The Gorilla Games Prizes: Enter this Internal Communications Contest to Win!

Is there something you really want to do as an internal communicator but aren't sure you'd be able to execute it? We’ve started the Gorilla Games for internal comms pros like you so you no longer need to worry about budgets or other factors limiting your creative impulses. And we’ve got some fabulous Gorilla Games prizes up for grabs as well! As our partner, Mike Klein from Changing the Terms aptly puts [...]

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How to Measure Internal Communications (Getting Started)

Wondering how to measure internal communications in your organization? You keep hearing about the importance of metrics but don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. If you follow our blog or have read any of our ebooks, you know we’re passionate about the power and importance of measuring your internal communications. Just like you couldn’t get to a desired destination without using Google Maps or a directions savvy [...]

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Webinar Recap: How to Conduct an Internal Communication Audit

When was the last time you conducted an internal communication audit? Internal communications audits are integral in helping you understand how successful is your internal communication strategy. In our webinar, titled, "How to Audit Your Internal Comms for Future Success," award-winning communications professional and Director of Helen Deverell Communications, Helen Deverell, covered everything you need to know about internal communication audits.  Helen has spent ten years working in various in-house and agency [...]

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6 Tips to Build a Solid Internal Communication Plan

Ever thought about building a solid internal communication plan? Or are you looking for an internal communication template to help with your planning? This is important to consider in today's world of digital disruption. Never have internal communicators had so many channels available to them. Whether it's an employee collaboration tool like Workplace by Facebook or Microsoft Teams, or a voice solution like Alexa for Business, the channel stack in [...]

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Internal Communication Podcasts: The Top 16 IC Podcasts

Podcasts, whether they’re internal communication podcasts, comedy, news, or any other genre, are a great way to consume content. Podcasts are free, allow you to be on-the-go, and are so unobtrusive that you can accomplish other things (working out, do the dishes, get ready to go to bed) while learning incredibly valuable information. If you’re here it’s probably because you’re trying to do exactly that: find new ways to get [...]

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8 Tips to Improve Your Internal Communication Strategy

Many businesses know the importance of communication - but how many of us are working on our internal communication strategy? In other words, how good are we at fostering high-level communication between our employees so that productivity and engagement remains high? When you start to focus on improving communication among your existing staff, morale goes up, as does productivity. And who doesn't want to have more productive employees? Boost Employee [...]

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Top 12 Design Tools for Internal Communications Pros

Are you looking for the best internal communication tools or the most effective employee communication tools that will help you design beautiful visuals without relying on a designer? Then this blog is for you! As an internal communications pro, have you ever wished you had access to design tools that’ll enable you to no longer rely on a designer? We know internal comms pros are busy! From presenting the latest employee [...]

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Free Webinar: How to Conduct an Internal Communications Audit for Future Success

Free Webinar: How to Conduct an Internal Communications Audit for Future Success When was the last time you conducted an internal communications audit? 10 years ago? Five years ago? Or perhaps never? If you want your internal comms to be effective and strategic, you seriously need to consider conducting an internal communications audit. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to conduct an internal communications audit, the benefits of running [...]

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What’s the ROI of Measuring Employee Engagement?

Being able to measure employee engagement ROI or human resource ROI is critical if you want to prove your value to your organization. In this blog, we help you demonstrate the employee return on investment to the C-Suite by investing in internal communications email software.  As an internal comms pro, you may have come across the perfect internal communications tool or internal communications software for measuring employee engagement.  You were [...]

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The Worst Mail Merge Fails (and How to Fix Them)

From the bad to the downright embarrassing, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst mail merge fails we’ve ever seen. Why? Because it’s hilarious, but also because before we show you how to fix the problem, it’s important to see how bad some mail merge issues can really get. We get it, sending a mail merge is hard. If you’re using Microsoft Word to send a mail merge [...]

Guerrilla Internal Communications: Meet The Gorilla Games Judges

Are you wondering what guerrilla internal communications is? Have you had a chance to think about what we’re looking for in terms of submissions for The Gorilla Games? Last week, we interviewed our partner for The Gorilla Games contest, Mike Klein, who’s the Founder of Changing The Terms and also one of the judges, who’s part of The Gorilla Troop. Did you know we have five other esteemed judges, all [...]

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The Gorilla Games: Putting Next Practice Before Best Practice

A guerrilla approach to marketing, more commonly known as guerrilla marketing can be described as "an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results." We believe guerrilla tactics can help unleash your inner creative, which is why we decided to start The Gorilla Games competition. We also think internal comms pros are super creative and can really take their ideas to the next level by [...]

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How to Handle Internal Emails as a Successful Internal Communicator in 2019

You want to be a successful internal communicator ... What if you didn't need a designer to create beautiful, responsive HTML emails? What if you could become a trusted advisor to the C-Suite instead of always having to fight for approval? Get My eBook Now Internal communicators are ready. They’re ready to get sh*t done. They’re also ready to gain more freedom, approval, and autonomy to increase [...]

Introducing “The Gorilla Games,” a Guerrilla-Style Internal Comms Competition

As an internal comms pro, did you ever have the most uber-creative, awe-inspiring idea? You couldn't wait to approach your executive management. They're going to love this one, you thought to yourself. You could barely contain your excitement. But when you approached the C-suite, they claimed they didn't have the budget to launch something like this internally. Or worse, they asked you to prepare a strategic plan outlining exactly how [...]

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Webinar Recap: Unleashing Your Inner Rebel In Internal Comms

What does it mean to be a rebel at work or a rebel within internal comms? That's the question we set out to answer during our most recent live webinar with Communications expert, Advita Patel. Advita has over 14 years of experience in Internal Communications and Transformational Change and has worked in a variety of sectors including Education, Health and Transport. She's completed a Masters in Strategic Marketing and recently [...]

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Scary Stories: Internal Comms Storytelling Lessons We Can Learn from Kids

Ever wondered if there are some internal comms storytelling lessons you can learn from kids? This blog covers 5 storytelling techniques internal communicators can learn from kids.  As adults, we feed ourselves a lot of scary stories that limit us from reaching our full potential. Have you ever looked back at your childhood and wondered how you were able to feel so passionate and fearless about many situations in your life. [...]

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Internal Communicators, Here’s Why Your Employee Experience Strategy Won’t Work!

Employee experience means everything to your people, so it makes sense that you’d want to find ways to ensure that their experience is a positive one. This usually means you need to rethink your employee experience strategy. But because employee experience is so vast and nebulous, companies need to come to terms with the fact that their employee experience can’t really be managed or controlled with an “employee experience strategy.” There’s [...]

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HubSpot vs ContactMonkey: Internal Comms Email Software, a 2019 Comparison

When it comes to choosing internal comms email software between HubSpot and ContactMonkey--considering the ease of use, adaptability and learning curve--David knocks out Goliath.   Congratulations! It looks like you’ve got budget approval to adopt new email solutions that finally generates employee engagement and love for your internal comms--whether that’s in the form of an employee newsletter, a survey, or weekly company announcements. The good news is that there are countless [...]

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How to Optimize Your Sales Team’s Professional Selling Skills

If you're a business owner, you know how imperative it is to get the most out of your sales team in order to maximize key business results. This is especially pertinent today as the sales process has become much more challenging, evolving with the needs of buyers over the years.  In order to do this, however, leaders within the business need to work with individual salespeople, helping them develop the kind of [...]

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Employee Experience: The Importance of Treating your Employees Like Customers

If you’ve spent any time in business you know about the importance of customer experience as a way to retain customers, reduce churn rates, and attract new customers. Similarly, in recent years top-performing companies have turned that kind of attention inwards. They’ve identified employee experience as a way to retain talent, make employees happy, attract new recruits, and ultimately be better at business. As a result, these top-performing organizations have started to [...]

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How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms (Free Webinar)

FREE Webinar: How to Unleash Your Inner Rebel in Your Internal Comms Internal communications is an important department in any top-performing organization. You know that, we know that. However, there seems to be a disconnect between how internal communicators see themselves and how the rest of the organization perceives them. As we've covered before, some see IC as email proofreaders or party planners. This inaccurate perception hurts the influence of internal comms; [...]

Update: A New Gmail, An Even Better ContactMonkey Plugin

ContactMonkey’s Gmail extension for creating, sending, tracking, and measuring sales and internal emails just got a fantastic makeover. To match the new Gmail's interface, we’ve got a new look -- and all the tools that you love just got better and faster. A New Gmail Update = A New Look (Yes, We Work Out) We’re always working to make things better because we want to impress you. Although reviewed as one [...]

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The Role of Internal Comms in Promoting Employee Wellness and Mental Health in the Workplace

If you're interested in promoting mental health within your organization as an internal communications professional, then this blog is for you. We cover specific tactics you can deploy to promote employee wellness and well-being. Today is World Mental Health Day. Which means we should really be talking about the role organizations can play when it comes to promoting employee wellness and mental health in the workplace. According to the World [...]

3 Ways Internal Comms can Work with HR to Create an Effective Workplace Culture

Who determines the workplace culture at your company? Is it the function of Internal Communications. Or is Human Resources (HR) supposed to dictate organizational culture? The answer is: it depends. Many companies don’t have a dedicated internal communications unit. In that case, HR handles many of the activities that would normally fall within the realm of internal comms. This includes newsletters to announce employee onboarding, crisis management, employee training, employee [...]

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