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  • IDP needed to better understand their people’s preferences – when and how they wanted to read the information shared with them.
  • Without internal communications analytics, it was difficult to know whether key messages were being read or even received by IDP’s global team and whether those communications truly resonated.
We didn’t know if the communications that we were sending were being delivered, being read, and being used.
  • IDP’s Digital Adoption team searched for software that would support them to communicate and engage with employees around the world.


  • IDP needed a solution that would support teams to understand the impact of their internal communications.
  • With a small global communications team, it was also crucial that the solution would support content creation and design elements of internal communications.
  • The Digital Adoption Team sought out a tool that could serve as a virtual employee engagement assistant, helping them pinpoint engagement issues and inform their internal communications strategy going forward.
  • With ContactMonkey, the team found a solution that provided invaluable analytics alongside design features that enabled them to act on the insights.

How ContactMonkey’s data-driven solution helped IDP develop customized internal communications

“We wanted to know what we’re doing, how we’re doing, whether there are any challenges, and if they exist, how to resolve them.”
  • ContactMonkey’s email analytics have been a game-changer for IDP, with data insights shaping the team’s approach to internal communications.
  • With easy access to email open rates, click-through rates (CTR), popular clicks, and read times, IDP’s team can now quickly pinpoint challenges and opportunities across their internal communications content.
“ContactMonkey gave us insight into what’s being read and we have drastically improved engagement with our internal communications.”
  • Based on the insights from the email analytics, the Digital Adoption Communications Team is able to design more engaging email templates that are tailored to IDP counselors’ specific needs.
“I can go and design templates based on the learnings from the analytics.”
  • In addition to using ContactMonkey data to improve content and design, the Digital Adoption Communications Team is able to use the learnings to set realistic, goal-oriented internal communications KPIs.
“We set targets and stretch targets using the learnings that we gain from the analytics” Moreover, the Digital Adoption Communications Team was able to benefit from the Internal Email Benchmark report to help contextualize and inform their own KPIs.

Key Takeaways

  • ContactMonkey’s employee engagement data helped IDP’s Digital Adoption Communications Team develop a more informed internal communications strategy.
  • Analytics also allowed the Digital Adoption Communications Team to set realistic, goal-oriented KPIs that provided a framework for the team’s internal communications planning.
  • The Digital Adoption Communications Team can send out content tailored to IDP counselors’ interests and priorities by seeing exactly what they open, click on, and read the most.
  • The team is able to continuously boost internal email engagement by developing data-based designs using ContactMonkey’s simple email template builder.

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