

Create better email copy with AI

Not sure how to write an effective process email? ContactMonkey has got you covered with our ChatGPT email assistant. Simply write a prompt for what you want your email to say and our AI integration will create copy that you can use and customize.

Send only relevant emails to your employees

You can increase email engagement by targeting relevant emails at your employees by using custom distribution lists. Using ContactMonkey’s List Management feature, you can create your own distribution lists quickly and easily, without needing approval from your IT department:

ContactMonkey's list management feature.

ContactMonkey syncs with your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) like Workday and Azure so your lists automatically update as employees leave and join your company. No more manually managing your employee email lists.

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How do you inform employees of new procedures?

To inform employees about a new procedure, use an internal communications channel that is easily accessible for all of your employees. Make sure you describe the new process in detail and include links to relevant resources.

How do you introduce a new process in an email?

To introduce a new process in an email, include all the information your employees will need to understand their role regarding the new process. Be sure to include feedback options so your employees can get answers to any questions they may have.

How do you introduce a new project to a team in an email?

To introduce a new project to a team in an email, first choose the appropriate distribution list to ensure all the relevant employees get the information they need. Then, follow the steps described above for including relevant information and providing feedback options for employees.

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