Six Ways To Use ContactMonkey Email Templates

Eliminate Repetitive Responses with ContactMonkey Email Templates Salesforce You see them in your inbox all the time - glaringly short, incredibly repetitive, the routine questions you receive every day from a client or team member. Time to respond to the same inquiry for the 1000th time. As a software company, we understand that sending the [...]

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Eliminate Repetitive Emails: 6 Steps to Using ContactMonkey Email Templates

You’ve been asked the same question - for the 450th time this month. Sometimes it feels like we spend all our time at work answering the same questions over and over again. It is part of everyday life, no matter your role at work. Enter Email Templates - a productivity hack you never knew you [...]

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Creating Reports in Salesforce: A Beginner’s Guide for 2018

Creating Reports in Salesforce: A Beginners Guide for 2018 Do you ever wonder how to create a report in Salesforce? Creating reports in Salesforce can often look something like this: But Salesforce isn’t worth the (sometimes) high price unless you’re gleaning insight (instead of just raw data). So whether we like it or not, rolling up [...]

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Everything you need to know about how to track emails

If you are in sales or run a business of any sort, then you know that email plays a critical role in your business operations. Yet most businesses send outreach emails with little or no idea as to what happens to them after hitting the send button. Unless they get a reply. What if you had the data to track emails and thereby improve your outreach? Discover how to track emails and improve your results.

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