Sales Tools for Salespeople

To borrow a phrase, “It is the best of times and worst of times”, is a good way to describe some of the realities facing salespeople these days.  On the best side of the ledger, we have access to more and more sales tools allowing us to do more things than we ever have, [...]

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Five of the Most Important Marketing Thought Leaders

In the age of online media, it’s easy to become worn down by the endless torrents of clickbait. It’s easy to grow wary of the fake news, the absurd headlines, and the ridiculous ads. If you’re anything like me, you’ve become something of a digital skeptic: ultra-critical of all online content, ludicrously wary of [...]

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New! Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support

Happy New Year from everyone at ContactMonkey! 2017 is here and we’re kicking it off in style by upgrading one of our favourite features: Gmail Mail Merge. Now, use Gmail Mail Merge with CSV support, personalize, send, and track to all of your lists and contacts, no matter where they are. With Gmail Mail [...]

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2017 Sales Email Resolutions

“This year, I’m going to eat healthier. I’m going to be more organized. I’m going to spend less and save more.” Wait, why does that sound so familiar? It’s probably because these are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2017 – according to a list compiled from data pulled from millions of [...]

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Email Marketing Subreddits

Want to see what the internet’s talking about right now? There’s no better place to start than Reddit. It’s nicknamed “The front page of the internet” for a reason: with more than 200 million unique monthly visitors who participate in an array of thriving forums, Reddit is one of the most active and influential [...]

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Holiday Sales Emails

In the words of George Wyle and Edward Pola, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." In the words of your boss, "It's the busiest time of the year – and so, the best time to drive engagement and meet our quotas. Also, I need you to stay late today.” Seriously though, [...]

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The Best of the Blogs: Marketing Blogs

If you’ve ever worked in marketing, you probably know all about its ups and downs: at its best, it can be thrilling, rewarding, and can deliver huge results. At its worst, it can be chaotic, frustrating, and so fast-paced you might struggle to stay up to speed. Thankfully, there’s a variety of [...]

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Sales Emails: More Than Communication

Most sales people think of e-mails as a mode of communication.  Predominantly one to one, or one to small work groups, and then there is the mass e-mails used in marketing.  But there are other ways sales professionals can use e-mail to engage with potential prospects, move deals along, or bring stalled deals back [...]

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Sales Emails: Size Matters

I know people say it is not size, but what you do with it, but when it comes to sales emails, you need to have both, the right size, and how you use it. Just so we are all on the same page, this post is not about mass marketing emails, or what some [...]

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How To Use Gmail Mail Merge

Gmail Mail Merge is a new email marketing service allowing you to send a personalized email from Gmail/Google Apps to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time. No more copying and pasting the same message over and over again! Furthermore it's all done from within Gmail's familiar web interface. It's ridiculously simple. But [...]