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Healthcare staff are under more pressure than ever


of medical errors come from bad communication during shift changes


of healthcare staff believe that info overload hinders communication


of miscommunication occurs between one healthcare provider and another


of healthcare workers work remotely in support and technical roles

Your teams deserve effective communication in healthcare

Keep sensitive info safe

Protect patient info through emails and other channels with encryption.

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Streamline messages

Notify employees of changes by targeting specific people, teams, or locations.

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Real-time collaboration

Enable multiple collaborators to create, edit, and send documents between facilities.

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Connect via SMS

Send text messages alongside pagers in hospital areas with unreliable wifi.

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Reach even the busiest healthcare staff

Simplify handover communications

Transfer patient info, treatment plans, and medications seamlessly between shifts
  • Tailor messages to employees’ roles and responsibilities
  • Minimize errors and liabilities with automated lists via Outlook or Gmail
  • Track key engagement metrics to improve future messagesMinimize errors and liabilities with automated lists via Outlook or GmailTrack key engagement metrics to improve future messagesTailor messages to teams, individuals, or shifts, and monitor engagement

Kill information overload

Reduce redundancy and fatigue by sending messages to targeted healthcare workers.
  • Enable focus on critical tasks and delivering quality patient care
  • Reduce stress and burnout to enhance well-being and performance
  • Keep all communications in one place, track changes, and access anytime

Connect healthcare workers via SMS

Send texts to your staff, no matter where they are or how they prefer to communicate
  • Enhance paging with SMS in areas with unreliable wifi
  • Promote two-way communication via feedback loops, surveys, and eNPS
  • Support deskless workers and those in multiple facilities with an extra channel

Guarantee the security of patient info

Ensure patient info remains secure across all channels and complies with HIPAA
  • Safeguard data from unauthorized access with end-to-end encryption
  • Control permissions and who can view and interact with patient info
  • Generate audit trails tracking all interactions with patient info

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Healthcare communication FAQs

Effective communication in healthcare ensures that crucial information flows accurately among healthcare providers, which leads to better coordination, timely interventions, and improved patient outcomes. With ContactMonkey, internal communications are streamlined, message delivery is tracked, and feedback is gathered seamlessly. This ensures that important information is effectively communicated and acted upon between employees, ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care.

Communication challenges in healthcare can include miscommunication, information overload, language barriers, and difficulties in accessing and sharing information across different healthcare settings and disciplines. ContactMonkey addresses these challenges by providing a centralized platform for internal communications, enabling healthcare professionals to securely exchange information, track communication metrics, and collaborate more effectively. Our tool mitigates potential communication barriers and improves overall communication workflows.

Enhancing internal communications in healthcare organizations involves implementing strategies that improve information sharing, collaboration, and engagement among healthcare professionals. ContactMonkey offers solutions such as templated content creation, email tracking, analytics, and feedback tools to optimize internal communications. This means tailoring messages to specific audiences and fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration within healthcare organizations.

Clear communication in healthcare leads to improved patient safety, better care coordination, reduced medical errors, and enhanced patient satisfaction. ContactMonkey’s internal email software and employee SMS help healthcare organizations achieve clear internal communications by providing tools for creating, sending, and tracking messages, analyzing communication patterns, and gathering feedback from healthcare professionals, ensuring that critical information is effectively communicated and understood, ultimately benefiting patient care outcomes.

Streamlining communication between healthcare providers involves adopting technologies and practices that facilitate efficient information exchange and collaboration. ContactMonkey streamlines internal communications between healthcare providers by offering features such as a drag-and-drop email builder, email tracking, analytics, and feedback tools. Together, these empower healthcare professionals to communicate securely and reach specific individuals, facilities or teams, track message delivery, and collaborate more effectively across different healthcare settings and disciplines.

Technology plays a crucial role in improving communication in healthcare by providing tools and platforms for secure information exchange, collaboration, and real-time communication among healthcare professionals. ContactMonkey’s internal email software and employee SMS enhances internal communications in healthcare by offering solutions such as newsletter creation, email tracking, analytics, and feedback tools. As a primary solution for healthcare organizations, they streamline communication processes, track message delivery, and gather insights to optimize communication workflows and ultimately improve patient care.

“My experience has been tremendous. The entire platform is very intuitive to use and works seamlessly with Outlook. Combine that with terrific customer service, and it’s a real winner. I love the tool and have referred several people to ContactMonkey and will continue to promote it.”

Torin Roher

Corporate Communications Specialist, NAES

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