15 Reasons Your Company Needs Internal Newsletter Software

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Internal Communications

Are you juggling dozens of tools and channels to keep your employees in the loop? Is your internal emailing process clunky and time-consuming? We’re firm believers in one internal newsletter software to maximize employee engagement!

Let’s face it—your employees’ inboxes are overflowing with emails, meeting invites, and notifications that they’ll never read (*sigh*). While overloaded inboxes are commonplace, they’re bad for business. Disengagement in the inbox translates to lost opportunities, missed meetings, and forgotten reminders.

With a centralized newsletter, you can cut through the noise and deliver important, streamlined updates straight to your employees’ inbox.

The latest employee newsletter software makes it easier than ever to create engaging, interactive, email communications. In this post, we’ll show you how internal newsletter software boosts employee engagement and helps you lock in the best email software for your business.

In this article, we’ll also answer:

  • Why are employee newsletters important?
  • What is the best internal newsletter platform?
  • Why do companies need internal newsletter software?

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Why Are Internal Newsletters Important?

Employee newsletters are important because they simplify your workflow while boosting employee engagement.

Picture this: you’re knee-deep in work, juggling a million things at once, and suddenly, your inbox explodes with emails—announcements, updates, meeting requests, you name it. It’s like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded!

That’s how your employees feel when they get dozens of asynchronous communications—business announcements, policy updates, slack messages, and email blasts throughout the day. 

The right internal newsletter software will swoop in and streamline the noise. It replaces the countless messages with a single, intuitive communications hub—your HTML employee newsletter. 

Let’s zero in on some of the top benefits of newsletters as the most effective internal communications channel:  

  • Make information accessible: Employee newsletters are a centralized platform for sharing updates on company news, events, policies, and initiatives—ensuring all employees are well-informed and aligned with organizational objectives.
  • Boost employee engagement: By spotlighting employee achievements and showcasing company culture, newsletters are a proven tool to boost employee morale.
  • Ensure team alignment: These days, employees could be working from anywhere—in the office, at home, or in transit. A single internal newsletter hub ensures that everyone gets the same information all at once.
  • Facilitate feedback: The best employee newsletter software offers employee pulse surveys and commenting features which provide a space for employees to share ideas, give feedback, and collaborate. 
  • Open a knowledge-sharing hub: Interactive newsletters facilitate the exchange of information between employees through surveys, comments, videos, and other dialogue features. This capability empowers employees and drives innovative internal communication.

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15 Reasons Why Companies Are Investing in Internal Newsletter Software 

Employee newsletter tools offer numerous capabilities to streamline internal communications. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to achieve with a robust employee newsletter software:

1. Save time with an intuitive email builder

Internal newsletter software helps your team produce visually engaging multimedia newsletters in minutes—and without any coding knowledge whatsoever. With the help of a drag-and-drop email template builder, you can embed a range of multimedia elements like videos, pulse surveys, and event invites into any newsletter. 

The best part of modern employee newsletter tools is that they integrate with your existing email platform. This means that you can send employee emails from Outlook and Gmail without the hassle, eliminating manual embeds, distorted images, and clunky-looking visuals. 

2. Reduce email overload with internal newsletter software 

Internal newsletter software helps reduce email overload by consolidating multiple communications into one multimedia email. Instead of flooding employees’ inboxes with individual emails for every update or announcement, you can condense important information into a single digestible format. 

This minimizes the number of emails employees receive and prevents information overload.

3. Engage employees with modern email design 

Courtesy of responsive email templates, the latest employee newsletter software lets you expand your design capabilities tenfold.

Simply pick a template, choose a colour scheme, and drag your desired blocks—text, buttons, images, whatever you please—or your desired location. Alternatively, you can standardize this process with a pre-set email template design.

The best employee newsletter tools will also offer access to a library of Gmail and Outlook HTML email templates and let you customize your own. Creating professional-looking emails has never been easier.

4. Gain valuable employee feedback with email-embedded surveys

Gone are the days of static email communications. Employees don’t want to hear a monologue—they want a conversation.

The best internal newsletter software has interactive capabilities such as employee feedback capabilities (e.g. pulse surveys) and anonymous employee feedback features. These provide a channel for employees to share genuine feedback, ask questions, and engage in discussions, fostering a culture of open communication.

5. Simplify employee communication with email integrations 

By providing a centralized digital platform for internal company newsletter design and delivery, internal newsletter software eliminates scattered email threads or the need to hop between multiple communication channels. 

You can enjoy the design capabilities of employee newsletter software while still taking advantage of the platforms you know and love—Outlook, Gmail, HRIS, Workday, Microsoft Teams, and more.  Manage your newsletter sending lists from your Outlook or Gmail account, sync with your HRIS for easy list segmentation, and eliminate the need to rely on IT departments to manage employee lists. 

6. Avoid email sending limits and reach all employees at once

If you’ve tried to send an Outlook newsletter to 500 employees or a mass email in Gmail, you know firsthand about email limits. These sending limits can be a huge roadblock to your email workflow and daily productivity (not to mention, totally irksome). 

An employee newsletter software can help you surpass these sending limits while amplifying email delivery speeds—even when sending to thousands of employees. Try choosing newsletter tools with features like Email at Scale to send to more than 10,000 recipients at once and through your modality of choice—CSVs, distribution lists, O365 Groups, and more. 

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7. Maximize company event registrations with integrated event management 

Modern company newsletter software has built-in company event management tools to help streamline tasks like creating and sending separate calendar invites (not to mention, chasing down employees to see if they’re really attending). 

Employees can RSVP to events from their weekly newsletter and immediately add it to their calendars. Meanwhile, internal communicators can see exactly how many people RSVP to an event and how close they are to their registration targets—in real time!

8. Ensure consistency with branded email newsletter templates

The best part about employee newsletter software: you can save email themes, layouts, colour schemes, and brand elements into a library of employee newsletter templates. This makes it ultra easy to maintain a consistent email format and design—the moment you need to create a company email, simply open up a template and start customizing. The key design elements are already there. 

Not to mention, a visually consistent email format makes information more accessible by allowing employees to scan for key updates and alerts.  Newsletter templates help you ensure this consistency, solidify your internal brand voice, and create an intuitive workflow for employees.

9. Maximize newsletter engagement with personalized communications 

With features like email segmentation and customizable templates, modern internal newsletter platforms allow teams to send personalized email content based on factors like department, role, or location. This ensures that messages are relevant and engaging to their intended audience. 

Internal email tools with mail merge features also enable personalized greetings and messages. These make emails sound more direct and engaging with added personalization. 

10. Optimize newsletter performance with email analytics

Measure twice, cut once? Okay, that’s referencing construction projects but the logic still applies. Internal newsletter software offers analytics tools to track engagement metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and popular content—enabling organizations to assess the effectiveness of their internal communications. 

Leading-edge internal newsletter tools will offer strategic insights that trickle across departments. Analytics features like read time, email engagement click maps, and segmented email tracking by department, location, employee title, etc. allow you to learn about your employees and messages that resonate.

11. Increase employee engagement with one-stop newsletter management

The best part about employee newsletter software is that it lets you scale employee engagement at the click of a button. 

Intuitive design features combined with list management tools, email scheduling, and event management further enhance collaboration among your team members. This allows you to craft engaging newsletters to thousands of employees in minutes. 

12. Boost employee morale with employee spotlights

Who doesn’t love a pat on the back or shoutout for a job? Internal newsletter software makes it easy to send regular employee appreciation emails through customized email sections. 

With an HTML email builder, you can create and save boxes for employee recognition announcements or other business milestones. It’s like having a virtual “employee of the month” wall—or a cheerleader in your inbox, celebrating the team wins and victories that make work feel less like work.

13. Increase employee engagement with multimedia content

Engagement isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the secret sauce that keeps teams firing on all cylinders. A well-crafted newsletter is your ticket to getting everyone on board and invested in the company’s mission and vision. 

By turning employee emails into dynamic two-way dialogue streams through surveys, comments, videos, and buttons, internal newsletter software makes it easy to highlight employee engagement activities across organizations big and small.

14. Improve teamwork with real-time newsletter collaboration

When you choose employee newsletter tools with built-in email collaboration software, comms teams can see changes to their email newsletter in real-time. As changes sync immediately, working on a company newsletter is like working on Google Docs all together. 

If comms team members are away sick or a new employee is taking over, productivity doesn’t have to suffer. Anyone can access and take over saved email templates while still maintaining consistent branding and design.

15. Build trust through feedback features

Trust isn’t built overnight—it’s earned through transparency, honesty, and open communication. By embedding company-wide emails with feedback loops in the form of surveys and anonymous comments, internal newsletter tools help show employees that their voices matter. 

Not to mention, by making it easy to regularly share engaging organizational announcements at scale, employee newsletter tools foster transparency and open communication.

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TLDR: Employee Newsletter Software is a Must for your Business

  • Well-crafted, accessible internal communications help information flow seamlessly across your organization. 
  • An internal company newsletter helps synchronize and unify all the different messages sweeping across your company into a single, intuitive resource hub. 
  • With the help of employee newsletter software, today’s internal newsletters have almost limitless capabilities in terms of design, customization, and tailored messaging. 
  • With pre-made email templates, email scheduling, and easy list management, today’s internal newsletter platforms save communications teams countless hours in their work week. 
  • Video communications, GIFs, surveys, and call-to-action buttons, can be added to any employee newsletter with the click of a button. 
  • The best employee newsletter platforms enable easy collaboration—so you can work on a company-wide email just as you’d work together in Google Docs. 
  • Powerful email analytics empower internal newsletter software users to target the right audience at the right time (every time) and continuously improve email performance while building a digital employee experience like no other.

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