20 Best Internal Communications Blogs to Read in 2024

Mariya Postelnyak

Internal Communications

What tools and techniques do top internal communicators swear by? How do leading brands go about improving employee engagement and satisfaction? If you’re trying to get to the bottom of these questions, you’ll want help from the experts. Our list of the best internal communications blogs has you covered. 

At ContactMonkey, our mission is to help our clients communicate effectively and keep employees connected and engaged. To accomplish this, we had to understand the internal communications field inside-out—the way our clients do. 

We turned to many internal communications resources and had to work our way through the great and the not-so-great. In the end, this allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ top concerns while discovering a range of incredible internal communications blogs. Now, we want to share them with you. 

After some rigorous vetting, we’ve narrowed down our list of the best internal communications blogs to 20 outstanding content creators. 

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20 Best Internal Communications Blogs to Keep on Your Radar

The internal communications experts behind these blogs listen closely to the industry. They pay attention to its rapidly changing landscape and help readers find timely and meaningful employee engagement strategies.

While zeroing in on new trends and innovative technologies, the IC experts on our list also break through the buzz and get to the substance. That means calling out any outdated internal communications strategies, even if it means rethinking everything you know. 

Without further ado, here are the best internal communications blogs to tune into today.

1. All Things IC

Who: It’s hard to come across a list of the best internal communications blogs that doesn’t include this gem. The brains behind the blog belong to Rachel Miller, an industry leader and founder of the internal communications consultancy firm, All Things IC. With years of experience working with brands such as Visa, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Nestle, Miller’s insights are backed by her incredible success.

What: Miller’s blogs cover every nook of the internal communications space. There are logistical how-to guides, interviews with big names in the IC community, and insightful advice on timely topics. These include everything from upskilling leaders in corporate digital responsibility, to planning emails using a communications calendar.

Our favourites: 

2. Alive With Ideas

Who: This UK-based blog is another staple in the internal communications field. Managed by an independent ideas agency, this blog focuses on the new and now of internal communications.

What: When you visit this blog, you’ll immediately see why it’s a top contender for the best internal communications blogs. 

From its playful animated graphics to titles the likes of, “Will you read any further than this headline?”, Alive With Ideas practices what it preaches. Namely: creative, hip, and modern communications that grab the reader’s attention from the start. 

They also love including personal stories and anecdotes in their pieces which makes the blogs feel more intimate and relatable. For us, this one deserves a solid 10/10.

Our favourites:

Throwing Shades – Advice on Making Comms More Accessible

Comms Conundrum: Addressing Sensitive Topics

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3. ContactMonkey Blog

Who: At ContactMonkey, we understand the importance of internal communication. Our goal is to help internal communicators boost employee engagement through a reliable software solution. 

Our easy to use email template builder transforms employee emails into a two-way communication stream. With features like embedded pulse surveys and event management, our template builder helps you do more with your employee emails. Alongside powerful email analytics, these features make ContactMonkey a one-stop-shop for all your internal communications needs.

What: The ContactMonkey blog is a tribute to everything we’ve learned, and continue to learn, from the talented internal communications pros we’ve had the chance to encounter. That includes the amazing bloggers, mentors, and IC professionals we’ve stumbled upon online. But it especially includes our clientstalented internal communicators across a range of industries and businesses.

Over the years, their insights have inspired and informed our blog content on everything from effective employee feedback to finding the best internal communications podcasts

Our favourites:

Fantastic Employee Newsletter Ideas

The Best Internal Communications Tools

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4. Institute of Internal Communications (IOIC)

Who: This internal communications blog has some serious creds behind the name. It’s created and published by the Institute of Internal Communications, which has been an authority in the field for over 70 years. All that time has clearly given the IOIC plenty of opportunity to figure out what really works and what doesn’t in internal communications. 

What: Their blog is a no-nonsense guide with information that really matters to IC professionals in their daily work. With multiple writers contributing to their blog, IOIC brings in different perspectives and original voices into the mix.  Topics covered range from how to write a time management action plan to improving safety communications.

Our favourites:

The Importance of Effective Risk Communication in Business

Communicators Need to Think Like Marketers 

5. Redefining Communications

Who: Public Relations expert and seasoned internal communications professional Jenni Field is the lead behind this blog. With content inspired by her consultancy firm’s experience and knowledge of the field, their posts strive to troubleshoot common internal comms challenges and tackle them on the spot. 

What: These experts cover everything from how to beat Zoom fatigue to how fear and culture will impact hybrid working. What makes their blog stand out is the strong emphasis on the human side of internal comms. Vulnerability, inclusion, and psychological safety for workers is a common theme among many of her posts, which is refreshing to see across corporate content.

Our favourites: 

From panic to purpose in a post-pandemic world

How to be human

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6. Several People Are Typing – Slack Blog

Who: As a company that specializes in facilitating dialogue across employees, the team at Slack knows a thing or two about internal communications. Slack writers bring in a unique perspective on communicating within a company from the perspective of informal employee chats.

What: When it comes to communication technology blogs, this is one of the best. While the content can be heavy on tips and hacks for using the Slack platform, there’s also a range of employee productivity insights and news about the future of digital communications. Their content is also organized in a super user-friendly way with all blog posts marked under the topics of ‘Collaboration’, ‘Transformation’, and ‘Productivity.’ 

Our favourites:

Internal Communication is Everyone’s Job

How Channels Extend the Reach of Internal Communications

7. IC Kollectif

Who: When it comes to top communications blogs, this one seems to find a spot on everyone’s list. IC Kollectif is a nonprofit organization that sees internal communications as the driving force behind business success. And they channel that well across their wide-ranging blog content.

What: The blog is filled with research-driven content and case studies geared towards an international audience. There are also dispatches from internal communications conferences and even reviews of popular books in the internal comms space.

Our favourites:

The highs and lows of communicating corporate purpose

Five ways to make a bigger difference through communication

8. SimplyCommunicate

Who: Launched in 2005, SimplyCommunicate is a consultancy firm that helps companies design the optimal digital workplace. They connect internal communicators to technology solutions that can improve employee engagement and experience. These priorities form the core mission behind their blog.

What: With a strong focus on technology and digital transformation, their blog content ranges from case studies and reports to troubleshooting tips for common internal comms issues. They also take a deep dive into the stories of real companies and examine their successes and shortcomings when it comes to internal communications. 

Our favourites:

Data privacy and IC

Woman in Comms: Gihan Hyde, Founder and CEO of Communique, an ESG Communication Startup

9. SnapComms

Who: A software company specializing in internal communications, SnapComms helps you capture employees’ attention. The goal of their digital communications platform is to ensure that communications reach every employee by synchronizing multiple communications channels.

What: The SnapComms blog provides straightforward and actionable advice for improving employee experience through communications. Their posts cover a range of context-specific advice which you can even filter by your role and industry. Employee wellness is also a common focus topic across the blog, which is helpful for communicators supporting a post-pandemic workforce.

Our favourites:

Employee Burnout And Fatigue: The Impact, Causes And Solutions

The Ten R’s of Management Communication Best Practice

10. The Conference Board Marketing & Communications Blog

Who: With its origins dating back to 1916, The Conference Board is a think tank that delivers leading business, marketing, and communications research. With the goal of helping business leaders tackle their biggest challenges, the Conference Board publishes timely reports and blogs on all things management. 

What: If you’re the type of person who likes to see the numbers behind the ideas, this one’s for you. The Board’s blogs are often authored by academics in the field and usually feature graphs, datasets, and research analysis. While the content style may take you back to your university email marketing days, you’ll come out with a much deeper understanding of the topic and in-depth insights to share with your team. 

Our favourites:

Leadership in Challenging Times with Karen S. Lynch

Reshaping Employee Experience and Organizational Culture

11. Comms Rebel

Who: Founded by PR and internal communications specialist Advita Patel, Comms Rebel focuses on delivering information that can improve employee inclusion and workplace culture. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Patel is a Director at CIPR UK as well as an experienced internal comms coach, podcast host, and writer. 

What: Patel’s blog posts are candid and authentic. They deliver internal comms insights from the perspective of working professionals and through obvious attention to what IC experts really care about. Her posts are highly refreshing if you’ve ever navigated the range of corporate jargon that are bad corporate communications blogs. If you’re looking to navigate a difficult conversation with an employee or just need real talks on improving the quality of your internal communications, Patel has something for you.

Our favourites: 

Practical tips for leaders to create an inclusive workplace

How to communicate redundancy news via video call

12. Harvard Business Review – Communication

Who: If you’ve worked for even a second in the corporate field, you’ll know this resource well. Harvard Business Review is a go-to for everything management thinking, business innovation, and employee experience. 

What: In the communication section of their digital publication you’ll find a range of content geared towards employee engagement and internal comms. What we really love about this resource is that every article is fact-checked and backed by research. You’ll find information on new internal communications trends and technology alongside step-by-step guides for improving employee engagement. Articles are written by industry experts and cover everything from how to give employee feedback to delivering difficult news to workers.

Our favourites:

3 Strategies for Keeping Your Organization Connected

Don’t Let Your Company’s Intranet Become a Junk Drawer

13. Comms Over a Coffee

Who: With 12 years of experience in public affairs, journalism, and corporate communications, Harriet Small is the brains behind this beautifully-written blog. Her impressive portfolio includes working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Sky TV, and the European Union, to name a few.

What: When you read Small, the first thing that will draw your attention is her down-to-earth and sincere style of writing. It’s fresh, authentic, and honest – everything you want in your internal communications. The posts are conversational and always start with a personal anecdote or story. The posts deal with everything from the author’s experience working in the field, to her perspective on the common mistakes employers make when rolling out DEI initiatives.

Our favourites:

This is Us

How Can I Help?

14. Ragan Communications

Who: As an internal communications pro, you’ve probably come in contact with this name more than once. Ragan Communications has provided leading resources, training, and conferences for internal communications professionals for over 50 years. 

What: Combining insights from PR, Social Media management, and internal communications, Ragan’s blog posts encompass multiple industry perspectives. Readers will love the simple and straightforward style of writing as well as the range of practical advice and perspectives from industry leaders. 

Between research summaries, how-to guides, and industry case studies, their blog really has everything. Alongside the written communications blog, readers can also get some blogs in video or audio format. This provides additional accessibility options.

Our favourites:

How to make sure your email engagement thrives instead of dives

How to streamline and strengthen your return-to-work plan

15. backstitch

Who: backstitchno capitalsis an employee experience and communications platform built for HR professionals. Their goal: to simplify the workday for both employees and management. 

What: The writers at backstitch cover industry-specific, and timely topics geared towards internal communicators, HR pros, and everyone whose job it is to improve internal communications. These range from employment law changes that internal communications teams need to deliver to employees, to more large-scale internal comms ideas such as improving your employee surveys. They also have great how-to guides such as their recent piece on writing a compensation philosophy statement.

Our favourites:

Communication tips every HR manager needs to know

Top alternatives to email in the workplace 

16. Axero Solution

Who: Tim Eisenhauer runs this intranet software company and is also the mastermind behind some of its down-to-earth, frank, and witty blog content. This IC expert launched a company entirely focused on streamlining workplace communications. After that, he wrote a book on mastering the art of employee engagement. With this resume, it’s safe to say that Eisenhauer knows what he’s talking about when it comes to internal communications.

What: The blog posts are not just fun to read because of Eisenhauer’s unpredictable and bold style, but because they’re genuinely insightful. There’s a lot of handy information for improving communications with an employee intranet, but it goes beyond that as well. You’ll see posts on company culture, employee engagement, effective leadership communications, and just about everything to do with workplace communication. 

Our favourites:

20 Simple Secrets to Totally Rock Your Internal Communications 

How to Communicate During Organizational Change

17. IABC Catalyst

Who: This is the official publication of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). The organization’s goal is to provide timely and useful resources for all professionals working in corporate and internal communications. 

What: With career guidance, industry news and how-to guides, Catalyst is a one-stop-shop for all things internal communications. It also features advice and opinions from industry leaders and forecasts on how current events will impact the future of internal comms. If you’re someone who is just starting in the communications field, this is definitely a go-to manual for you.  

Our favourites:

Immersive Communication: The Third Dimension to Digital Employee Experience

Attitude, Relationships, Environment: Strategies for Prioritizing Mental Well-Being

18. Vision2Voice

Who: Founded by well-seasoned communications and change management expert, Andrea Greenhous, Vision2Voice helps organizations build effective internal comms strategies. The agency’s goal is to transform employee experience through communications and guide companies in every step of the process. 

What: What’s unique about this blog is the way it puts employee experience first. When the writers talk about internal communications, it isn’t just about putting ink to paper. They think about what employees want to hear, see, and learn, and go from there. 

The blog also delivers its advice in a pragmatic style and clear format, which makes ideas easily accessible and quick to digest. When you finish reading, you have precise, actionable steps that you can take to solve a given challenge. 

Our favourites: 

Work is Not a Place: A Fresh Look at The Challenge of The Hybrid Workplace

Burnout: A Leader’s (and Communicator’s) Guide

19. Mister Editorial

Who: The Medium blogger behind Mister Editorial is a no-nonsense type of guy. Under his pseudonym, the author provides sharp, frank, and witty internal communications content, the likes of  “What Makes a Bad Newsletter” and “Why Superficial Statistics are Important But Not Enough.” 

What: The plain-spoken style and raw candor of this blogger makes him a favourite for straightforward internal comms insights, and tips. Even if they often reveal some of our biggest mistakes and cringe-worthy internal comms material – the long-term lessons are worth it.  

Our favourites:

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down…In Your Employee Newsletter

How Internal Communicators Can Avoid The Innovator’s Dilemma

20. Jostle Blog

Who: Jostle is an employee intranet company that has truly done its research when it comes to employee communications. Their blog features thoughtful content driven with the purpose of improving employees’ experience. 

What: While their posts vary widely, each one zeroes in on the key drivers of employee engagement in its own way. This includes looking at how to Improve emotional and mental wellbeing in the workplace and how to lead with heart.

Our favourites:

Leading with heart

The human story is the heart of workplace culture feat. Naomi Shah

The Best Internal Communications Blogs in a Nutshell

So there you have it—our favourite internal communications blogs, and the ones that have schooled us the most. The writers, content creators, and internal communications experts behind these blogs continue to deliver lessons that transform the internal communications landscape daily. So make sure to subscribe to their blogs to stay up-to-date on the latest content.

Craving a longer read? Check out our lineup of the best internal communications books.

And when it’s time to implement what you’ve learned, you can turn to ContactMonkey for help. We have tons of resources like best practices for internal communications so you can start boosting your employee engagement via internal emails.

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