Enhance employee communication in manufacturing

Drive engagement with industrial athletes and build a happier, more productive workforce.

Manufacturing ranks among the lowest engaged workforce


of manufacturing workers are not engaged, but when they are, 70% experience fewer incidents


link missed deadlines to poor communication


feel heard by their organization


of employees turn over per year

Make production and warehouse staff feel valued, with ContactMonkey

Be operationally efficient

Meet project goals and budgets with engaging bite-sized info, delivered between teams.

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Improve workplace safety

Equip frontline workers with safety guidelines to reduce risk and stay compliant.

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Reach deskless workers

Engage and inform factory workers across facilities with SMS when email is out of reach.

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Tackle high turnover

Recognize and motivate top performers via shoutouts, surveys, and polls.

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Build employee trust and awareness with email and SMS

Boost operations with engaging, concise messages

Draft media-rich messages with our drag-and-drop email builder or templates
  • Communicate project timelines to supply chain and quality control
  • Add instructional videos and training resources to your updates
  • Share files between teams and track document changes in real-timeManage shift scheduling and time-off requests, all from mobile

Reduce workplace safety risks

Avoid injury with clear and timely communications
  • Send reminders on safety, equipment operation, and emergency protocols
  • Alert workers on risks and hazards to reduce injuries and damage
  • Coordinate timely corrective action with incident reports

Reach all workers via SMS

Send critical information to the right workers, shifts, and facilities in an instant
  • Update staff on shift schedules, tasks, and emergencies with linked resources
  • See when texts are opened and read to refine future content and scheduling
  • Track open rates, click-through rates, read times, and other metrics

Recognize and retain your staff

Praise employees for their success and keep them motivated
  • Help staff see where they fit into your company with feedback and surveys
  • Boost engagement with interactive polls, quizzes, and emoji reactions
  • Start two-way conversations that foster openness and authenticity

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Manufacturing communication FAQs

Internal communicators leverage multiple channels such as email and employee SMS to reach their manufacturing employees. The most effective approaches include clear and timely messages that are short and relevant to your staff. 

However, most industrial athletes don’t have access to a computer while they’re on the floor. This is where employee SMS can be valuable in reaching and informing staff with important updates in real-time. When email is available, messages through ContactMonkey can be tailored with personalized content and tracked for engagement metrics.

Adding multimedia content, such as instructional videos or safety guidelines can help improve employees’ awareness and training of their job environment, roles, and potential risks and hazards with operating machines and equipment. Delivering regular safety reminders can help reduce injury and damage. 

Real-time feedback mechanisms through surveys or polls allow you to gather employee insights about their need and preferences, which can help improve an organization’s overall internal communications strategy.

While email remains a primary communication channel due to its versatility and widespread use, employee SMS alerts are increasingly used in manufacturing to ensure timely communication for those without desktop or company email access. 

Employee SMS is especially critical for urgent matters or emergency notifications. With ContactMonkey, internal communicators can integrate both email and SMS into their strategies to effectively engage manufacturing staff.

“Seeing the way that ContactMonkey templates worked, it was so easy to add in our own content and branding. We use the tool maybe five to six times a week just with different kinds of content that we’re releasing; it might be standalone comms or information around a charity event or a Christmas party.”

Jessica Davies

Senior Manager of Communications, Engagement, and Inclusion, Joules

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