Introducing: Email Template Builder for Internal Communicators in Outlook

Our new email template builder enables you to choose from and edit dozens of beautiful templates — or make your own using easy-to-use drag and drop content blocks. The ContactMonkey Email Template Builder coupled with your Outlook Mail Merge tool truly gives you the best of both worlds: the power of the cloud without having [...]

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Sales Email Templates: 9 Basic Templates That Will Make You More Productive

Do you remember the excitement of getting an email – any email – when you first opened an email account? Oh, how times have changed. The only real cause for excitement now is discovering an email you actually want to read among the sea of junk you receive daily, making it more difficult than ever [...]

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3 Smart Strategies to Apply When Using Email Templates for Teams

3 Smart Strategies to Apply When Using Email Templates for Teams Not all emails are created equal - especially when it comes to team selling. While some team members have an innate ability to sweep prospects right off their feet, others may have to go the extra mile to grab a client's attention. This is [...]

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4 Resources on How to Create Salesforce Email Templates

4 Helpful Resources on How to Create Salesforce Email Templates It has never been easier to provide timely responses to common queries.  This week we launched ContactMonkey Templates for Gmail. We now support Salesforce Email Templates across Gmail and Outlook. ContactMonkey Templates facilitate streamlined integration with your Salesforce Email Templates. They allow you to respond to [...]

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How to Write a Sales Email in 2018 (With Examples!)

No one was born knowing how to write a sales email. My sales email cold call templates were so dry, the Sahara looked like a water park in comparison. I was blissfully unaware—and wasting a lot of time and potential leads! Until one day… ...when I started to receive bland, no-salt-added sales pitch sales emails [...]