Email Tracking

Ever wanted to know what happens to your emails after you send them? Do you want answers to questions like who opened my emails, how long did recipients read my emails, did anyone click on any links in my email? Email tracking software like ContactMonkey answers these questions and more.

Do you send email in Gmail or Outlook? ContactMonkey enables both email tracking in Outlook and email tracking in Gmail, so there is no need to switch email service providers.

Analyze your email performance and track email metrics like Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Recipient Device and Location, and more with ContactMonkey.. All of your email tracking information is confidential and you decide who is able to view it.


15 Email Metrics to Track for Your Company Newsletter

In this post, I’m going to outline 15 of the most important email metrics to track for your internal company newsletter (or any email for that matter).  Why should you

By Justin Raudys

Use email analytics to improve internal communications

Track and analyze your internal email campaigns and company newsletters.

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