3 Ways Internal Comms can Work with HR to Create an Effective Workplace Culture

Who determines the workplace culture at your company? Is it the function of Internal Communications. Or is Human Resources (HR) supposed to dictate organizational culture? The answer is: it depends. Many companies don’t have a [...]

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How to Create Engaging Internal Communications for Remote Workers

4 Ideas to Create Engaging Internal Communications for Remote Workers The moment has’ve just created a masterpiece. Your precious little internal comms newsletter is ready to venture into the email inboxes of your remote workers [...]

Embracing Creative Internal Communications: Monkey Business with Helen Reynolds

In our Monkey Business series, we sit down with creative internal communications pros, HR top-performers and email gurus to get the best tips and tricks to engage employees, fix your culture, and help you improve [...]

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Word Mail Merge vs. ContactMonkey Email Template Builder in Outlook

Compared to the horrible pains of using Word Mail Merge to send a simple mass email to your distribution lists, our new Email Template Builder for Outlook is a clear no-brainer and a match made [...]

8 Outlook Plugins for Effective Internal Communication in the Workplace

Have you been looking for the best Outlook plugins to boost your productivity levels? As an internal communicator, you need to find quick and easy ways to bolster effective communication in the workplace. Some quick [...]

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Webinar Recap: Leveraging the Power of Internal Comms in an Era of Disruption

Disruption is all around us! We are living in a digitally chaotic world. It’s pretty noisy out there!  Which makes it harder for internal comms pros to cut through the noise and communicate with impact! [...]